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Every Adventurer has a set of stat values known as Attributes. The higher the character's attributes, the more powerful and functional the character will be. Attributes are required for some skills, equipment or powers to be usable by the Adventurer. Attribute points are determined by a combination of their Race, Archetypes and bonus points given during character creation. Attribute points are rewarded regularly through levelling up.

All characters start with a balance of 0 in each attribute, positive values give bonuses to a character's other stats. If Attributes are reduced to negatives, the Adventurer will suffer a special penalty instead.

The six attributes are Strength, Endurance, Agility, Perception, Intelligence and Charisma.

Physical Attributes

Strength (STR)

Strength represents the physical power and might of an Adventurer, increasing the amount of damage dealt by melee weapon attacks and unarmed strikes that rely on their physical movements.

Strength is also used as a soft-prerequisite for heavy pieces of equipment such as melee weapons (Two-handed weapons) or ranged weapons with strong recoil or tension (Firearms and Compound Bows). Failing to meet the requirement for a weapon may result in the weapon requiring more hands to wield, or not wield them at all. For ranged weapons, it may incur additional AP costs.

The last benefit of Strength is to increase a Player-Character's Load-Points which determines encumbrance based on their equipped outfit/armour, and the items they're carrying; higher strength means being able to carry heavier loads at the same amount of encumbrance, or lower the burden by one or more stages.

♦ Increases Melee Weapon, Thrown Weapon and Unarmed Strike attack damage:
  > Direct damage increases by 1 per Size-Rating, and
  > Damage-Spread increases by 1 per Size-Rating.
♦ Increases the threshold of an Adventurer's Light, Heavy and Max Load-Points for Inventory management by 10 per point.

If STR is reduced to negatives
/ Melee Weapon, Thrown Weapon and Unarmed Strike damage is reduced by 50%.
/ The Adventurer is treated as under the effects of Heavy Load regardless of how many Load-Points they are carrying.
/ Weapon 'handedness' is reduced by one stage: Light weapons are treated as one-handed, one-handed is treated as two-handed and two-handed weapons cannot be wielded with a negative Strength score.

Endurance (END)

Endurance measures an Adventurer's bodily resilience and health. High Endurance grants the Adventurer higher maximum health to help them survive more damage without falling and/or dying. Furthermore, the Adventurer can survive with a larger negative health value.

Endurance also raises resistances against negative physiological effects by granting a bonus for Physiological-Save Checks, allowing them to avoid the effect altogether or hasten the recovery from such conditions.

♦ The Character's base Hit-Points is calculated with the following calculation:
       > BaseHP = 6
       > BaseHP * (4 + Endurance) = EffectiveHP.

♦ Grants +10 bonuses to rolls made to Physiological Saves per Endurance point.

♦ The Adventurer's maximum negative health threshold is increased by 2 per Endurance point.
       > Normally: An Adventurer can survive with negative health equal to (BaseHP * 2), if an Adventurer's health is lower than this, they will die.

If END is reduced to negatives
/ Adventurer takes an additional 50% damage from all sources.
/ Adventurer automatically fails Physiological save checks, except if they roll 96 or higher.

Agility (AGL)

Agility is an Adventurer's ability to coordinate physical actions quickly and accurately.

High Agility increases the Adventurer's maximum Action-point pool, giving them more actions and more AP recovered per turn start and end.

Agility also increases the Adventurer's base movement speed in all modes of travel by a small amount at no extra cost.

Lastly, Agility grants a bonus to avoid or recover from effects that rely on reflexes and movement to escape.

♦ Increases base movement speed/distance by 1 step per Agility point, regardless of movement type.
♦ Increases Maximum Action-Points (AP) by 10 per point.
♦ Gain a +10 bonus to rolls involving avoiding or escaping effects relying on movement per Agility point.

If AGL is reduced to negatives
/ Disables the Adventurer's ability to take actions outside their turn. (Disables Reactions).
/ Causes the Adventurer to automatically fail Reflex save checks, unless they roll a 95 or higher.

Mental Attributes

Perception (PER)

Perception is the Adventurer's ability to sense the world around them and also react to and predict what is going on around them.

In combat, this Attribute is highly influential in determining the accuracy of landing blows on a target, but also being able to avoid or deflect an opponent's attack as well.

Perception also greatly influences the Adventurer's turn order during battle initiative compared to Agility.

♦ The Adventurer gains an Accuracy bonus of +10 per Perception point.
♦ Defence and Evasion rating against all attacks is increased by +0.1x per Perception point.
♦ Initiative bonus is increased by +2 per Perception point.

If PER is reduced to negatives
/ Adventurer will be unable to deal critical hits with attacks normally capable of causing critical hits.
/ Adventurer will always go last during initiative. If there is a tie, compared Agility, if there is still a tie, roll until the tie breaks.

Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence is an Adventurer’s ability to retain and recall information and knowledge. High Intelligence grants a character additional Skill-Focuses or Perk-Points upon levelling-up.

High Intelligence also increases the bonus provided by existing Skill-Focuses, allowing the maximum Skill-Rating to exceed 100 in most cases.

♦ The Adventure can select one new Skill-Focus each time their Intelligence point count increases by 1, OR
♦ Alternatively: The Adventurer can choose to gain a Perk-Point, instead of a Skill-Focus.
♦ Increases the Skill-Focus bonus of all Skill-Focuses by +5 per point. (Base Skill-Focus bonus is +20).

If INT is reduced to negatives
/ Negative INT causes all Skills that do not have a Skill-Focus to increase their skill rank requirements by 25%:

    Rank 1: Novice increases from 20 to 25.
    Rank 2: Competent increases from 40 to 50.
    Rank 3: Adept increases from 60 to 75.
    Rank 4: Expert increases from 75 to 100.
    Rank 5: Master increases from 100 to 125.

Charisma (CHA)

Charisma reflects the Adventurer’s ability to influence others through their personality and, sometimes, their appearance.

Charisma affects how positive and negative reputation changes affect the Adventurer, often amplifying their good deeds and mitigating their misdeeds.

It's also a measure of an Adventurer's ability to remain resolved, believe in themselves and stand up to others, as such, Charisma grants a bonus to resist or recover from psychological conditions and social effects.

♦ Increases positive reputation gained by +2 per deed per Charisma point.
♦ Decreases negative reputation gained by -1 per misdeed per point. (Min. 1)
♦ Gain a +10 bonus to rolls to resist psychological effects on the Adventurer's mind and mental state per point.
♦ Increases Player-Character's Resolve by 20% per Charisma point.
If CHA is reduced to negatives
/ Positive reputation gained is halved (Min. 1).
/ Negative reputation gained is doubled.
/ The Adventurer automatically fails Psychological save checks, except if they roll a 95 or higher.