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Progression Points (P-Points) are an open-ended progression mechanic for Player-Characters/Adventurers to improve their skills and acquire new abilities, completely independent of a ridged class-based structure. Progression points are granted in chunks through levelling up, and by piecemeal from the Game-Master when they deem it appropriate.

Adventurers gain P-Points every level and the amount increases at regular intervals as shown in the chart below.

Progression Point gains by Size

When a Campaign is set to Scale by P-Points, instead of modifying the experience multiplier, the number of P-Points gained per level-up is affected instead. When the chart reads '1st to 4th' and so on, it is referring to the Adventurer's Character Level.

Size-Rating 1st to 4th 5th to 8th 9th to 12th 13th to 16th 17th onward Total
Medium* 1 +10 +15 +20 +25 +30 400
Small 0.7 +15 +20 +25 +30 +35 500
Tiny 0.4 +20 +25 +30 +35 +40 600
Large 2 +10 +12 +15 +18 +25 320
Huge 4 +10 +10 +15 +15 +20 280
Gargantuan 8 [as Huge]
Colossal 16
Titanic 17+

When Scale by Experience is used, all characters are treated as Medium-sized for P-Point rewards.

Progression Point Upgrades & Costs

The following upgrades can be purchased with P-Points.

Upgrade costs scale linearly by the number of times a specific upgrade is purchased. Cost is calculated AFTER acquiring a new upgrade, therefore the first time you spend P-Points on an upgrade, it always counts itself.

ex. If an upgrade has a base cost of 2, the number of P-Points to purchase it consecutively will be: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...etc.
Cost & Scaling Effect(s)
Gain Universal / Archetype / Skill Perk


per Perk/Trait purchased

Upon redemption, the Adventurer can acquire one Perk or Trait to which they meet the requirements:

Universal Perks are obtainable so long as the Adventurer meets its requirements.
♦ Archetype Perks can also be acquired in the same way (maximum up to 3 archetype sets per character).
♦ Skill Perks can be acquired this way, but only after reaching Rank 5 to its respective skill.
♦ Racial Traits from the Potential Skill can be obtained this way only when their Potential Skill reaches Rank 5.
Increase Single Attribute


per Attribute boost purchased

Upon Redemption, the Adventurer can increase one Attribute of their choice by 1 point:

♦ All Attribute upgrades are mutually exclusive, meaning increasing one score will not increase the cost of the others.
♦ As a rule, Attribute cost reduction caused by Archetypes, Races and other effects cannot lower the cost below 2 P-Points per upgrade.

♦ The Intelligence Attribute score is unique in that the Adventurer must decide which Intelligence bonus the point should grant
(see Attributes for more information.)
Gain (25) Skill-Points


per Skill-Point redemption purchased

Upon redemption, the Adventurer gains a modest amount of Skill-Points they can use to invest in Skills:

♦ The Adventurer gains 25 Skill-points that must be immediately assigned to valid skills.
♦ The Adventurer cannot assign more skill points than the cap set by their Character Level (10 per level).
Gain additional Archetype & Respecification


per Archetype purchased

Upon redemption, The Adventurer can acquire a 2nd or even a 3rd Archetype, with limitations:

♦ The Adventurer can select another Universal or Racial Archetype and obtain it as a 2nd or 3rd archetype.
♦ The Adventurer can only have up to three (3) archetypes at any one time, and only up to two (2) of a Universal or Racial Archetype.

Acquiring a new Archetype triggers a Respecification, which follows this process:

♦ The Adventurer now gains all the adjustments and Archetype Perks of the Archetypes they now possess.
♦ Skill-Focuses shared by multiple Archetypes grants a permanent +10 Skill-Rating bonus per duplicate for overlapping Skills.
♦ The Adventurer may reassign all existing Skill Points into other skills, to help adapt to Skill-focus changes.
♦ The Adventurer may reassign all Perk/Trait purchases into other Perks/Traits if desired.

♦ Attribute scores must be recalculated if an Archetype gives P-Point discounts.
(If the discounts result in the Adventurer gaining more Attribute points, their attribute(s) will be increased according to the new costs)
(Any remaining P-Points after following the previous step will be refunded to the Adventurer to use)
Fortune: Passive-Income


per Fortune upgrade purchased

The Adventurer passively gains currency each time they level up as well as retroactively for every Fortune upgrade obtained:

♦ The Adventurer gains 5 Gold coins times the number of Character Levels they own times the number of Fortune upgrades purchased.
(The Adventurer will gain 5 Gold coins multiplied by their character level the first time they purchase a Fortune upgrade.)

♦ When the Adventurer levels up: they will gain 5 Gold Coins by the number of Fortunes they have purchased.

Max-Level only

The option(s) below can only be selected when the Adventurer is at 20th level (or whichever is the maximum level):

Increase HP / Meta-Points
An Adventurer who has reached Max-Level but cannot afford any other upgrades can instead increase their health points or Meta-Points used by special abilities and powers. This option can only be selected when no other P-Point upgrade can be purchased.

Cost: 1 (Only when no other Progression-Point option can be purchased)

Effect: Increases the Adventurer's Maximum Health, or Meta-points by 1. If the Adventurer's Size-Rating is greater than 1: Bonus is multiplied by their Size-Rating.