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The Bypass skill is focused on being able to remove barriers from an Adventurer's path in the form of locks and traps using tools. A Tool-Kit is often required for many Bypass checks, however some improvised materials may be used when available.

Bypass checks are usually called when an Adventurer attempts to pick the lock of a door or container to make them accessible, or when interacting with various mechanical devices to disable traps or gain access to its functions.

♦ An Adventurer cannot perform any Bypass check if they lack a Tool-Kit or improvised materials suitable as a substitute for a Tool-Kit.
♦ Even with improvised tools, the Adventurer suffers a -40% Bypass Skill-Rating penalty.
Perk Name Requirements Effect
The Adventurer may freely select one Skill-Perk per Rank, starting from Rank 1:
Basic Lockpicking -

The Adventurer can learn how to pick simple locks, to turn a locked lock into an unlocked one:

♦ The Adventurer can now pick any Simple lock using their Bypass skill.
♦ Simple locks are any locks with a difficulty of 100 points or less.

♦ The Adventurer cannot lock a lock if they lack the mechanism to do so. (Padlocks can be locked, doors without a key cannot)
Advanced Lockpicking Basic Lockpicking

The Adventurer is now capable of picking more difficult locks:

♦ The Adventurer can now pick any non-special lock using their Bypass skill.
♦ Advanced locks have a difficulty above 100, Special locks cannot be picked with the Bypass skill.

♦ The Adventurer now gains the ability to freely change the lock state from locked to unlocked, even if they lack the intended item to do so.
Disable Device Basic Lockpicking

The Adventurer takes some knowledge they have of picking locks and transfer it to disabling traps and devices safely:

♦ The Adventurer can now attempt to disable traps and other dangerous mechanism with their Bypass skill.

If the Adventurer's Bypass check is failed by 50 or more:

♦ The Adventurer will either activate the trap upon themselves, or the trap will remain active and no other attempt can be made to disable it.
♦ If the device is not a trap but instead something beneficial to the Adventurer, it may break instead, making it useless.
Configure Device Disable Device

The Adventurer has a better understanding of mechanics and can make safer adjustments to them:

♦ The threshold for a critical-failure is increased by 10 points per Bypass Skill-Rank.

The Adventurer can now freely reconfigure a device or trap to operate under different conditions:

♦ Successfully bypassed devices or traps can be set to any mode of operation the Adventurer desires.
♦ Supported devices and traps can be rigged to discriminate against certain targets, to ignore allies but attack hostiles.