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The Cerulean Adventurers Guild of the Cerulean Kingdom, established in XXXX, is an organization that funds expeditions of various Adventurers and Adventuring Parties all around the world, near and far. It was created in part to help bolster the effort to discover new energy sources, recover the lost remnants of the Great War and other civilizations, and finally to satisfy the desire of brave and ambitious individuals wishing to set out into the unknown. In the Age of Adventures, the Guild is particularly popular, with requests and deployments happening on a bi-daily pace.

Adventurers must be invited to the guild after making a request through documentation or an in-person meeting, this is so the Guild can assess the individual's capabilities and assign them to groups and destinations suitable for them and their needs. In most cases, the would-be Adventurer will be matched based on their chosen criteria. In all cases, Adventurers must be willing and able to defend themselves and their group, if at the very least to prevent unnecessary deaths against monsters.

Location: Cerulean Kingdom, The Capital

Guild Objectives

The Cerulean Adventurers Guild has three main objectives:

Discover and locate Metagon Sources

Metagon, a virtually magical energy source that can be used to power all manners of machinery. The Guild is interested in any dense and viable sources of Metagon from expeditions either directly assigned by the Guild, or discoveries made by their adventurers. They reward Adventurers highly for valid sources and even provide proper equipment in order to siphon off Metagon energy. In many ways, finding new energy sources is the Guild's top priority from a political standpoint, but it is not all-encompassing.

The Guild will pay a premium for discovering and relaying Metagon sources, as well as units of charged Metagon batteries in ambient or crystallized forms that can be sold back to the Cerulean Kingdom's reserves.

Discover and preserve Ancient Ruins and Artefacts

As part of the Guild's survey functions, Adventurers can be sent out far and wide to rediscover lost or abandoned relics and locations from the Great War or that of unchartered regions containing mysterious ruins. Since quite a many Adventurer desires the 'adventure' aspect of the Guild's offerings, the opportunity to explore and discover is an appealing part of the Guild's brand. But for others, being able to acquire and benefit from found artefacts, treasures and technologies is also attractive for less scrupulous individuals.

Unless the Guild specifies, Adventurers are usually permitted to take possession of whatever they find, so long as it is obtained lawfully. The Guild is not responsible for the actions Adventurers take, does not belong to anybody in particular.

The Guild is interested in obtaining access to old sites and resources, regardless of their affiliation. They will allow the Adventurers to decide what they can take in terms of treasures and equipment, but will not allow them to violate local law or culture.

Discover new lands and seek out Adventure

In order to promote the Guild, it allows ambitious individuals to go to far-off, exotic places; an attractive prospect for many would-be adventurers. The Guild funds and arranges transport for Adventurers to various locations, and at times, provide additional support for them when they reach their destination. Candidates must provide documentation or a live demonstration of their talents and ability to defend themselves to be valid candidates for Guild activities, the only exception being if an individual can bring along others to help protect them. Adventurers are given the opportunity to provide criteria for a potential destination, but are not able to choose which mission they are given.

The primary goal of the Guild is to give potential Adventurers the means to go out to far-off and interesting places, while also benefiting the Guild itself. The Guild is not a holiday/vacation travel agent, so it requires people to be prepared to defend themselves. However, the Guild can make exceptions if individuals are able to prepare their own personnel for their own safety.