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Physical Description

Heavily armoured Broadback-Type Golian in combat

Golians highly resemble humans of exaggerated proportions and size. Some think that the Golians were a hybrid of Humans and Giants that cross-bred for hundreds of years, though this has never been proven. Golians vary in stature, and it appears to divide into several castes: Longstriders, Broadbacks and Roundbacks, with a rarer Broadstrider variant. Golians often have skin, hair and eye colour within ranges similar to Humans and follow regional patterns similar to them as well.

The most common type for Males is the Broadback type; huge, broad hulking humanoids with thick bones and muscles, they are the strongest of the Golian species. Their biological cousins, the Roundbacks are built like a Broadback-sized Sumo-Wrestler, they're arguably the toughest of their species. Not too uncommon are the Longstriders, tall but well-built giants that are considered to be the most agile of their species. Occasionally a cross between a Longstrider and Broadback comes along called a Broadstrider, large-bodied but balanced in terms of strength, endurance and agility.

Culture & Social

Broadback-Type spending time with a Human companion.

Golian Culture

Golian culture can be described as ‘highly impressionable’ and 'highly variable', they often adopt the customs and traditions of other races and make it their own. They adapt well with other races, creating mutual benefit between the two groups of people, provided they are accepting of Giants. Golians employ the use of costumes and mask-wearing as a way to express themselves in a way they want others to see them, acting in ways ranging from performative to earnest based on their actual skill level in their chosen craft or career. Gifting Golians with items that correspond to a Golian’s identity and interests helps form even stronger bonds between them.

It is this level of enthusiasm and focus on their career path that grants Golians a special advantage, similar to humans, where they can excel in their field of interests; the only thing that might hold a Golian back is the lack of opportunities to learn and practice their craft, outside that of combat.

Golian Faciniation

Golians have a strong fascination for smaller races, particularly Humans and Homans and like to live close to places where they live, so they can sate their curiosity towards them. Golians usually have three attitudes towards smaller people: Fascination, Exploitation and Indifference.

Fascinated Golians have a strong curiosity of smaller species, sometimes to the point of obsession. Fascinated Golians tend to be friendliest and temper their fascination by being respectful of the smaller one's needs.

Exploitative Golians view smaller species as opportunities to exercise their size advantage and more likely to use and abuse them for personal gain; while they are capable of respecting and cooperating with smaller species, they still possess similar levels of interest as their fascinated counterparts.

Indifferent Golians are considered to be one of the more dangerous attitudes as these Golians lack the Fascination of their kin and view smaller species as irrelevant or in the way, while Exploitative Golians would at least play with their victims, Indifferent Golians spare themselves the trouble and would swiftly deal with any smaller threats in the most efficient manner possible. Indifferent Golians do not seek to endanger those smaller than themselves, but they certainly won't care if they accidentally stepped on one that crossed their path.

Golian Relations

Golians have been trusted by the Cerulean Kingdom for decades since the conclusion of the War of the Giants, small populations live in cities, towns and the occasional village to serve as protectors and haulers for the residents of the Kingdom due to their size and strength. The majority of Golian-kind live in the Saffron Alliance where other species and environments closer resemble their size. Golians are one of the few Giants that the Vermillion Freeholds will allow into their lands by appointment, seeing how they find Golians to be trustworthy and reliable enough to be a benefit to them.

Race Meta

  • Height/Size: 24-36ft / 30ft (Huge, Size: 4)
  • Type: Humanoid, Giant
  • Rarity: Common in Saffron, Uncommon in Cerulean and Viridian.
  • Faction(s): Saffron
Golians are the Giants answer to Humans. The bio-diversity within their castes allows one to create a giant character that can be geared towards mobility or power.


Golians have a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but what can be considered true in all their forms is that their boundless imagination and enthusiasm drives them to seek ambitions and careers with intensity. They're highly impressionable.

♦ Golians gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance.
♦ They also gain a +1 attribute bonus to any TWO attributes you desire.
♦ Golians also gain a Skill-Focus to any skill group they desire.
♦ Golians are considered Huge-sized: they have a size-rating of 4 and have an average height of 30ft.

♦ Golians must select one Trait from the following list, this choice replaces the Meta Trait Golian-Type:
> Longstrider
> Broadstrider
> Broadback
> Roundback


Big Friendly

Golians are seen as the most friendly and relatable of the giants in Saffron, however many are genuine in their actions, others can also use this to their advantage.

♦ Big Friendly Golians gains a +2 attribute bonus to Charisma.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in all Social skills.
♦ Big Friendly Golians gain a 20% Reputation bonus to NPCs that react favourably to Humans, plus reduce negative reputation penalties by 40% as well.


Meta: Golian-Type

The player must decide which body type their Golian character will possess, this choice is permanent and cannot be changed. Choose one sub-trait to overwrite Golian-Type:

Longstrider Golians are naturally tall, lean and nimble, they are agile for a humanoid giant, without sacrificing too much physicality. Longstriders are uncommon amongst Golians.

♦ Longstriders gain a +2 attribute bonus to Perception and Agility.
♦ Longstriders are treated as being half their Size-Rating for the purposes of Stealth checks.
♦ Longstriders gain an extra step of  Natural Reach per Size-Rating.
♦ Longstriders gain an extra step of  (1 step) base Movement bonus per Size-Rating.
Broadstrider Golians are physically built to be a mixture of Longstriders and Broadbacks, large-bodied but balanced for mobility.

♦ Broadstriders gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength, Endurance, Perception and Agility.
Broadback Golians naturally broad, deep and large-bodied, their space is oversized and cuboid-shaped. Broadbacks emphasize power and physicality.

♦ Broadback Golians are considered to be Size 6 (Huge+).
♦ Broadback Golians gain a +2 bonus to Strength and Endurance due to their stature.
♦ Broadback Golians suffer a base-movement penalty, they are reduced to 0.667x movement speed (6 steps becomes 4 steps at Medium size).
  > However, Broadbacks are not slowed down by encumberance/equipment penalties, even at Heavy loads. Maximum load penalties still apply.
♦ Broadback Golians cannot fit into a space narrower than their own space. They are also considered to be in squeezing status when entering and moving through enclosed areas equal to their own space.
Roundback Golians are naturally wide, deep and round like a Sumo-wrestler. Their space is oversized and spherical.

♦ Roundback Golians are considered to be Size 6 (Huge+).
♦ Roundback Golians gain a +3 bonus to Endurance and +1 bonus to Strength due to their stature.
♦ Roundback Golians suffer a -1 attribute penalty to Perception and Agility.
♦ Roundback Golians suffer a base-movement penalty, they are reduced to 0.5x movement speed (6 steps becomes 3 steps at Medium size).
  > However, Roundbacks are not slowed down by encumberance/equipment penalties, even at Heavy loads. Maximum load penalties still apply.
♦ Roundback Golians cannot fit into a space narrower than their own space. They are also considered to be in squeezing status when entering and moving through enclosed areas equal to their own space.
♦ Roundback Golians prevent any unit, friendly or hostile, from moving through their space. (Normally: Creature smaller than the user can move underneath them during movement).


Golians are naturally tough and resistant to physical damage

♦ Golians gain 1 Damage-Resistance vs. Physical per Size-Rating.

♦ Roundbacks gain 1 point of Damage-Resistance vs. Fire/Heat and Ice/Cold damage per Size-Rating.