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The Artek are sentient constructs composed of wood, metal and stone that were originally created by Humans and the Duergar during the War of the Giants as a way to minimize casualties and gain an equal footing against their larger aggressors. After the war was won, many were re-assigned to reconstruction and services. When time passed and many of the Artek's old masters had been lost to time, the Artek were given the opportunity to decide their own tasks, their own destiny. The Cerulean Kingdom decreed that Artek could continue to exist as sovereign individuals, gaining independence. Artek units continue to be produced to the present day, normally human-sized to better adapt to the times, with larger units used alongside allied giants for construction and haulage. Some units from the war continue their service to safeguard against another uprising.

Another type of Artek unit was produced by those in the Vermillion Freehold to serve as a full-body mechanical suit, allowing Tiny-sized races to assume the form of a Medium-sized Artek (or larger). The Vermillionite can embark and disembark their Artek vessel at will like a vehicle, yet control them as if they were a full-sized humanoid. This is the closest a living being can be to becoming an Artek without the help of mad science.

Race Meta

  • War Arteks are normally Large or Huge sized, whereas Civilian units are Medium sized.
  • Genus: Construct
  • Faction(s): Primarily from the Cerulean Kingdom (Uncommon), and Vermillion Freeholds, variants exist in the Viridian Republic (Uncommon)

Artek exist as an option to play as a Mechanical race in the world of Viridian. They provide various options to allow a wider customisation than your typical biological species.



The Artek were originally designed to combat giants during the War of the Giants, although many were designed to be Large or even Huge sized, newer models were made smaller for more delicate work.

♦ Arteks gain a +2 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance scores.

♦ The base Progression-point cost to increase Intelligence is reduced by 1 point.

♦ The Artek gains 1 point of Damage-Reduction against Physical attacks and effects.

♦ They do not require Food or Sleep in order to survive.

♦ Arteks gain a +50 bonus when making Psychological Saves and a -30 penalty they specifically [target] Constructs.

♦ Arteks can consume water and gain full benefits (or consequences) from it. Healing and Herb mixtures designed for non-constructs have a 80% penalty when consumed by an Artek.

♦ Arteks suffer the same negative effects as living beings if they are unable to drink water for long periods of time. (This will not kill them, but impact their productivity).


Artek Blueprint

A miniaturised form of Artek created for specialist, precision roles or as autonomous tool-kits for engineers.
♦ Base size category is Tiny (Size 0.4) or Small (Size 0.7).
♦ If Small-Sized: The base Progression-point cost to increase Perception and Agility attribute scores is reduced by 1 point.
♦ If they are Tiny-sized: They also gain a +2 attribute bonus to Perception and Agility.

A standard sized Artek built in recent years and the most versatile when it comes to customizing and adventuring.
♦ Base size category is Medium (Size 1): Height between 5 and 9 feet tall.
♦ They gain a +2 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance.

A Large-sized Artek build in recent years, designed for heavy lifting jobs and security, it is surprisingly durable even against full sized giants.
♦ Base size category is Large (Size 2). (This can be increased up to Size 4 if desired)
♦ They also gain a +4 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance, but suffer a +1 progression-point increase to boost their Perception attribute score.
♦ Heavy-Haulers are immune to the effects of Light Load Encumbrance involving carrying items and equipment.

The old style of Arteks were built to fight against rebellious giants of a bygone age.
♦ This Construct’s base size category becomes Huge (Size 4). (This can be increased up to Size 6 if desired)
♦ They also gain a +5 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance, but suffer a +2 progression-point increase to boost their Agility attribute score.

Racial Traits & Skills

When an Artek invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits.

Name Requirements Effect
At each Skill-Rank, the Artek can acquire a new Potential Trait from the following:
Modular Adaptation -

An Artek can customize themselves much like one can customize their outfit.

♦ The Artek counts as an Outfit with a number of customization slots equal to the Potential Skill-Rank within it. It can accept any Mods that can be attached to Clothing and Armour.
Modular Shell -

The Artek's exterior is a compact shell casing that provides more protection and benefits to the Artek, it comes with different material compositions and settings. The Artek can choose one of the following Modular Shell types:

Steel Shell:
♦ Increases the Artek's existing Damage-Reduction by 2 points.
♦ It also increases the Artek's melee attack direct Damage and Spread by 1 point each.
Wooden Shell:
♦ Increases the Artek's existing Damage-Reduction by 1 point.
♦ The Artek can heal a number of health points equal to their Potential Skill-Rank as a Advanced-Action (100 AP).
  > The following action can only be used once per reset.
  > The action is reset by drinking water and waiting one minute.
Rune Shell:
♦ Increases the Artek's existing Damage-Reduction by 1 point.
♦ When the Artek takes damage from a metaphysical attack: they recover 1 Meta-point during their next turn-start phase.
Natural Affinity -

Being part wood, an Artek can form a strong bond to the natural world and benefit from things that biological beings do.

♦ An Artek consuming a liquid designed to Heal or benefit a living creature now only suffers a 60% penalty to its effects instead of 80%.

This Trait improves when the Artek's Potential Skill-Rating reaches a certain amount:

♦ Skill-Rating 50: The penalty is reduced to 50%.
♦ Skill-Rating 100: The penalty is reduced 40% instead.
Artificial Intelligence -

Artek have minds with pre-existing knowledge and skills built-in.

♦ The Artek Adventurer selects one Skill that doesn't already have a Skill-Focus applied to it: That skill now gains a Skill-Focus.
♦ When the selected Skill reaches a Skill-Rating of 100: the Artek may gain an additional Skill-Focus using the same limitation as above.
♦ This process can be repeated indefinitely: As long as the Artek gains Rank 5 (Skill-Rating 100) in the selected skill, they gain a new Skill-Focus.
Environmental Shielding -

An Artek's frame can be insulated against hot and cold environments, which could cause issues with its operation.

♦ The Artek gains 2 points of Damage-Reduction against Heat/Fire and Cold/Ice attacks, this stacks with Outfits and Armours.
♦ They are also treated as one tier lower for the purposes of determining extreme-temperature environmental effects.
Co-Pilot Installation Size-Rating 1 or larger

Arteks can be constructed or retrofitted with a compartment in the head or chest to allow a Tiny-sized individual to either pilot or take refuge inside the Artek's chassis. A Tiny-sized individual cannot pilot a sentient Artek without their permission, but an Artek with no consciousness can be piloted provided the Tiny individual has the skill or Perk to do so.

♦ The Artek is now capable of holding one Tiny-sized (0.4) Adventurer or creature inside their head or chest and be able to transport them around in relative safety.
♦ If the Artek is sentient: The passenger cannot control the Artek without permission, nor disembark/embark without the Artek taking action.
♦ If the Artek is not sentient: The passenger can pilot them as if they were the Artek, but the Artek cannot act without it pilot.