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This document will detail step by step on how to create your character and level them up in the Viridian Campaign/Framework. The first section will help you build your character from idea to Lv1. The second section is what you need to do each time your character levels up.

Building a Character to Lv1

Step 1: Select Character Race (Playable Races)
* Select a Race to serve as a foundation for your character's existence.
* Note down the Racial Traits and Attribute Adjustments of the Character's Race.
* If you select a Racial Archetype for your character, skip the Select Archetype step.
Step 2: Select Character Archetype (Archetypes)
* Select a Universal Archetype for your character, provided you did not select a unique Racial Archetype from the previous step.
* If you selected a Racial Archetype for your character, this step is skipped.
Step 3: Add and apply Attribute points (Attributes)
* Combine the total Attribute points granted by the Character's Race, Archetype and additional points at character creation.
* The additional points at creation refers to: You may add 1 attribute point to two different attributes to finish off your character’s attributes. The two +1s cannot be applied to the same attribute.
 Step 4: Assign Skill Focuses and Skill points (Skills / Skill List)
* Build your characters set of Skills using the available Skill-Focuses and Skill Points your character has at their disposal.
* Don't forget to apply Skill-Focuses gained from Archetypes and your character's Race!

* Your character starts off with one extra Skill-Focus you can apply to any skill group. 
* Your character gains an additional Skill-focus for a single skill for every point in Intelligence (INT) they possess.
** The Skill Focus bonus also increases by +5 for each Intelligence attribute point the character possesses. Base amount at INT 0: +20 Skill Focus Bonus.

* Your character gains 15 skill points they can put into any skills they like, ready for Lv1.
Step 5: Assign Skill Perks and Universal Perks (Perks)
* Using the character's available Perk points, choose any Perks that your character meets the requirements to and add it to your record.
* Don't forget to apply any Skill Perks your character is eligible for.
* Your character gets to select one Universal perk at 1st level.
* Any perks granted by traits will also be applied.

Levelling up (Progression-Point Version)

The default, the standard progression style for Viridian TTRPG is the Progression Point system. If the Adventurer has the P-Points, they can increase their power in ways that they choose, as long as they follow the build rules.

Depending on whether the Game-Master Scale by Experience, or Scale by P-Points, Adventurers of advanced sizes may gain experience or P-Points at different rates. Consult the Experience article for more information.

Levelling up (Set Version)

This Ruleset is not the default used in Viridian TTRPG, but is a choice should the Game-Master decide it.

This older style gives a Set amount of points for various build options as an Adventurer levels up. This is suitable for newer Adventurers who may not feel up for total and complete freedom in their build, or for Game-Masters who want to carefully control the power level of their players.

Every level

• Your character gains 15 Skill points every level, including 1st level.
 > Note: you will not be able to add more skill points than skill cap for any skill depending on the character's level.

The Skill-Cap is summarized below:
2nd Rank: Competent (40) is already unlocked at Lv1
3rd Rank: Adept (60) is unlocked at Lv4
4th Rank: Expert (80) is unlocked Lv8, then finally
5th Rank: Master (100) is unlocked rank at Lv12.

Every 2nd level

• Your character gets a Perk-Point which they can use to obtain a Universal Perk.
> If your character has reached their maximum skill rank for a particular skill, Perk-Points can be used to obtain remaining Skill Rank Perks they were not able to obtain due to reaching Max rank.

Every 4th level

* Your character gains +1 to any two different attributes of their choice. You cannot select the same attribute twice.

At 5th level and every 10 levels beyond 5th

As a Milestone reward, the character may choose ONE reward from the list below:
* Your character gains +1 to any attribute of their choice.
* Your character gains a Perk-Point.

Every 10th level

* Your character can select and apply an additional archetype from the list of archetypes noted on their race page or Archetypes.