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Athenean (Astral Giant)

Resembling wise-looking bluish-grey humanoids of sky-scraping proportions. Tall and well-built with aesthetically pleasing faces to match their wise and thoughtful individuals. They represent the pinnacle of sentient advancement and often dress in elaborate robes and fabrics as to best represent themselves and their people. Skin tones range from light grey to bluish and purplish, often with muted irises that glow brilliantly when channelling magical and metaforce energies.

A culture of art, philosophy and mysticism bears fruit in the form of advanced magical and mechanical innovation. Some say that Atheneans come from somewhere other than this world but as of yet, they have neither confirmed nor denied this rumour. Atheneans are advanced enough that they outshine in many ways their smaller neighbours. Atheneans have an irresistible sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness that urges them to either learn and understand or create the means to test the limits of their creativity. They are highly fascinated by non-giants and eager to listen and learn from them when it is beneficial. While not as physically powerful as their peers, Atheneans know how to defend themselves, even without the aid of their wards.

Atheneans are more than happy to problem-solve and create for their Viridian allies, but usually try to avoid contributing or starting wars unless it's unanimous in referendums. They care deeply for all creatures, not merely the true-giants of the Republic. They have a strong fascination for races that exist out of the Republic, as a human would find real fairies fascinating. It would take many great restraints to avoid bottling up a smaller person, so they could study and interact with them as their leisure.

Game Meta

  • Height: 115ft to 155ft / 135ft (Size: 16, Colossal)
  • Genus: True-Giant, Astral Giant
  • Faction(s): Viridian Republic
Atheneans are based upon and the natural evolution of Cloud Giants, now four times bigger and has ascended to that of space itself. They're technically considered Astral Giants now and their traits and qualities make the superior in the forms of magic and metaforce abilities. Compared to other true-giants they're not special physically, but being baseline in terms of physical attributes means they're not hindered in any way from taking up melee roles.
Atheneans make up one of the 'big three' of the Viridian Republic, serving as the Wisdom of the Court. Chroneans serve as the Might and Yamanokyojin serve as the Ambition. Anything highly technological in the Viridian Republic can be considered heavily influenced by Athenean metasciences. Atheneans are usually driven by the pursuit of knowledge however they're capable of other obsessions and fascinations as well. When making an Athenean character it's always best to think what kind of powerful drive one might have to be spurred to adventure, especially outside the Viridian Republic. When the opportunity arises, Athenean composure would slowly begin to erode as curiosity and ambition overrides social restraints. In a way, Atheneans can make bad decisions or overreact as much as anybody, but they can always say they had good intentions.

Racial Traits & Skills


♦ The base P-Point cost to increase Intelligence is reduced by 3 points.
♦ The base P-Point cost to increase Perception and Charisma is reduced by 2 points.
♦ The base P-Point cost to increase Strength, Endurance and Agility is reduced by 1 point.


♦ Atheneans gain a Skill-Focus in the Metaforce, Tactics, Deduction and Academics skills.


♦ Atheneans gain 2 Meta-points per Character level, instead of 1.

♦ Atheneans gain a bonus to Academics and Deduction checks when interacting with technologies of varying complexity.
  (This bonus is +10 multiplied by the Athenean's Potential Skill-Rank.)

♦ Atheneans gain a special 20% resistance to all Magic/Metaforce damage, this applies before Damage-Reduction during calculation.


When an Athenean invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Magical Flow

Atheneans can regain Metapoints and Action-Points by executing actions that use Metapoints to perform:

♦ Atheneans regain 1 MP each time they use an action that consumes Meta-points.
♦ They also regain 25 AP each time they use an action that consumes Meta-points, this can only occur once per round.
Magical Momentum Magical Flow

The Athenean can push their time bending prowess further:

♦ The Athenean now gains 50 AP each time they use an action that consumes Meta-points, the AP recovery decreases by 25 per activation until reset.
♦ The Trait resets at the start phase of the Athenean's next turn.
Magic Multiplier

This trait increases the amount of Meta-points the Athenean has available to use on special powers and abilities:

♦ The Athenean gains double the amount of Maximum Meta-points granted from the Metaforce skill.
♦ This trait doubles anything that allows the Athenean to recover or gain Metapoints.

This Trait is enhanced when the Athenean has a Skill-Rating of 50 and 100 respectively:

SR 50: The above bonuses are tripled (x3) instead of doubled.
♦ SR 100: The above bonuses are quadrupled (x4), instead of tripled.

Atheneans are able to reflexively avoid physical harm:

♦ The Athenean gains a Defense bonus against Physical and non-Metaforce attacks.
♦ This bonus increases by +10 for every Skill-Rank in both Aegis and Potential skills.

Atheneans are capable of levitating objects and even people, and manipulate the most intricate mechanisations even when their own fingers would be too large to manipulate it physically:

♦ This is a Channelled Standard-Action (50 AP), this action costs Action-Points to maintain the effect for each Start-phase.
♦ The Athenean must be within natural reach to activate Telekinesis.

♦ The Athenean can pick objects up to 1/4th their Size-Rating without touching it and carry it with them as long as they keep concentrating.
♦ The Athenean can interact with an object as if the Athenean was the same size category as its intended wielder, while under the effects of Telekinesis.
♦ Objects or creatures more than 1/4th the Athenean's Size-Rating requires the Athenean to possess 1 Strength for every Size-rating beyond the threshold.