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Gaosi (Stone Giant)

Resembling giant humanoids with tough, angular, chisled features like stone. Some are tall and lean, while others are as broad and massive. What is also notable about their kind are their incredibly dense bodies that increase their weight overall, this makes them incredibly strong but also very heavy. Gaosi are all virtually the same skin-tone as each other, a kind of stone grey that's sometimes darker or lighter. Their skin is said to be smooth like polished stone and barely moves to the touch, enough to tell it's skin but doesn't relent to pressure as much, at least to a non-giant. Etch-like markings and lines can be seen running along the bodies of the Gaosi, as well as their hands and feet, like fingerprints for a human, just on a larger and more decorative scale.

The Gaosi are an age-old True-Giant race that joined the Viridian Republic long before the Ceruleans, Vermilions and Saffron existed. They were deigned as stewards of the land and contribute towards the grand society by growing and distributing crops from the hills, valleys and mountains which they reside. While many Gaosi stay within their clans to lead peaceful lives, others seek more excitement and choose to gain careers in home defence and even adventuring.

Many fear the Gaosi because of their incredibly dense bodies, impervious to most harm and strong enough to crush an equal-sized opponent, never mind a smaller one. It is fortunate that most Gaosi have tempered personalities and are slow to anger. Even within their own communities, Gaosi tend to keep to themselves or close friends, except in the interests of cooperation will they band into groups to take advantage of both size and number.

If a non-giant were to give a Gaosi enough of an incentive to join them or their group, the Gaosi would become an immensely powerful ally who would do their best to protect their new group or at the very least repel any threats levied against themselves.

Race Meta

  • Height/Size: 30-36ft tall (Size: 4, Huge)
  • Genus: True-Giant
  • Faction(s): Viridian Republic, Saffron Alliance

The Gaosi are pretty much the 'Stone Giants' of this setting, like with the other true giants, their base size has been increased dramatically compared to other game systems, and now capable of standing among the largest sentient beings on the planet. Reserved and passive as they've always been, Gaosi only tend to attack when there is little chance of it coming back to bite them. The Gaosi are now depicted as being super-dense like rock and stone, taking upon its qualities including a lack of buoyancy, an absurd amount of commotion when moving, weighted movement and incredible durability. The only race besides oversized Warforged that can tank without armour and tank even better with it on!

The Gaosi are also one of the rare Races to actually receive penalties to go with their high bonuses, however they also get to negate some of their penalties through their Racial Traits.



♦ Gaosi gain a -2 Progression-point discount when increasing their Strength and Endurance attribute scores.
♦ Gaosi gains a +5 attribute bonus to Strength, Endurance and Charisma attribute scores.

♦ The Gaosi suffers a +2 Progression-point increase when increasing their Agility attribute score.


♦ Gaosi gain a Skill-Focus in the Guard and Investigation skill.
♦ The Investigation skill's 'Biome' choice is automatically set to Hills/Mountains.


♦ Gaosi gain 3 Damage-Reduction to all non-metaforce damage, including elemental types. This stacks with armour.
♦ Gaosi are treated as one tier lower for determining extreme heat and cold environmental effects and penalties.
♦ Gaosi are immune to the effects of movement slow-down caused by Load-Point thresholds (Light and Heavy).
♦ They are still affected by Load penalties caused by Max load, however the threshold for this penalty is doubled.

♦ Gaosi suffer a -50 penalty to Athletics checks to swim and stay above water.
♦ Gaosi suffer a -50 penalty to Stealth checks to remain quiet while moving, Stealth checks to not being seen/disguising is unaffected.
♦ Gaosi are unable to perform a Dash action (2nd movement action in a round), and movement distance is reduced by 50%.
♦ Gaosi must pay an additional 50 AP when attempting to get up from being downed or prone, even when it is their own turn.

Racial Traits

When a Gaosi invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Gaosi Traits
Viridian Effect -

The Gaosi continues to grow in size as they become more experienced:

♦ The Gaosi's Size-Rating increases by 1 for every Skill-Rank beyond 1st. (Max bonus: +4)
♦ The Gaosi's Size category becomes Gargantuan after reaching a Size-Rating of 7.
> Viridian Effect Plus Viridian Effect

The Gaosi's size accelerates further, reaching close to the mountainous size they desire:

♦ The Gaosi's Size-Rating increases by an additional +1 for every 10 Potential Skill-Rating the Gaosi owns.
♦ This stacks with the effects of the Enlarge trait.

♦ The Gaosi's base Size category changes when they reach Size-Rating 7 (Gargantuan), 13 (Colossal) and 25 (Titanic).
Rock Throwing -

The Gaosi are adept at using rocks and boulders as weapons:

♦ Gaosi are treated as Proficient when using Rocks, Boulders and other similarly shaped and sized improvised projectiles.
♦ They also gain a +10 ToHit bonus per Potential Skill-Rank when attacking with such weapons.

When no appropriate projectile is at hand, a Gaosi may pull a rock or boulder from the ground, when applicable:

♦ The Gaosi can reach into solid earth to draw a boulder equal to 1/4th their Size-Rating into their hands.
♦ This is considered a Standard Action (50 AP) and costs 1 MP to perform.
Rune-Etched -

The Gaosi learns how to store and channel the Metaforce alone their rune-like body:

♦ The Gaosi gains a Skill-Focus in the Metaforce skill.
♦ If the Gaosi has an Archetype with this Skill-Focus, they gain a +10 Skill-Rating bonus instead.
♦ The Gaosi's natural Damage-Reduction now extends to Metaforce-type attacks.
> Lighten Rune-Etched

The Gaosi finds a way to use their magically charged body to make themselves more bouyant in water, and lighter on their feet.

♦ The Gaosi's Athletics swim check penalty is reduced by 10 for each Potential Skill-Rank they own. (Min. -0 penalty).
♦ Their Stealth check penalty to move quietly is also reduced by the same amount.
♦ Their movement speed penalty is now reduced to -30% from -50%.
>> Accelerated

Rune-Etched, Lighten

♦ The Gaosi's Progression-Point penalty to increasing their Agility is negated.
♦ Their movement speed penalty is now negated, formerly it was reduced by 30%.

If the Gaosi Adventurer purchased any Agility increases prior to gaining this trait:

♦ The Gaosi is refunded all Progression-points spent on Agility, then Agility purchases are reset to zero.
♦ Then the Gaosi repurchases all Agility points they originally had with the new Progression-point cost.
Ridged Body -

Because Gaosi skin, muscle and bone are so dense, they are capable of locking their joints and stay in immobile poses indefinitely, even while asleep! This can often fool those who are unaware to thinking Gaosi are life-like statues!

♦ This ability is a Channelled Advanced-Action (100 AP) and can be maintained each round for the same cost.
♦ Alternatively, this can be activated as a Channelled Standard Action (50 AP)' at the cost of 2 MP, or as a Channelled Quick-Action (25 AP) for 4 MP.
♦ The Gaosi can freeze their movement and pose in place, turning their entire body ridged.
♦ They cannot be moved without the other succeeding a Strength check equal to the Gaosi's Size-Rating * Potential Skill Rank * Strength * 10.
♦ If their position is not balanced or stable, the Gaosi may topple over and Downed as a result, but their body will not change until they dismiss the effect.

♦ The Gaosi can dismiss the Ridged-Body effect at any time, even during another creature's turn. But they do not gain Action-Points after their recent turn-end/turn-start phase.
♦ The Gaosi can choose to dismiss the effect before the start of their next turn to regain Action-Points.
Moai Charisma -

The Gaosi's sculpted features end up being rather appealing to others, provided the Gaosi has good standing with them. And more intimidating to others:

♦ The Gaosi gains a +10 social check bonus per Potential Skill-Rank owned to appeal to others, if the enemy is not unfriendly or hostile towards them.

♦ The Gaosi gains a similar social check bonus to intimidate others if the enemy is unfriendly or hostile towards them.