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Arcana is a Metaforce-focused skill that governs the mastery of magic spells used by many casters, both academic and spontaneous. Magic Spells require Meta-points (MP) in order to cast them, along with the corresponding Action-Point (AP) cost, for a skill that revolves around increasing the amount of MP an Adventurer possesses, see Metaforce.

Arcana checks are normally called for in battle when a magic spell must defeat the resistances of a target or has a chance to fail, it acts much like an Adventurer's ToHit. Arcana checks may also be called in the case of countering or dispelling other spell, in which case a successful check can allow the caster to override the effects of another spell.

Perk Name Requirements Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk is automatically applied, for free:
Spell Mastery -

The Adventurer gradually learns to control spells of a more powerful nature as they invest in the Arcana skill.

At each Skill-Rank, the Adventurer can cast arcane spells of a higher spell level without penalty:

♦ At 1st Rank: The Adventurer can cast 0th and 1st level spells.
♦ 2nd Rank: 2nd and 3rd level spells are now available.
♦ 3rd Rank: 4th and 5th level spells are now available.
♦ 4th Rank: 6th and 7th level spells are now available.
♦ 5th Rank: 8th and higher level spells are now available.

When attempting to cast a spell level higher than what this Perk allows:

♦ The spell cast requires an Arcana check equal to its spell level * 20
♦ Failing the check causes the spell to fail or critically fail, AP and MP used to cast it are also consumed.
Spell Memory -

The Adventurer is able to memorise a number of magic spells, spells can be changed every rest period:

♦ The Adventurer gains one spell memory slot for every 5 Skill-Rating in the Arcana skill.

♦ The Adventurer also gains an additional spell memory slot equal to the highest attribute score between Intelligence, Perception or Charisma.
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Arcana skill.
Spellicalization -

The Adventurer can choose to gain a specialization in a specific type of spell by using its keywords, spells with the selected keyword:

♦ Gain a 20% Action-Point and Meta-point cost discount when casting. (Min. 5 AP and 1 MP).
♦ Are treated as being one (1) spell level lower for the purpose of casting higher than what Spell Mastery allows.
Meta-Magic -

The Adventurer is now able to any Meta-Magic modifiers on spells, Metamagic (and the spell level adjustments) includes:

Still (+1): Spell can be cast without requiring special movements or gestures.
Silent (+1): Spell can be cast without require spoken incantations or power words, this does not necessarily mean the spell creates no sound.
Quicken (+1): Spell's Action speed is increased to allow it to be cast before regular speed actions:
  > Quick-Actions become Instant-Actions, which can be performed before any other Quick-Actions.
  > Standard-Actions become Quick-Actions (25 AP), which can be performed before any Standard-Actions.
  > Advanced-Actions gain a 40% Action-Point discount, allowing them to be cast sooner.
Extend (+1 to 4): Spell's duration increases by a special amount, based on its original duration:
  > Increasing a spell's level by one (+1) doubles the duration of the original spell.
  > Increasing a spell's level by two (+2) quadruples the duration of the original spell.
  > Increasing the spell's level by three (+3) increases the spell's duration by ten (x10) the original duration.
  > Finally, increasing a spell's level by four (+4) makes a spell permenent.
Enlarge (+1 and up): Spell is treated as if the caster was a number of Size-Rating points larger than they really are:
  > This Meta-magic can be increased by as many spell levels as the Adventurer can cast without penalty, when they do:
     > The Spell's power and variables increase as if the caster was an equal amount of Size-Rating points larger than themselves.
Widen (+1): Spell with an area of effect (AoE) gains additional angle or radius, and spells without an AoE, gain one:
  > Spells with some form of AoE component gain double the angle and radius stated on their description.
  > Spells that are normally single-target (but can be multi-target) gain the ability to affect multiple targets no more than 6 squares/steps around the point of origin.

Preparing Meta-Magic for use in spells is treated as if it is a Spell, and therefore counts towards the caster's spell memory limit.

Meta-Specialisation Meta-Magic

The Adventurer can select one Meta-magic option per Arcane Skill-Rank:

♦ This option is permanently memorized and does not count towards the Adventurer's Spell Memory limit.
♦ If the Meta-magic adjusts spell level by 2 or more: The Adventurer gains a -1 spell level adjustment discount.