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The Stealth skill is focused on avoiding detection or suspicion from hostiles. In one form, Stealth is about avoiding being seen or heard from others, but the other form is the art of Disguise. The Adventurer can disguise to make themselves appear as someone different to themselves, and to blend in crowds and other cultures.

Stealth checks are normally called upon if the Adventurer is at risk of blowing their disguise or detected when they are trying to avoid being seen or heard. A Stealth check may also be called when the Adventurer tries to disguise in a short space of time.

Stealth checks are often influenced by the Adventurer's Size-Rating:

♦ Small-sized Adventurers gain a +20 bonus to Stealth checks, Tiny-sized Adventurers gain a +50 bonus instead.
♦ Large-sized Adventurers (Size-Rating 2 or more) suffer a -10 penalty to Stealth checks equal to their Size-Rating.
Perk Name Requirements Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk is automatically applied:
Sneaking Automatic

As long as an Adventurer begins sneaking ahead of time, they can move a certain distance before requiring a check:

♦ The Adventure can move 1 step without requiring a Stealth check for every 10 Stealth Skill-Rating they own.
♦ This distance starts on the square that the Adventurer could be detected and resets when they move completely into cover.
♦ If an Adventurer is called to roll a Stealth check and succeeds, they can move up to their Sneaking distance before being required to roll again.
  > However, if an Adventurer has already been called to do a Stealth check and moved with the Sneaking effect once without a reset, they will be detected by the subject.

♦ This does not allow the Adventurer to move further than their movement speed, but can be used across consecutive move actions and rounds.
♦ The ability to use Stealth without rolling only works when others are not aware of the Adventurer, the Adventure may still be required to meet a certain Skill-Rating or roll if the subjects they are sneaking around are alert and seeking out an intruder.
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Stealth skill.
Disguise -

The Adventurer can attempt to change their appearance to look like someone or something else, provided they have the tools:

♦ The Adventurer can now use their Stealth Skill-Rating for the use in Disguise Checks.

The Action to change into a disguise or modify an existing disguise is as follows:

♦ Disguising from scratch is an Advanced Action (300 AP), the Adventurer may add their Stealth Skill-Rating to speed up disguising.
♦ If the disguise is somewhat similar to the Adventurer's own appearance or their disguise, the AP cost is reduced to 100 instead.

♦ This action can be performed without a Disguise Kit, but at a -60% Skill-Rating penalty.
♦ This action can be performed with improvised materials for disguising at a -20% Skill-Rating penalty.

♦ Adventurers do not receive Stealth bonuses or penalties for Disguise checks due to their size.
♦ If an Adventurer is caught while donning their disguise, the disguise is ruined for all individuals involved.
> Magical Disguise 20 Skill-Rating in Metaforce skill

If the Adventurer is magically capable, they can use this to enhance their Disguise:

♦ This form of the disguise action costs 1 Meta-point to perform.

♦ The Adventurer gains a +10 bonus to Disguise checks for each Skill-Rank in Stealth.
♦ Their roll for making a Disguise check is maximised, treated as the highest result possible.
♦ Disguising is changed from an Advanced Action to a Standard Action (50 AP).
Enhanced Sneaking -

The Adventurer can sneak around without detection for further distances before alluding anyone to their presence:

♦ The Adventurer can now move 1 step without requiring a Stealth check for every 5 Stealth Skill-Rating they own, instead of 10.
Quiet Activity Enhanced Sneaking

The Adventurer can perform other actions while causing less commotion using the Stealth skill:

♦ For actions that affect the environment: The Adventurer gains a +20 bonus per Stealth Skill-Rank to avoid detection for every action taken.
♦ For actions that involve animate beings: The bonus is +10 per Stealth Skill-Rank instead.
Escape Detection -

The Adventurer is more likely to return to obscurity and escape detection if they can find an opportunity to lose their pursuer:

♦ The Adventurer gains a +10 bonus to Stealth checks to cause pursuers to lose sight of the Adventurer and restore their sneaking status.
♦ The Adventurer cannot make a pursuer believe they never existed, only to cause the pursuer to be unable to relocate the Adventurer, until they are next caught.
Striding Stealth Base Size-Rating 2 or larger

Giants aren't exactly the stealthiest of beings, however those who are used to their size can minimize the amount of commotion they make:

♦ The Adventurer's Size penalty to Stealth is capped to 80 points, regardless of size category.
♦ Their size penalty is also reduced by 10 points for every Skill-Rank in Stealth, if any penalty remains.
♦ They can also move an additional number of steps without requiring a Stealth check equal to their Size-Rating.