Martial Arts

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Martial Arts is a combat-oriented skill that governs the mastery of close-quarters combat and the weaponisation of one's own body.

Perk Name Requirements Type Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perks are automatically applied, for free:
Combat Training Auto Combat, Skill
  • The Adventurer gains a ToHit bonus equal to their Martial-Arts Skill-Rating when using Unarmed Strike or actions involving the Adventurer's own body.
Strong Strikes Auto Combat, Skill
  • The Adventurer gains a Direct Damage and Spread bonus equal to their Skill-Rank when using Unarmed Strike attacks.
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Martial-Arts skill.
Accelerated Action - Combat, Skill
  • The Adventurer gains a 20% Action-Point discount when using Unarmed Strike and other related Martial-Arts Skills.
  • When the Adventurer reaches 80 Skill-Rating in the Martial Arts Skill: The Adventurer now gains a 40% Action-Point discount instead of 20%.
Punishing Precision - Combat, Skill
  • The d100 roll target to score a critical hit is reduced by 1 per Skill-Rank.
  • Critical-Hit Damage is increased by +20% of the attack's base direct-damage per Skill-Rank.
Weapon Improvisation 20 Skill-Rating in Warfare skill. Combat, Skill
  • Allows the Adventurer to become proficient with Improvised Weapons: items and objects not traditionally used as weapons in combat.
  • Improvised weapons can benefit from Warfare and Martial Arts skill perks.
Steel-Guard 20 Skill-Rating in Guard skill. Combat, Skill
  • Grants the Adventurer Damage-Reduction when using the Guard action and Skill while unarmed, as if they were using a Shield or proficient weapon.
  • This Damage-Reduction bonus increases by 1 for every Skill-Rank in the Guard skill.
Power Attack - Combat, Skill
Allows the Adventurer to perform an Standard-Action (75AP), with the following effects:
  • Increases the Direct Damage and Spread of the proficient attack by +60%.
  • If the attacker strikes a Guarding target: The attacker ignores up to 1 point of Damage-Reduction per Skill-Rank.
Stunning Fist - Combat, Skill
Allows the Adventurer to perform a Standard-Action (75AP), with the following effects:
  • Perform an Unarmed Strike that on hit: Deals 25 Action-Point damage and Downed status to the target.
  • The Downed status effect may be resisted upon a successful Physiological-Save, with a target number equal to the Adventurer's Skill-Rating + 20.
  • The Adventurer cannot Down a target that is more than double their own Size-Rating.