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Goblins have broad, thick noses; pointed ears, and small, sharp fangs. Their skin and eyes vary in color from green to grey for the skin and a multitude of colours for the eyes. Goblins either have no hair on their heads or they sport brightly coloured hair. All members of the same tribe normally shared the same skin colour.

Despite being from the Ogre bloodline, Goblin intuition, resourcefulness the appearance of civility earned them a place in the Freeholds and Cerulean Kingdom. Many educated Goblins work in middle-class establishments such as workshops, markets and public drinking houses. They usually have a keen sense and are very observant, especially when it comes to materials and minerals that interest them. Goblins tend to be treasure-hunters. Goblins get a bad reputation due to their less scrupulous kin outside of the Kingdom, as well as their Ogrish cousins. Many Goblins of repute take it personally when they are compared to others unlike them.

Goblins are less likely to be phased or startled when around individuals much larger than themselves, Orcs, Trolls and Bugbears are something most Goblins have been used to interacting with in the past. It's in some Goblins however to tease smaller races in similar ways they were teased by their Ogrish cousins, especially to the few who become Hobgoblins.

Race Meta

  • Goblins are considered to be Small-sized (Size 0.7), the average Goblin stands 2.5ft tall.
  • Genus: Ogre
  • Faction(s): Vermillion Freehold (Uncommon), Cerulean Kingdom (Rare)

Goblins serve as an alternate small race, much like the Homan, with traits and advantages that make them useful for treasure-hunting.


Goblins have enlarged eyes, nose and ears that allow them to have keener senses than most races, and the reflexes to act upon these notions.


♦ Goblins gain a -1 Progression-point discount to the base cost of increasing their Perception attribute score.
♦ They also gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength, Endurance, Perception and Agility.


♦ Goblins gain a Skill-Focus in the Stealth and Investigation skills.

Racial Traits

When a Goblin invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Creation-only Trait: This Trait can only be acquired at creation.
Hobgoblin Only at Creation

The Goblin becomes a 'Hobgoblin', becoming larger than their kin:

♦ The Goblin's base Size-Rating becomes 1: they now stand between a height of 6 and 8 feet tall.
♦ The Goblin gains a -1 Progression-Point discount when increasing their Strength and Endurance attribute scores.
Goblin Traits
Gremlin Tendencies -

Goblins are inquisitive and like to see how they can dismantle technologies, they're often a problem for Arteks and other constructs.

♦ The Goblin gains a +10 per Potential Skill-Rank to checks made to damage, destroy or otherwise make technology non-functional.
♦ They also gain an additional +1 Direct-damage to targets categorized as Mechanical, Technological or Construct.
Sparkling Sense -

When a Goblin is within a certain distance from a Valuable or treasure worth more than 10 gold coins:

♦ The Goblin can detect the presence of those nearby treasures by a vague degree of distance and direction.
♦ The distance is 2 steps multiplied by their Perception attribute score.
♦ This trait/ability does not allow the Goblin to know the exact nature of treasures, only that they exist nearby.
A Runt's Experience -

Goblin are used to dealing with oversized individuals due to their Ogre heritage, this experience helps out in a number of other experiences as well:

♦ The Goblin gains +5 Defense for each Potential Skill-Rank they own against any attacker with a Size-Rating larger than themselves.
♦ They also gain a +10 bonus to Social checks with individuals of the Ogre sub-type for every Skill-Rank they own.
Immune System -
♦ The Goblin gains an additional +5 bonus to physiological checks to recover from and resist negative physiological status conditions.