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Progression Points (P-Points) are an open-ended progression mechanic for Player-Characters/Adventurers to improve their skills and acquire new abilities, completely independent of a ridged class-based structure. Progression points are granted in chunks through levelling up, and by piecemeal from the Game-Master when they deem it appropriate.

Adventurers gain 10 P-Points per level by default, however Races of significantly different sizes may gain P-Points at different rates.

Additionally, extra P-Points are granted at certain level milestones; at 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 16th and 20th levels. The P-Point bonus increases with each milestone and stacks with the P-Points granted by level.

Progression Point gains by Size

When a Campaign is set to Scale by P-Points, instead of modifying the experience multiplier, the number of P-Points gained per level-up is affected instead. The chart below denotes the typical values used:

     Size             |   P-Points per level   |    P-Point milestone bonus
Medium (Size 1)       |          10            |      +10/10/15/20/20/25/30
                      |                        |
    Small             |          12            |          [as Medium]
Tiny (or smaller)     |          18            |          [as Medium]
                      |                        |
 Large (Size 2)       |          9             |      +8/8/12/16/20/20/24
  Huge (Size 4)       |          8             |          [as Large]
Gargantuan (Size 8)   |          7             |          [as Large]
Colossal (Size 16)    |          7             |          [as Large]
Titanic (Size 32+)    |          5             |      +6/6/9/12/20/16/20

Progression Point Options

The following properties can be increased with P-Points. Cost is calculated AFTER acquiring a new upgrade, therefore the first time you spend P-Points on a property always counts itself

New Universal Perk
Gives an Adventurer a choice of a new Universal Perk, provided they meet the prerequisite. Adventurers cannot purchase Skill Perks unless their Skill is Rank 5 (Mastered) (100 Skill-Rating).

Cost: Number of Universal Perks owned * 2.
Increase Single Attribute
Increase one of an Adventurer's Attributes by 1. Each attribute is mutually-exclusive for calculating P-Point cost calculations.

Cost: Times specific attribute has increased prior * 4.
Gain Skill Points x25
Gives the Adventurer 25 Skill points per redemption. Adventurer is still subject to Skill point caps based on Character level. All Skill-points must be assigned to skills upon redemption, no Skill-points can be left unassigned after redemption. 

Cost: Number of times 'Skill Points x25' deemed * 2
Acquire Archetype
The Adventurer can select one more Archetype and stack the benefits of that Archetype with their own. An Adventurer can only have Two Archetypes maximum after 10th level, and Three Archetypes at 20th level.

Cost: Number of extra Archetypes the Adventurer acquires * 15
Requirement: Adventurer must be Lv10 before they can use this P-Point option.

Effect: Adventurer selects an Archetype they are allowed to take and stacks the benefits and features of that Archetype onto their own. Archetypes granting Skill-Focuses already in possession will instead gain a +10 Skill-Rating bonus.
Fortune: Currency
Adventurer 'finds' or otherwise obtains an amount of a specific Currency based on their level and every time they level up. If the Adventurer's base size is greater than 1: The currency is multiplied by the Adventurer's Size-Rating. This option is available at the GM's discretion.

Cost: Number of times [Fortune: Currency] has been acquired * 2.

Effect: Adventurer gains 5 units of a specific currency per Character level. If this option was taken after 1st level, retroactively gain currency for missed levels. When the Adventurer levels up, they gain the appropriate amount of currency (when the situation allows it).

Max-Level only

The option(s) below can only be selected when the Adventurer is at 20th level (or whichever is the maximum level):

Increase HP / Meta-Points
An Adventurer who has reached Max-Level but cannot afford any other upgrades can instead increase their health points or Meta-Points used by special abilities and powers. This option can only be selected when no other P-Point upgrade can be purchased.

Cost: 1 (Only when no other Progression-Point option can be purchased)

Effect: Increases the Adventurer's Maximum Health, or Meta-points by 1. If the Adventurer's Size-Rating is greater than 1: Bonus is multiplied by their Size-Rating.