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The Jin resemble humanoids with varying degrees of human-like features, most Jinni make themselves look distinct from others by shaping their features, proportions and even colourations to stand out, but others may decide to blend in so they can hide amongst the crowd or stay out of sight. As the Jin are planar outsiders, their default appearance is similar to that of malleable clay.

The Jin are mystical humanoids imbued with the four elements and of Genie heritage. Metamagic courses through their bodies and possess many powers they can utilize without formal training. It is said that Janni become master sorcerers and excellent thieves and assassins. It is written in legends that a Jinni’s true potential of wish-weaving can only be unlocked when they enter a contract to serve their master’s wishes and requests for as long as the Master shall live, and such powers may only be used solely by their master. Should their master meet their demise from the result of a wish they asked for, the contract will be null and void, freeing the Jin from servitude.

Race Meta

  • Better known as: Janni (Genie-blooded, elementally-neutral)
  • Height: Variable but fixed (Size: 0.4~4)
  • Genus: Outsider
  • Rarity: Common in Saffron, Rare in Cerulean, Uncommon in Viridian
  • Faction(s): Saffron Alliance
The Jin represent the mystical outsiders found meddling in the Saffron alliance, particularly amongst Nagaji and Shradi. Like most outsiders, the Jin have access to a number of very useful powers at their disposal and archetypes that give them strong advantages. However, in order to maintain their place and control in the material realm, they often require physical items to be anchors. A Non-Jin can command Jin to follow their command if they gain possession of a Jin's object. And if the object is destroyed, the Jin becomes vulnerable to banishment from the material plane.
The Jin are a powerful magical race that are reliant on their bound-object in order to protect themselves from banishment.


Variable Size

As the Jin can shapeshift, their default form can vary from a tiny-sized humanoid to a huge-sized giant. However, their default form will be the form they take when their shapeshifting ability is not in use. The player will have to decide what base size category they want their Jin to be as their base form. A Medium-sized Jin can blend in easily with most crowds and environments whereas Giant-sized Jin can benefit from the increased power and resilience until such a time they can use shapeshifting to shrink down when desired. At smaller sizes, a Jin can use levitation to trivialize terrain that would hinder a smaller character.

Roleplaying Suggestions

The Jin are somewhat of a trickster race skirting around the cultures and customs of the material races. Their humanoid form can vary from close-to-human to something distinctly alien in appearance, the Jin's form is subject to the cognition of their environment and their self-image. Although the Jin can change their appearance to suit their situation, their default form is the only size and shape they can maintain without concentration, akin to muscle-memory. Their distance from traditional races and culture can give Jin a kind of 'stranger in a strange land' vibe, while more savvy Jin will intentionally obfuscate their understanding for their own amusement.

Jin's Object, and Mortal Possession

A Jin's personal object is very important to them, whether it be a lamp, a gemstone, book or other magical item. It is necessary to protect them from effects that might banish them away from the material plane and also where they can draw more strength and energy when they are drained. They can also possess the object to hide from sight. If a mortal gains possession of the object while the Jin is inside, they can summon and command the Jin as if they were a conjured creature; akin to a master summoning a Genie and allowing the mortal to give them basic commands that do not harm the Jin or its self-preservation. Most Jin do not wish to serve random strangers and will try to reclaim their item from their possessor at the earliest opportunity. A Jin must follow commands as phrased and not necessarily in the spirit of the command. Some Jin may want to have a mortal master if they like and care for them, in which case the Jin becomes the master's guardian Jin and will protect and serve them until the master's demise.

Jin Adventurers

As Jins are usually filled with wanderlust, they are quick to become solo adventurers. The trick is the motivation for a Jin to join a party of adventurers in cooperation. A free Jin may join a party for the fun of it, or what the party might achieve together. Sealed Jin may require one of the other party members to release them from their personal-object and either in gratitude or reluctance, join the party until they can be released from their ally's control. A Jin adventurer can be driven towards curiosity or a need for mortals to anchor them to the material realm.

An adventuring party that manages to recruit a Jin that honestly wants to help them out will receive a boon in the form of an outsider with dense magical power. A Jin is versatile in magic, stealth and depending on their size and skills, a strong front-line fighter. Though the party will have to be careful because if their Jin friend is on the receiving end of a banishment, they may lose them forever; at least on the material-plane. The party should also respect the Jin because there's nothing more sinister than a Jin with a grudge, they're not known as tricksters for nothing!

Racial Adjustments & Archetypes


The Jin are noticeably tougher and swifter than most races, this is likely due to their magical origins.

  • Jin Adventurers gain a -1 discount to the base Progression-Point cost to increase their Strength, Endurance and Agility attributes.
  • A Jin character's base Size-Rating can be 0.4 (Tiny), 0.7 (Small), 1 (Medium), 2-3 (Large) or 4 (Huge). This choice becomes permenant after creation.
  • Jin Adventurers gain a Skill-Focus in the Metaforce skill. If the Jin selects an Archetype with Metaforce as a skill, the Skill-Focus bonus for that skill is increased by +10.

Archetype: Bound Servant

The Jin gain powerful attachments to the material plane when in service to one of its natives or to an object to which their selves are linked, protecting them from banishment.

Note: This trait is optional, read CONDITIONS to understand the requirements to use this trait.

♦ The Jin gains access to all their potential skill perks independent of their Potential skill, the magnitude of their abilities still rely on their Potential Skill-Rating.
♦ Each Jin has a physical item or container known as their Material Anchor, it is an item that the Jin can take refuge inside. If the item is destroyed, the Jin becomes mortal and can be killed.

♦ The Jin must be in service to another non-Jin mortal, that other person must be sentient and aware of their role as the Jin's master. The Master must wear or be in possession of the Jin's Material Anchor to command the Jin to action.
♦ When the Jin is in service to a NPC, the GM may determine what orders they are given, through the NPC. The effect and compulsion is lost when the NPC relinquishes control or dies.
♦ When the Jin is in service to another PC, the PC may determine what orders they are given. The effect and compulsion is lost when the PC relinquishes control or dies.
♦ A Jin cannot be told to injure or harm themselves, the Jin also cannot directly harm or injure their master.

Potential Skill

The following Racial Perks must be unlocked via the Potential skill via Skill-Ranks. As all character gain a Skill-Focus in Potential. they are able to pick one Racial Perk at creation.

NOTE: If a Jin takes advantage of the Binding Contract Archetype: they will gain access to all Jin abilities regardless of their Potential skill rank, the magnitude of such abilities are still tied to their Potential Skill-Rating.

Name Requirements Effect
Levitation -

The Jin are capable of levitating in the air without much concentration and fly at a respectable speed when enhanced.


Allows the Jin adventurer to Levitate, when levitating:

  • This ability is a Channelled Quick-Action (25AP per round).
  • The Jin character can lift themselves off the ground by a small amount over any solid surface.
  • If the Jin moves while still on solid ground: they can move at half speed across ground without touching the floor.
  • The Jin can ignore difficult terrain, allowing them to move through such spaces without losing distance.
> Flight
  • Levitation

A Jin can use Levitation to gain true flight

  • The Jin can now use Levitation in order to move in any direction at half their base speed, when levitating over solid ground or bodies of water, they can now move at full base speed.
  • The Channelling cost to Levitate in mid-air is increased by 25 AP, if levitating on solid ground or bodies of liquid, the channelling cost is unchanged.
> Effortless Levitation
  • Levitation
  • The Jin now gains a 60% AP discount when using Levitation or its sub-ability Flight.
  • (Levitation and Flight now costs 10 AP per round each, instead of 25).
> Mirage
  • Levitation

The Jin can temporarily become ethereal to escape non-magical bonds or move through walls. When Intangible, they can choose to be translucent to others or become invisible to the naked eye.


Upon activation, the Jin becomes Intangible, while Intangible:

  • This ability is a Channeled Standard-Action (50 AP per round).
  • Jin become translucent but not invisible, and cannot make any kind of sound whatsoever.
  • They gain a +50 bonus to Stealth checks. This increases by +10 for each Skill-Rank in the Potential skill.
  • They cannot be affected by or affect by environments or creatures while Intangible, EXCEPT if it is magic/meta-force type attack.
  • Mirage incurs a 50 AP penalty upon dismissing its effect and cannot be reactivated until the Jin's next turn.
>> Effortless Mirage
  • Levitation
  • Mirage
  • The Jin now gains a 40% AP discount when using Mirage.
  • (Mirage now costs 30 AP per round, instead of 50).
Alter-Self -

Jin are capable of manipulating their physical appearance to fool others for periods of time. They can increase or reduce their overall size, they can make themselves appear as a version of themselves in the guise of another race, and they can also mimic the vocal range and tone of those they hear.


Allows the Jin to use Shapeshifting to change their appearance, while Shapeshifting:

  • This ability first requires an Advanced-Action costing 150 AP in order to shapeshift into a different form.
  • This ability then becomes a Channelled Action (50 AP per round) to maintain, the Shapeshifting is lost when dismissed.
  • The Jin character may disguise themselves with the features, mannerisms and voice of any humanoid their size or smaller.
  • If a Jin intends to disguise as another existing person, they must roll using the Disguise portion of their Stealth Skill.
  • A Jin cannot copy the target’s memories, abilities or non-physical traits.
  • A Jin can shapeshift into a generic/original version of an existing Race, rather than specific individuals, this does not require a Disguise check.
> Enlarge-Self Alter-Self

When the Jin uses Alter-Self, they can use this ability to assume the form of larger creatures, or simply even enlarge their base form.

  • The Jin may increase their Size-Rating by up to double (x2) their base size with this Perk, they are considered Enlarged, in this case.
    • (The Channeling cost is increased by 25 AP per round while Enlarged)
If the Jin has 50 Skill-Rating in Potential, this perk gains additional functionality:
  • The Jin can increase their Size-Rating by up to four times (x4) their base size, they are considered Enlargedx2 in this case.
  • (The Channelling cost is increased by 50 AP per round while Enlargedx2.)
> Alter-Self Mastery


The Jin gains a 40% discount when using the Alter-Self and relevant sub-abilities of this Perk.
Body of Clay
Soft Body -

The Jin's body is malleable and shapable like dry clay, this offers a range of benefits both in and outside of combat.

* The Jin gains 1 point of Damage-Reduction against Physical attacks per Skill-Rank, the Jin also cannot Bleed or suffer the effects of mundane bodily injuries.

* This bonus is tripled against Blunt physical attacks.
> Malleable Body Soft Body

As a Channelled Standard-Action (50 AP), the Jin can elongate their limbs (arms and legs) to grant themselves certain advantages:

* While arms are elongated: this can be used to multiply the the Jin's natural reach by x4, but reduces the Jin's ToHit by 35.

* While legs are elongated: this can be used to allow the Jin to move across ground at four times distance for their next move action, they can clear gaps four times as wide without issue. They are considered four times larger for the purposes of environments with low ceilings and may be subject to squeezing penalties.

When the Jin has 50 Skill-Rating in Potential, this perk gains additional functionality:

* The Jin may elongate their arms or legs to four times their original length with no penalties, OR
* The Jin may now elongate their arms or legs up to eight (x8) times thei original length, with the original penalties as seen above.
>> Hardened Body
  • Soft Body
  • Malleable Body

As a Channeled Advanced Action (100 AP), the Jin can choose to harden their body into a rock-like consistancy, granting them great physical resilience and power at the cost of weight. Upon activation, the Jin gains the Hardened state, while Hardened:

* The Jin's Damage-Reduction to all damage is increased by 4, this increases by +2 for every Skill-Rank in the Potential skill.

* The Jin gains +4 Direct Damage and Spread to their melee attacks, increases by +2 for each Skill-Rank they possess.

* The Jin suffers the effects of being under Heavy-Load according to the Inventory rules, they will however have a tripled (x3) Max-Load threshold in regard to how much they can carry.

* The Jin's weight also increases eightfold (x8), they suffer a -40 penalty to Stealth checks to move quietly and are more likely to break weak floors and structures below them.
* While Hardened, the Jin's Malleable Body or Soft Body effects and abilities are suppressed, until the Jin dismisses their Hardened state.
Bound Servant (Binding-Contact)
Command and Defend Binding-Contract Archetype A Jin is bound to protect their master from any outside harm, including attackers and assailants. While the Jin themselves is not compelled to this rule, magics reward them for being a good bodyguard.

The Jin gains a range of benefits in combat scenarios in the pursuit of protecting their Master, each bonus is usable once per round:

* Any command in combat issued by a Jin's master to the Jin: The Jin gains 15 AP upon execution of said task. This can activate once per turn and per Reaction.

* When a Jin is commanded to attack a specific target or type of enemy: the Jin gains a +1 Direct Damage and Spread bonus to all their attacks per Skill-Rank in Potential skill.

* Any scenario in which the Jin takes damage for, or protects their Master from the effects of any attacks dealt to them:
* The Jin is healed 1 HP immediately, and gains a +10 bonus for Saves against the attack per Skill-Rank.