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Gnomes are said to be descended from the Fey of the realm of Arcadia, the land of beautiful madness. Having acclimated to the natural world for hundreds of years, Gnomish temperaments have softened to the point where many Gnomes have become a quirky, but friendly people still enthusiastic about the world and people around them. Their inventiveness stems from the ability to think outside the box and solve problems that don't exist. One of the smallest races on the planet, they make up for their lack of size with their speed and agility.

Gnomes work alongside Dromites in creating new technology for the Freeholds and rely on Homans and the Red-Cap Gnomes to defend them. Red-Cap Gnomes tend to stick to the more rural areas of the Freeholds, some say they hold a closer tie to their Fey origins and thus can become more violent and temperamental than their domesticated kin. Gnomes and Duergar often cooperate on projects from time to time due to their interests in mechanicals, but differences in opinion can also spark heated debates; many Gnomes have been stuffed into bottles, boxes or drawers by Duergar when an argument didn't go their way.

Race Meta

  • Height: 5" to 7" / 6" (Size: Tiny)
  • Genus: Humanoid
  • Faction(s): Vermillion Freeholds



♦ Gnomes gain a -2 Progression-point discount to the base cost of increasing their Agility and Charisma attribute scores.
♦ They also gain a -1 Progression-point discount to the base cost of increasing their Perception and Intelligence attribute scores.


♦ Gnomes gain a Skill-Focus in the Metaforce skill.

Archetype: Red-Cap

Some Gnomes are more deeply immersed in the Arcadian principles than the new-age Gnomes. They're bigger, meaner and more intense than their quirky cousins.

♦ Red-Cap Gnomes are considered Small-Sized (instead of Tiny)
♦ Their Size-Rating increases by 1 for every 5 Character-Levels owned. (Max Size: 4, Huge)

♦ Red-Cap Gnomes gain a -1 Progression-point discount to increasing their Strength and Endurance attribute scores.
♦ They gain a Skill-Focus in the Warfare, Guard and Escape skills.

Racial Traits

When a Gnome invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Gnome Traits
Pixian Agility -

Dromites are used to dealing with oversized individuals due to their Tiny size, this experience helps out in a number of other interactions as well:

♦ The Dromite gains +10 Defense for each Potential Skill-Rank they own against any attacker with a Size-Rating larger than themselves.
♦ They also gain +5 Action-Points for every Potential Skill-Rank owned when using an action to avoid attacks with crushing force or attacked with a Stomp, Trample or Pin attack.
Fey Levitation -

Gnomes have the ability to levitate and fly, at least in short bursts:

♦ This is a Quick-Action (25 AP).
♦ This action costs 1 Meta-point to perform.
♦ This action cannot be used if the Gnome's Load is Heavy or higher.

♦ Allows the Gnome to move, up to their base movement speed, in any direction as if they can fly, for one round.
♦ If the Gnome's Load is Light: They can only move at half their base speed in any direction for one round.
Return to Nature -
♦ The Gnome gains a Skill Focus in the Investigation skill.
♦ The Gnome also gains a free Forest Biome bonus on top of the choice given at their first Skill rank.
Wild Magic -

Gnomes have the ability to use magic, even without formal training:

♦ The Gnome can use up to one (1) arcane spell per Potential Skill-Rank, as if they had a skill-rating in the Arcane skill.
♦ The Gnome can only cast spells up to 1st level in power.

This Trait gains additional functionality when the Gnome has a Skill-Rank in the Arcane skill:

♦ The Gnome gains a 20% Action-Point and Meta-point discount when casting any Arcane spell. (Minimum: 1 point cost)