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This category is a collection of pages that have been marked as Incomplete and a Work in Progress. This is more of a reminder and checklist for the Game Developer than Players, however if a player does find a page that is found here, they can be assured that any missing or inconsistent elements can be explained with the aforementioned reasons.

This page/category lists formal patch notes by the developer, use the Recent Changes page for a list of automatically logged edits to pages. (Records of edits older than 30 days may not be recoverable)

Development Log

Currently working on the Perks List, which follow into an Archetypes revamp. Further developments show that Skills will now need their own pages to properly home the Skill-Perks they belong to, instead of the Perks List, similar logic will follow for the Archetype Perks being moved to the Archetypes page.

November 2022

  • Maptool development has begun, this will be a process of adapting elements of the game system and documentation into a playable state.
    • While the system is being developed, there will be some slowdown regarding wiki updates. But equilibrium between each side will be achieved in time.
  • Updated Archetypes, redefining the Warlock archetype, a master of martial combat and magic.
    • Also updated a few other archetypes with up to date wording.
  • New Character Sheet is available, found here and in the Character Creation section in the Sidebar.
    • Current version should be mostly final, some minor changes may be added in future updates.
    • You may need to have access to Google-Docs in order to view and download this template.
    • An example provided by AlienOvan describes his Athenean Wizard, Calis Liberatus Cometo
  • Reduced Ravenni Strength bonus from +5 to +2, since it was a bit overtuned.
  • Updated Namekian page to be at current level.
  • Major revision to the Progression Point system:
    • P-Point options now displayed in tables.
    • Recalculated the P-Point adjustments for Size.
    • Skill-Point upgrade option buffed:
      • Reduced Skill-Points granted to 15 from 25.
      • Skill-Points granted remains at 25, as before.
      • Reduced P-Point cost to 1 from 2.
      • (These changes give on average 25 extra skill points from before and gives greater multi-skill potential as before)
  • Created Acrobatics skill page.
  • Created Tactics and Deduction skill pages.

October 2022

  • Created Subdue, Stealth and Bypass skills, thus finishing the Larceny set of skills.
  • Created Arcana skill page, the key skill used by spellcasters in order to use magic spells.
  • Created Determination skill page, serves as a strong skill for psychological and physiological checks.
  • Created Aegis skill page, replacing Guard and Elude as one combined self-defence skill.
  • Updated Gaosi race, now they have loads of racial traits. Also they're now base Huge sized.
  • Created Gnome race, the tiny but quirky people from Arcadia.
  • Created Metaforce page, the ability to gain and recover Meta-points (MP) is here!
  • Updated Dromite page, brought up to current state of the game.
  • Updated Ravenni, updated to current game state, reduced base size to Huge (Size-4).
  • Updated Attributes, removing obsolete negative penalties, adjusted Intelligence rewards.
  • Updated Skills page to describe the current state of the Skill system, removed depreciated 'Skill Bonus' information.
  • Updated Character Creation page, removing old Set-style content and better reflecting Progression-point usage, plus developer tips!
  • Updated Yamanokyojin with updates similar to Chronean and Athenean.
  • Created Chronean page, thus realizing the 'big three' of the Viridian Republic.
  • Updated Athenean page with racial traits and new layout.
  • Swapped Health Perks for Fighter and Monk: Monks now get 10 HP per Endurance, while Fighters get 8 HP.
  • Created Martial Arts page, new perks and ability to fight in close-quarters combat.
  • Updated Archetypes: Gambler and Warsmith archetypes updated to new specs.
  • Updated Artek page to feature Potential skill ranks, also reaffirming the 'Trait' terminology for Racial perks.
  • Created Checks page to explain concisely how Skill Checks and ToHit checks are conducted in gameplay.
  • Updated Jin page with Racial perks in line with the Perk-List/Archetype revamp.

September 2022

  • One-Handed Arms and Two-Handed Arms have now been combined into the Warfare skill.
    • Skill-Perks will now be stored on their own Skill article pages, Archetype Perks planned to be set into the Archetypes page in future.
  • Attributes: Increased Strength damage by 1 (direct and spread), reduced Agility Max Action-Points by 10, reduced Perception Evasion rate to 0.1x (from 0.5x).
  • Added P-Point Milestone bonus mechanic to Progression Point
    • Six extra P-Points rewards will be granted at evenly spaced intervals, which will stack with the normal Level-up reward.
    • Rebalanced point gains and costs for Progression Points.
    • Uncapped Racial Archetype limit, increased Universal Archetype limit to 2 at 10th level, and 3 at 20th level.

August 2022

  • Updated Skills to clarify ruling on Skill-Point investment: Certain amount of Skill-Points invested per level, Skill-Focus stacks.
  • Updated Golian Traits: Longstriders gain Reach, Broadback gains Endurance, Roundback loses 'Always heavy load' penalty. Broadback and Roundback gain 'Slow, but steady' trait.
  • Updated Character Creation to address changes to Experience and Progression Point articles.
  • Multiple updates to Skill List, now in a 95% complete state and useful as character creation resource.
  • Updated Experience and Progression Point pages to reflect the integration of Progression Points as part of the character progression system. (progression!)
  • Updated sidebar links, including Tabletop System Conversion, Progression Point and the new Viridian Discord
  • Created Tabletop System Conversion as a way to help those with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder 1 backgrounds source content for Viridian TTRPG.
  • Updated Size page: reworked AP recovery mechanics, improved writing, extra context.
  • Patch notes (This page) now updates in reverse-order: Newest at top, oldest at bottom, from this note onwards.
  • Began writing Cerulean Adventurers Guild lore page.

May 2022

  • Resumed work on the Viridian TTRPG
  • Tested and applied new layouts to numerous pages for better readability and better image gallery distribution, with the intent to propagate to all pages in time.
  • Added WIP category to main page, will now serve as an informal dev log for visitors to understand significant and upcoming changes to the wiki, including what pages are queued for fixes and changes.
  • Updated Inventory page with simplified mechanics, Item-slots depreciated.
  • Updated the Attributes page by depreciating the Luck attribute.
  • Created Namekian page as a playable Third-Party race.
  • Updated Actions with a redirect as well as layout changes and mechanics.
  • Major update to the Size page by specifying in gameplay terms what properties are affected by size and how.
  • Major update to the Golian page, rewritten lore, descriptions and gameplay information.
  • Created and renamed Artek page as a playable race.
  • Created Goblin page as a playable race.
  • Created Tetramand page as a playable race.
  • Created Experience page explaining how experience and levelling up works.
  • Updated Environment page and pinned it to Wiki sidebar.