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The Aegis skill is focused on self-defence, both in the realm of avoiding attacks before they can do harm, and mitigating harm as much as possible if an attack makes contact. Some forms of defence rely on equipment such as weapons, shields, armour or even improvised means of defending. For a Skill that is focused upon recovering or minimizing the impact of attacks and effects already assailing the Adventurer, see the Determination skill.

When the Adventurer needs to raise their defences at a moment's notice, or that their defences are contested in any other way than the usual ToHit versus Defense mechanic, the Game-Master may call for an Adventurer to make an Aegis check, which this skill governs.

Perk Name Requirements Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk is automatically applied, for free:
Dodge -

An Adventurer who trains in Aegis skills learns to avoid getting hit as often:

♦ The Adventurer gains +1 Defense for every 2 Aegis Skill-Rating points they own.
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Aegis skill.
Reactive Defences -

The Adventurer is able to react to defending themselves from harm more readily as they improve their Aegis skills:

♦ The Adventurer gains a +10 bonus per Aegis Skill-Rank on checks when the Adventurer must defend themselves from another's attack.

(ex. When the Adventurer uses action-points to raise their guard to defend against an attack, the Aegis check is called to see if the Adventurer can raise their guard in time to be any effective.)
Auto-Shield -

If the Adventurer is equipped with a Shield or item that is as effective as acting as a shield:

♦ The Adventurer can perform a Guard action even when it is outside their turn as a reaction.

(Normally: Raising your guard as a reaction is treated as a Standard-Action (50 AP) and subject to an Aegis check.)
Dash to Cover -

The Adventurer gains additional movement and Defense when their movement is directly towards finding cover against a source of threat and danger:

♦ This is a Reactive Quick-Action (50 AP): meaning it is an action that can be taken even when it is not the Adventurer's turn.
♦ If the Adventurer is in immediate danger from being hurt by an attack or source, they can take this action.

Effect & Execution
♦ The Adventurer can move up to their current movement speed/distance to 'find cover', or move as far away from the current danger as possible.
♦ The Adventurer also gains an additional +20 Defence if the movement is intercepted by an attack or other threat.