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The Deduction skill is focused on identifying the features and properties of the world around them. Whereas a skill like Tactics requires you to memorize specific creatures or environment types, Deduction is simply separated by three major subjects Animate Beings, Environments and Objects, all viewed through the lens of logic and intuition. An Adventurer can call upon their Deduction skill in order to try and find hidden and secret aspects of a particular individual, environment or item; or to simply understand what it is in the first place.

If a check is time-sensitive, the Adventurer may only get one chance to use Deduction successfully. For more lengthy investigations without interruptions or agency, the Adventurer may see the maximum possible result based on their Deduction skill so long as the check does not exceed 50 + their Deduction Skill-Rating.

An Adventurer can make Deduction checks without any skill-rating as they add 10 * their Perception attribute score to their roll.

Perk Name Requirements Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk(s) are automatically applied:
Art of Detection -

The Adventurer can begin psycho-analysing individuals, observing their surroundings and analyse objects to ascertain their meaning:

♦ The Adventurer can now use their Deduction Skill to make passive checks on animate beings, environments and objects.
Each Skill-Rank grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Deduction skill.
Educated Guess -

The Adventurer's deductions of the subject can help them answer questions of an academic nature:

♦ Successful Deduction checks on individuals, environments and objects also grants a +25 bonus to any follow-up Academics checks on the same subject.

This Perk also works the other way around, allowing knowledge and experience to help solve a mystery:

♦ Allows successful Academics checks to grant a +40 bonus to follow-up Deduction checks on the same subject.
Sense Motive -

The Adventurer better understands individuals acting strangely when they talk:

♦ The Adventurer gains a +25 Skill-Rating bonus to passive and active checks to discern any irregularities in a person's speech or mood.
♦ This bonus is a temporary Skill-Rating bonus that can be used for passive checks as well as active checks, but does not confer Ranks.
Appraise Item -

The Adventurer is able to discern the properties of items and objects that may not be immediately evident:

♦ The Adventurer gains a +25 Skill-Rating bonus to checks to figure out the properties of items they can access.
♦ This is a temporary Skill-Rating bonus that can be used for passive checks, but does not confer Skill-Ranks or Perks.
Observe Surroundings -

The Adventurer is more easily able to notice the more important details of a scene at a glance:

♦ The Adventurer gains a +25 Skill-Rating bonus to checks to notice important details in an environment.
♦ This bonus is a temporary Skill-Rating bonus that can be used for passive checks, but does not confer Skill-Ranks or Perks.
> Ace Analysis see description

To obtain this Skill-Perk, the Adventurer must know one of the following Skill-Perks:

♦ The Adventurer can only take this Skill-Perk after learning one of the following: Sense Motive, Appraise Item, or Observe Surroundings.
♦ Even with this Perk acquired, its benefits can only be used on Skill-Perks you have acquired, for Animate Beings, Objects and Environments respectively.

The Adventurer now gains a bonus for making specific queries into the subjects they're trained in, which can also reveal any secrets they may contain:

♦ The Adventurer gains a +25 Skill-Rating bonus to active attempts to use Deduction to deduce the properties of any qualifying subjects shown above.
♦ When the Adventurer has a 'specific query, this bonus can be used to find hidden or secret features and details about their subject.
♦ In the event that a secret or hidden detail cannot be outright discovered, the Adventurer may be given clue(s) as to uncover it themselves.
>> Detective's Hunch Ace Analysis

If the Adventurer's Deduction Skill-Rating is at least half the required Skill-Rating for the check:

♦ The Adventurer will be able to get a hint when there is a legitimate use for the Deduction check in a given scenario, even without a query.
♦ A hint will only be given if the query matches a qualifying subject, as per the Ace Analysis perk.
♦ The Hint comes in the form of knowing whether an Individual, Object, or Environment has something that the Deduction check can act upon.