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Physical Description

Dweman resemble Duergar of gargantuan size, from their stout-powerful frames to the colouration of skin and hair, although Dweman tend to lean towards red, oranges and blacks more than Duergar do. As Dweman and Duergar are so similar except for their fully-grown size, the Dweman can be seen as the giantish cousins of Duergar and the smallfolk cousins to Duergar respectively. The size of Dweman heads are relatively smaller than Duergar but the size of their hands and feet are maximized for extra weight and power into their swings as well as their footsteps. Dweman are just as broad and stocky as ever.

Dweman tend to have redder features than Duergar, hair and beards can sometimes take on a fiery glow. Dweman with lighter complexions tend to be tanned light-orange to brown and even black, the only other colours tend to be white and grey for their older or darker-skinned brethren.

Race Meta

  • Better known as: Dwarf / Fire-Giant (The two concepts were merged together)
  • Height: 105ft to 155ft / 135ft (Size: 16, Colossal)
  • Type: True-Giant
  • Rarity: Common in Viridian, Uncommon in Saffron
  • Faction(s): Viridian Republic, Saffron Alliance

The Dweman are based on traditional Dwarves but with a mixture of Fire-Giant qualities and life-style, although in a nutshell: Dweman are a true-giant version of Duergar. Dweman don't have the spell-like abilities like the Duergar do, instead adopting Fire-affinity traits where they highly resist or even absorb heat-based attacks and slightly resist cold, they otherwise inherit each other's Stout-Powerful and have similar archetypes. An easier way to tell Dweman and Duergar apart aside from base size category is that Duergars are discreet and Dweman are unabashedly headstrong.



Dweman are super strong, tough and heavy, though they tend to be a bit shorter compared to their true-giant allies, they still absolutely dwarf most other races. As they are culturally encouraged to uphold tradition, every Duergar has some training in crafting and repairing machines and equipment.

♦ Dweman gain a +3 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance.
♦ They also gain a +1 attribute bonus to Charisma.
♦ All Dweman gain a Skill-Focus in all Engineering skills.
♦ Dweman are considered to be Gargantuan-sized; their size-rating is 8.

Dweman Archetypes

Archetype: Smithy

Dweman have a culture surrounded by crafting and engineering, these Duergar use their intelligence to work machines and crafting like no other.

♦ This Duergar gains a +2 attribute bonus to Intelligence.
♦ They also gain a +20 skill bonus to all Engineering skill checks. (This bonus does not grant Skill Perks, but does allow skill bonuses above the character's cap).

Archetype: Pilferer

Some Dweman take advantage of their dark abilities to take what isn't theirs or be in places they shouldn't. While all Duergar have the ability, some take advantage of it.

♦ This Dweman gains a +1 attribute bonus to Perception and Agility. Their Agility penalty is negated.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in one [Combat] skill group and all Larceny skills.

Archetype: Magmatic Soul

Some Dweman gain a special quality where the flames of heat enrich their soul, not only do they resist fire, but they can even heal from it instead.

♦ Their Fire resistance is upgraded to Fire absorption: Whatever damage this Dweman would normally take from Fire-attacks, they heal 50% of that damage instead.


Passive: Stout-Powerful

Dweman are adept at wearing heavy armours and outfits without hindering their mobility, however their stout forms do make them less agile than most races. This is further compounded by their dense, heavy bodies, which make them even harder to forcibly move.

♦ A Dweman's base movement speed is treated as if they were one size smaller. (If they are Gargantuan-sized, then the Dweman moves 14 steps instead of 20.)
♦ Dweman do not suffer encumbrance effects from high-weight outfits, equipment or inventories. They still cannot carry more than their maximum capacity.
♦ Dweman are treated as one size larger in terms of physical effects that knockdown or stagger targets. They also count as one size category larger for knocking down or staggering foes.
> If knocked down or tripped for whatever reason: A Dweman must spend a standard action (50AP) to get up on their own turn and double the amount to get up outside their turn.
>> Normally: A character can get up from being knocked down/prone on their own turn, and expend a standard action (50AP) to get up outside their turn, after their attacker's turn.
♦ Dweman resist Wind attacks by 20%. If struck by Wind attacks, direct knockdown or away effects are downgraded into Stagger instead. Direct stagger effects are negated.
♦ Dweman cannot Swim unless they have a skill rating of Competent (40) in Athletics: Aerobics and have the Trained Swimmer skill perk.
> "It is dangerous for another character to attempt to save a drowning Dweman as they will be much too heavy for them to lift unless they are immense in size or use other means to pull them out."

Passive: Dark-Vision

Dweman can see in pitch-black environments up to 60ft, Dark-vision is monochromatic, which means in areas absent of light, they can only see in shades of grey, not colour.

♦ The Dweman's vision type is: Dark-Vision.

Passive: Fire Resistance

Dweman revel in the heat of the furnace and relax in the magma of volcanos, they are totally immune to the effects of heat.

♦ Dweman gain 100% resistance to Fire/Heat damage and immunity to all High-Temperature environmental effects.