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Yamanokyojin (Rune Giant)

Resembling large and powerful humanoids of colossal size with dark skin ranging from coal-black to dark blue, grey, green or tan. Red, fiery hair is common amongst their kind as well as the countless runes etched across their bodies like birthmarks. The glow of mystical power can be seen emanating off them, especially in the dark, and while the runes are sometimes hidden from view or by the Yamanokyojin's clothing, they spark to life when channelling their innate power. The glow varies in colour but usually shows in the colours of red, green, and rarely blue and purple. Due to their incredible size and stature, Yamanokyojin can appear menacing and dominant, with many Yamanokyojin sporting hard brows that make them appear disdainful or angry but in reality it is simply their neutral expression.

Yamanokyojin culture features varying castes, from the lower classes to the noble classes. Attire varies by class and profession, with more modest Yamanokyojin sporting earthy leathers and muted colours in their clothing, while high-class individuals adorn themselves with colourful, patterned robes and ornate armour. Clans and houses will often have their own symbols and colours to create distinctions between their factions and houses.
Yamanokyojin typically follow a caste-based society, with noble families ruling over sections of land and a mostly independent merchant/peasant class below them. The Yamanokyojin ruling house in Yamanokyojin culture serves as the representative of their people in the Viridian Republic alongside the Chroneans and Atheneans. The majority of Yamanokyojin outside the noble families and clans are independent merchants, workers and warriors that all live to maintain their livelihoods and communities.

Game Meta

  • Height: 115ft to 155ft / 135ft (Size: 16, Colossal)
  • Genus: True-Giant
  • Faction(s): Viridian Republic
The Yamanokyojin serve as a rework of the Rune Giant of fantasy tabletop fame, as indicated by their rune-covered skin and fearsome visage. One of the most powerful races in the Viridian Republic, they balance physical and magical prowess from their Athenean and Chronean counterparts. Because of this balance, they are able to excel in multiple areas at once, only being second to more specialized races as their counterparts. Unlike the original Rune Giants, Yamanokyojin do not have any special sway over other giants other than by political means.

Yamanokyojin adventurers can be motivated to travel either by their own ambitions and goals, or through a powerful motivation of theirs or a duty to their community, or nobles. This decision can be largely influenced by the Yamanokyojin's social class within their culture. Lower-class Yamanokyojin may not have the wealth and influence of high-class Yamas but can learn skills as merchants, warriors and apprentices. High-class or noble Yamas might be duty-bound to other disciplines, but receive training in all manner of principles to gain influence amongst other houses.

A strong motivation for a Yamanokyojin to adventure outside the Viridian Republic would be the upon the premise of a quest, something that cannot be done at home and more importantly, must be done as a matter of personal want or need. If the purpose or quest is not defined, it can end up being the Yamanokyojin's quest in order to find purpose to fill the hole.

Racial Traits & Skills


♦ Yamanokyojin gain a -1 Progression-point discount to increasing any attribute score.
♦ They also gain a +2 attribute bonus to Strength, Endurance and Charisma scores.


♦ All Yamanokyojin gain a Skill-Focus in the Metaforce, Warfare and Athletics skills.


When a Yamanokyojin invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Yamanokyojin Spirit -

Yamanokyojin can regain Action-Points and Meta-points by executing actions in combat to attack and defend:

♦ Yamanokyojin regain 25 AP each time they use an action.
♦ They also recover 1 MP each time they use an action that consumes Meta-points.
♦ Every subsequent use of this trait decreases the Action-Point recovery by 5, to a minimum of 0 AP gained per action.

♦ This Trait resets at the beginning of the Yamanokyojin's next turn.

♦ The base Action-Point recovery bonus granted by this trait is increased by 5 for every Skill-Rank owned. (Max. +25)
Undying Ambition -

Yamanokyojin have the ability to partially resist negative effects resulting from physical combat:

♦ Chroneans gain a special 20% resistance to all damage affinities, this applies before Damage-Reduction during calculation.
♦ When an Yamanokyojin is struck with a Metaforce-type attack or ability: They regain 1 HP and MP.
Elusivity -

Yamanokyojin are able to reflexively avoid physical harm:

♦ The Yamanokyojin gains a Defense bonus against Physical and Metaforce attacks.
♦ This bonus increases by +10 for every Skill-Rank in both Elude and Potential skills.
Rune Energy -

This trait grants the Yamanokyojin health and metapoint regeneration:

♦ The Yamanokyojin regenerates 1 HP per round per Endurance attribute point owned.
♦ They also recover 1 MP per round equal to the highest attribute score between Intelligence, Perception or Charisma.
♦ This trait also doubles the effect of any source that allows the Yamanokyojin to recover health and/or metapoint.

This Trait is enhanced when the Yamanokyojin has a Skill-Rating of 60 and 120 respectively:

SR 60: Passive regeneration increases to 2 HP/MP, and health recovery effects are tripled (x3) instead of doubled.
♦ SR 120: Passive regeneration increases to 3 HP/MP, and health recovery effects are quadrupled (x4) instead of tripled.
Rune-Guard -

Yamanokyojin are incredibly durable and pain-resistant, even without armour physical harm:

♦ The Yamanokyojin gains a Damage-Reduction bonus against Physical and Metaforce attacks.
♦ This bonus increases by +1 for every Skill-Rank in the Potential skill.

When the Yamanokyojin's Skill-Rating reaches 80, they gain a new function to this trait:

♦ Each time they are hit with an attack that deals damage: Their Damage-Reduction is increased by 1.
♦ This Damage-Reduction applies during damage calculation, temporary DR is lost at the beginning of the Yamanokyojin's next turn.