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Physical Description

Resembling Demon-like Ogres, the Yokaijin possess different powers and temperaments, most of all their third eye which gives them more than just enhanced sight, it is also capable of sensing magical distortions as well. Yokaijin are notable for the deceptively tall, lanky frames and long limbs which they use to deftly weave and navigate threats and environments with ease. Their monstrous visage is accompanied by sharp nails, protruding tusked jawlines and wild, fiery manes. Yokaijin are known to wear clothing and armour of exquisite quality and magical power, hinting to others that their culture and craftsmanship is not to be underestimated.

Race Meta

  • Height: 24 to 36ft / 30ft (Size: 4, Huge)
  • Genus: Demon
  • Rarity: Uncommon in Saffron, Rare in Cerulean and Viridian.
  • Faction(s): Saffron Alliance
Yokaijin are the Demon-Ogre archetype which dabbles in shadowy stealth, sight-beyond-sight and exercising their giantish quality of greater reach and overland movement. They tend to excel in controlling zones at melee range due to their Long Reach and their Third Eye ability gives them an easier time identifying important and interactive elements of the environment, even gaining a Analysis effect with the right perk. Their ability to move silently helps them become an ambush giant, complete with the ability to teleport inside areas that a micro-sized character could access (in other words, as long as a gap exists, they can slip inside), though the exit still has to have the room available for their actual size.

Yokaijin can dominate battles with their extreme reach while being able to see hidden interactables and use magical stealth to move silently and pass through tiny openings.



Roleplaying Suggestions

Yokaijin are considered to be monsterous-humanoids by many, as their large tusks, gnarled features and wild manes, their way of speaking also tends to be rough and direct. This combined with their cold and threatening demeanour towards strangers is how they are attributed towards being more monster than man. However, in reality, Yokaijin are more sociable within their and other Yokaijin clans and even other giants. They tend to use their powers to move silently and slip away to great effect, creating urban legends around themselves to gain reputations among Non-Yokaijin. The more rumours and elaborations to their tale, the more renowned they are within their own clans.

As Adventurers


Racial Adjustments & Archetypes


Yokaijin are considered to be swift and alert, but their monstrous visage makes it more difficult to charm others.

♦ Yokaijin gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength, Perception, Agility and Endurance.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in all Survival skills, one Combat-oriented Skill group, and the Social Skill: Intimidate.

Yokaijin Archetypes

Archetype: Great Yokaijin

Some Yokaijin inherit powerful magic that can cause their bodies to swell to new heights. The biggest Yokaijin are welcomed within the ranks of the Viridian Republic.

♦ This Yokaijin gains the Big perk: their base size category is now Huge+ (Size: 6). Their average height is now 50ft.
♦ When this Yokaijin unlocks Tier 2 perks, they can obtain the Huge perk immediately, their size category becomes Gargantuan (Size: 8). Their average height is now 68ft.
♦ When this Yokaijin unlocks Tier 3 perks, they can obtain the Gigantic perk immediately, their size category becomes Colossal (Size: 16). Their average height is now 135ft.


Ability: Third Eye

Yokaijin possess a third eye which offers them superior vision. They can sense important points of interest, hidden items and judge the potential of targets so long as all three of their eyes are open.

♦ The Yokaijin can, at will, detect the presence and location of interactive objects, hidden items in containers and other interactions in the environment that are not immediately apparent by sight. The Yokaijin is not given the knowledge of what will happen when the interactive element is used, what is needed to activate it, or the exact nature of items inside containers.

♦ Passive: The Yokaijin gains a skill-focus to all Observation skills.

Ability: Mystic Presence

Yokaijin are known for their stealth and trickery, they are able to move around quietly regardless of their stature and slip into spaces they normally could not pass.

♦ While concentrating (Cost: 50 AP per round): the Yokaijin gains +100 bonus to Stealth checks to avoid making sounds while moving and sneaking. A Yokaijin's movement is muffled and footsteps are muted.

♦ As an Advanced action (100 AP): the Yokaijin can move from their starting space to another equal to half their normal movement speed, they are treated as Micro size for the purposes of environmental navigation but the Yokaijin must be able to fit their full size/space upon exit.

Passive: Long Reach

Kyokaijin have tall, lanky figures with long arms and legs, they use this to their advantage. They have longer strides and greater reach in close quarters combat, they tend to have to stoop or lean down in areas with low headroom.

♦ Yokaijin gain +1 steps of free movement per round equal to their Size-rating.
♦ Yokaijin gain +1 steps of natural reach equal to their current Size-rating.

Passive: Sealing Resistance

Yokaijin are descended from demons, giving them immunity to Curses, but sensitivity to Bless.

♦ Yokaijin NULL all Curse attacks.
♦ Yokaijin are WEAK to Bless attacks.
 > Yokaijin gain a Double-Evasion bonus to Bless attacks, including Sealing/Banishment effects.

Passive: Dark-Vision

Yokaijin have Dark-Vision, allowing them to see normally when there are no light sources and see sources and see dim illuminations four times as far.

♦ The Yokaijin's vision type is: Dark-Vision. Personal and external light sources illuminate four times as far to them and can see in pitch black environments; they cannot see colour when this is the case.

Ability: Humanoid Seeming

Yokaijin have the ability to appear as ordinary humanoids, up until the point they pull away their magical disguise and become great Yokaijin once more!

♦ While concentrating (50AP per round): The Yokaijin can change their size and shape to appear as a Small-sized Homan or Medium-sized Human, their Homan/Human disguise is fixed and will be wearing the same clothes and equipment as their Yokaijin self. The Yokaijin is at risk of crushing themselves if they grow back to their normal size in an enclosed space too small for them to exist, but they can reassume their Human/Homan disguise immediately if this happens.

Skill Perks

The Yokaijin can select a new skill perk with each rank of Potential beyond Novice (20).

Soul Read: The Yokaijin can now use Third Eye to gauge the strength of a single target as per the effect Analysis. This is a Standard action (50 AP).
 > If the Yokaijin's Potential skill is Adept (60) or higher: Soul Read can be used on all viable targets in line of sight upon use.
One for this World: The Yokaijin is no longer weak to Bless Sealing/Banishment attacks and now gain Triple-Evasion against Bless attacks in general.
Taka Nyúdó Technique: When targeted by a foe (or looked at by someone who has not met them before), the Yokaijin can enhance their Long Reach trait to increase the bonus to movement and/or natural reach by +1 per size-rating; increasing the length/height of their body by up to 50% per step. This effect ends when all subjects of the effect are out of range or the Yokaijin dismisses it. Taka Nyúdó Technique does not stack with itself.

 > For each Potential rank above Novice (20): The bonus to their Long Reach trait is increased by a further +1 to movement and natural reach per rank (max. +5 bonus).
 > If the Yokaijin's Potential skill rank is Adept (60) or higher: The Yokaijin can increase their size-rating by double it's current size.