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This document will detail step by step on how to create your character and level them up in the Viridian Campaign/Framework.

The first section will help you build your character from idea to 1st level Adventurer.

The second section is what you need to do each time your character levels up.

Building a Character to Lv1

Step 1: Select your Adventurer's Race and Archetype

* Select a Race to serve as your Adventurer's physical form from the Playable Races page.
 > Don't forget your Race will usually let you pick your first racial trait, due to their Potential Skill-focus!
* Your race choice will often have information on Attributes and Skills, keep them in mind for Step 2!

* Select an Archetype to base your Adventurer's primary abilities and experience.
 > You can pick a Racial Archetype, or one of many of the Universal Archetypes found on the Archetypes page.
* Archetypes grant Archetype Perks for free and usually provide Archetype-themed benefits not seen elsewhere.

Step 2: Decide if you want to spend any Progression-Points

Even at Level 1, your Adventurer should be entitled to about 10 Progression Points, check with your Game-master on what your Adventurer has available based on your Race/Archetype choices made earlier.

Progression points can be used to buy:
* Chunks of 25 Skill points: to be immediately assigned to any Skills that have not yet reached their Skill-point cap and up to their Skill-point cap.

* Increasing singular attribute scores by one: note that the cost to increase the same attribute will increase each time it is done, but will not affect the costs of other attributes.

* Purchasing new Universal Perks: You can even try obtaining Archetype perks from Archetypes you do not own, but you can only have Archetype perks from up to 3 sets maximum!
Some Pro tips from the game's developer:
"If you want to get more Perks or get more Skill-Focuses, it's best to boost your Intelligence attribute score."
"Skills will usually have at least one Perk that scales by Skill-Rating, but many will only increment per Skill-Rank. If it's the latter, perhaps you can skip boosting the SR of that skill for one level until you have enough to get to the next rank? I'm sure your other skills will appreciate you giving them some love."
"Viridian-Fantasy's version of the 'Perception/Spot skill' is the Perception attribute and Investigation skill. Don't worry, Perception is worth 10 SR per point, so the skill isn't absolutely necessary unless you want to detect secret stuff easier."
"Multi-classing in this game comes in the form of purchasing the Archetype Perks from other ATs, the requirements are still ...required... but available if you are able. The only rule so far is you can't have AT Perks from more than 3 sets, just like the Archetype limit. No more than 2 Racials or Universals."
"Yes, Acrobatics and Athletics are skills too, both are helpful in physical challenges. But just like detecting things, your Adventurer's Agility and Strength attribute scores contribute to these checks as well (respectively). But the skill will likely have features that a basic check might not allow, or bonuses that make performing these checks easier."
"Does your party have at least one giant in it? Everybody knows the average adventurer is a 'human fighter', but Size is extremely effective in Viridian, if your group doesn't have at least one big guy or gal looking after your group, you may find your group struggling against an encounter with one or more giant combatants!"

Final Step: You're done!

If you have spent all the Progression-points you want, or cannot afford to get anything else, your character is done. Ask your Game-Master to check your work and if approved, you're ready to go!

Levelling up (Progression-Point Version)

The default, the standard progression style for Viridian TTRPG is the Progression Point system. If the Adventurer has the P-Points, they can increase their power in ways that they choose, as long as they follow the build rules.

Depending on whether the Game-Master Scale by Experience, or Scale by P-Points, Adventurers of advanced sizes may gain experience or P-Points at different rates. Consult the Experience article for more information.