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Warfare is a combat-oriented skill that governs the mastery of all traditional, historical weapon types; including light and one-handed melee weapons like Daggers, Swords, Claws, arm-mounted shields, thrown weapons and slings. As well as heavy and two-handed melee weapons, including great-sized weapons, tower shields and two-handed projectiles such as bows and arrows.

Because this skill covers a wide range of weapons and combat styles, progression through this skill revolves around learning Weapon Proficiencies and the Perks that will enhance the usage of such proficiencies. The further one invests in the skill, the more weapon types that can be made Proficient to the Adventurer.

Perk Name Requirements Type Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk is automatically applied, for free:
Weapon Proficiency 20 Skill Rating Combat, Skill
The Adventurer selects one weapon-type to become 'Proficient' with:
  • This type of weapon can now be affected by the Warfare skill, and Skill-Perks.
  • For every Skill-Rank beyond 1st, the Adventurer may pick another weapon type to be affected by this Perk.
  • At Rank 5: The Adventurer is now proficient in all Warfare-category weaponry.
Weapon Training 20 Skill-Rating Combat, Skill
  • The Adventurer gains a ToHit bonus equal to their Warfare Skill-Rating when using and/or attacking with weapons affected by Weapon Proficiency.
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Warfare skill.
Deadly Precision 40 Skill-Rating Combat, Skill
  • The d100 roll target to score a critical hit is reduced by 1 per Skill-Rank.
  • Critical-Hit Damage is increased by +20% of the attack's base direct-damage per Skill-Rank.
Dual-Wield 40 Skill-Rating Combat, Skill
  • Allows the Adventurer to attack with a second one-handed weapon as a Quick-Action (25AP), after executing a Standard Attack with their primary one-handed weapon.
Quick-Block 40 Skill-Rating Combat, Skill
  • Allows the Adventurer to use a proficient weapon to Guard against an incoming attack as a Quick-Action (25AP).
  • Guarding negates the Direct Damage of an attack, Damage-Spread still applies.
Power Attack 40 Skill-Rating Combat, Skill
Allows the Adventurer to perform an Advanced-Action (100AP) called Power-Attack, which has the following effects:
  • Increases the Direct Damage and Spread of the proficient attack by +60%.
  • If the attacker strikes a Guarding target: The attacker ignores half of the Defender's Direct-Damage resistance.