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Resembling gigantic humanoids with varying skin hues (Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Tan), large jaws, heavy brows and big pointed ears. Physically robust with powerful arms and legs and broad frames, they display surprising agility in climbing and leaping. Their powerful immune system not only protects them from most diseases but also gives them a healing factor that allow them to restore lost limbs.

Ravenni are a proud people who reside primarily in massive forest and jungles where giants like themselves can thrive. Generally hunters and gatherers, they hunt gigantic animals to feed their insatiable growth in both size and number. Their contributions to trade stem primarily from the creation of herbal mixtures and potions, some of which can be used recreationally. With boundless energy, Ravenni love to wrestle and prove their strength and stamina in games.

Game Meta

  • Ravenni stand between the heights of 24ft and 36ft. Their size is Huge (4).
  • Genus: Ogre
  • Faction(s): Viridian Republic

Ravenni are a massive and powerful force of nature.

Racial Traits & Skills


♦ The base P-Point cost to increasing the Strength and Endurance attributes is reduced by 2 points.
♦ They also gain a +2 attribute bonus to the Strength, Endurance and Charisma scores.

♦ The base P-Point cost to increasing Intelligence suffers an increase of 2 points.


♦ Ravenni gain a Skill-Focus in the Resolve and Athletics skills.


Reckless Trample:
♦ While Ravenni no longer spend 25 Action-Points to engage Trample, they can no longer disengage the Trample effect during movement. Furthermore, Trample no longer discriminates between hostiles and friendlies. As such, movement through allied squares will be affected as if they were an enemy.
♦ The Ravenni's Size-Rating is treated as being double it's actual amount for the purposes of calculating damage and checks for the Trample, Pin and Stomp action.


When a Ravenni invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks. The Ravenni adventurer gets to pick one trait at creation due to their automatic skill-focus.

Name Requirements Effect
Ravenni Growth

The Ravenni can increase their size significantly:

♦ The Ravenni's Size-Rating increases by 1 for every Potential Skill-Rank owned (Max +4).
> Viridian Effect Ravenni Growth

+ 80 Skill-Rating

The Ravenni is subject to a continuous growth cycle that is capable of enlarging them to sizes that would dwarf even colossal giants:

♦ The Ravenni's Size-Rating increases by 1 for every 5 Skill-Rating beyond 20.
♦ This trait only counts Skill-Points and Skill-Focus bonuses, temporary bonuses do not apply.

♦ The Ravenni's base Size category changes when they reach Size-Rating 7 (Gargantuan), 13 (Colossal) and 25 (Titanic).

♦ This Trait overwrites the effects of Ravenni Growth and the Size-Rating adjustments of the previous trait are ignored.
Ravenni Regeneration

This trait grants the Ravenni an ability to regenerate health:

♦ This ability is a passive that can be activated as a Free Action.
♦ This ability costs 1 Meta-point per round to maintain, at each of the Ravenni's start phases.

♦ The Ravenni regenerates 1 HP per round per Endurance attribute point owned at their start-phase.
(This HP scales with their Size-Rating)
♦ This trait also doubles the effect of any source that allows the Ravenni to recover health points.

♦ While the ability is active, the Ravenni gains a +25 bonus to Resolve checks to recover from negative physiological status conditions.

This Trait is enhanced when the Ravenni has a Skill-Rating of 60 and 120 respectively:

SR 60: Health recovery effects are tripled (x3) instead of doubled.
♦ SR 120: Health recovery effects are quadrupled (x4) instead of tripled.
> Hyper Regeneration Ravenni Regeneration

The Ravenni gains the ability to completely restore lost limbs or instantly cure themselves of serious ailments, at a cost:

♦ This is an Advanced Action (100 AP).
♦ This Action costs 3 MP to perform the first time, but increases by +1 MP each time it is used until it resets.
♦ This action resets after a long rest.

♦ The Ravenni can regenerate up to 40% of their maximum health and restore a single body part from dismemberment or serious damage.
♦ This action also cures the Ravenni of all negative physiological status conditions.

If the Ravenni cannot pay the full MP cost to use this action, the Ravenni can use this action, but with the following adjustments:

♦ The Ravenni's MP is reduced to 0.
♦ Health recovered is reduced to 20% instead of 40%.
♦ Cures only one unique physiological status ailment, instead of all.
♦ Does not restore a broken/missing limb or organ.
Thick Skin

Ravenni are incredibly durable and pain-resistant, even without armour physical harm:

♦ The Ravenni's base HP is increased by 2 points, this stacks with other Perks that increase base HP.
♦ The Ravenni's base HP increases by 1 point at Rank 3, and Rank 5. (Max. +3 bonus).