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Xamoan are extremely large, muscular semi-aquatic mammals with whale-like, grey skin who towers over most beings at a height of 24ft or more. They are usually extremely muscular with a stout-legged, humanoid shape. Xamoans have three fingers on each hand and a pair of elephant-like feet with three very short toes and toenails on the end. Their heads have some fish-like qualities, such as a dorsal-fin on the top of the head and a noseless face. Twin, fleshy, curved tusks also protrude from either side of their heads. Their teeth are quite small and come to a slight point. Lastly, they have slanted blue eyes that lack pupils.

Culture & Social

As Xamoans are few and far between, it's more likely that a Xamoan will only know a few other Xamoan as associates and hunting partners, rather than big communities. Xamoan settlements are far apart and dense in population, a Xamoan adventurer finding themselves in another Xamoan settlement is seen as a good omen and a chance to share stories from other communities.

As Xamoans are Huge-sized creatures, they favour outdoor areas and the overworld. Against smaller foes, they prefer to end battles more quickly by trampling them with their massive feet. If the foe is armed and dangerous, they'll use weaponry to take them down safely. Xamoans have heightened agency and purpose and proceed into smaller-sized settlements without hesitation, Xamoans don't resort to violence unless provoked but depending on the Xamoan's social skills and temperament, they may be stand-offish and aloof to smaller races.

Some Xamoans appear to excel at Leadership roles, being able to give intelligent tactical commands to others with their wide knowledge of creature sub-types. If they have a good enough reputation with those around them, they can often rally people to their cause. Because Xamoans are known for hunting for bounties, they generally have a reputation for being brutal and ruthless. Xamoans have to have some social skills in order to acquire new contracts and clients.

Xamoan Adventurers

Xamoans that leave their communities are often in some way a type of adventurer, though they begin travelling alone or rarely with another Xamoan, their trade is almost identical to that of a travelling adventurer. Taking jobs from those willing to pay, both mundane and risky, bounty-hunting and so on. If a Xamoan ends up with primarily smaller races as party members, they can often feel out of place, or worse, feel belittled by taking orders from someone smaller than themselves. Some Xamoan adventurers may decide to become the leader of the group, and if denied, may build up resentment towards the group unless they begin to form a bond with the group or deem another worthy of being leader.

Amongst party members closer to their size, Xamoans can build bonds more easily, especially with other Xamoan and Loxodons, as such they favor the Saffron Alliance races than the Cerulean Kingdom. Xamoans are not built for subtlety and usually unsafe around smaller races.

Race Meta

  • Xamoans stand approximately 24-36ft tall on average. Their Size-Rating is 4.
  • Genus: Fauna / Xeno
  • Faction(s): Saffron Alliance



♦ The base P-point cost to increase Strength, Endurance and Charisma attribute scores are reduced by 1 point.
♦ Xamoans gain a +3 attribute bonus to Strength, Endurance and Charisma scores.


♦ Xamoans gain a Skill-Focus to Athletics, Tactics and Resolve skills.


Reckless Trample:
♦ While Xamoans no longer spend 25 Action-Points to engage Trample, they can no longer disengage the Trample effect during movement. Furthermore, Trample no longer discriminates between hostiles and friendlies. As such, movement through allied squares will be affected as if they were an enemy.
♦ The Xamoan's Size-Rating is treated as being double it's actual amount for the purposes of calculating damage and checks for the Trample, Pin and Stomp action.
♦ Smaller hostiles nor allies cannot pass through a space occupied by a Xamoan due to their large, pillar-like legs.

Racial Traits

When a Xamoan invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
The Xamoan gains a new Racial trait for every Potential Skill-Rank they own:
Thick Skin
♦ The Xamoan's base HP is increased by 2 points, this stacks with other Perks that increase base HP.

♦ Xamoans gain a special 20% resistance to Cold damage, this is applied before Damage-Reduction.
♦ The Chill and Freeze status effects are downgraded by one stage when inflicted upon the Xamoan.
♦ Xamoans resist the effects of cold-temperature environments by one stage. This stacks with any other cold-temp resistances.
Tough Hide Thick Skin

The Xamoan toughens themselves further:

♦ The Xamoan gains an additional +1 Base HP.
♦ The Xamoan gains +1 Damage-Reduction due to their thick skin. This DR stacks.
♦ The special resistance to Cold is increased to 40% resistance, from 20%.
Enhanced Trample

The Xamoan learns how to be more particular about their movements, for their allies sake:

♦ The Xamoan can now suppress negative effects of Reckless Trample trait as a Channeled Quick-Action (25 AP)
♦ While suppressed, the Xamoan can pass over smaller allies without harming them.

All Xamoans have a knack for studying and adapting to their prey, as such, creatures types they have encountered and memorized before can be easier for them to deal with, both hunting and self-defence:

♦ The Xamoan automatically gains the Strategic Memory Skill-Perk from the Tactics skill.
♦ Their Intelligence score is treated as double the normal amount for the purposes of this perk.
> Adaptive Memorization Tactician

The Xamoan is able to spend time studying a foe directly in order to apply their Tactical knowledge without prior briefing:

♦ This is an Concurrent Advanced Action (150 AP), the Xamoan can act normally while contributing as many Action-Points to complete the action.
(The Xamoan must contribute at least 25 AP per start-phase to maintain concentration, but will complete the action after contributing the necessary Action-points.)

♦ Adaptive Memorization can only be performed on one target at a time. To memorize a new target, they must study another Adaptive Memorization action.

Upon completion, the Xamoan treats the studied target as if they were a memorized creature sub-type:

♦ The target is treated as memorized for the purposes of receiving benefits from the Tactics skill.
♦ The Xamoan can adaptively memorize a number of targets equal to their Intelligence score.
(Older targets are overwritten when new targets are memorized. Old memorizations fade when the target dies or some time passes)
> Advanced Tactics Tactician

The Xamoan can gain special advantages while targeting memorized creatures, the Xamoan can unlock a new benefit for each Potential Skill-Rank they own, in order:

Rank 2
♦ The Xamoan gains a +25 ToHit bonus to strike memorized foes with their weapons or unarmed strike.
♦ The Xamoan gains a 25 AP refund when they successfully strike a memorized foe with an attack action.
(The above bonus can only occur once per round and resets upon the Xamoan's next start phase)
Rank 3
♦ So long as the memorized foe is at least half the Xamoan's Size-Rating: This Xamoan's gains a +25 defense bonus against their incoming attacks.
♦ The Xamoan gains a base +2 Direct Damage and Spread bonus to their weapon/attack damage against memorized foes. This effect stacks.
Rank 4
♦ The Xamoan now gains a 40% AP discount when using actions during a reaction event, instead of 20%.
♦ They also now gain a 50 AP refund when the conditions are met, this bonus is reduced by 25 points per activation until reset.
(The above mechanic is reset at the Xamoan's next turn-start phase.)
Rank 5
♦ The Xamoan gains a +40 Defence bonus when the conditions are met, instead of +25.
♦ Lastly, the Xamoan gains +4 Direct Damage and Spread against memorized foes instead of +2.