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Skills represent proficiency in various sets of abilities and can allow extra options for Adventurers in combat and out travelling the world. Investing Skill Points into Skills is key to increase their Skill-Rating, not only granting greater bonuses, but raises Skill-Ranks that unlocks new Skill-Perks.

Skills can affect things such as the effectiveness of equipment such as weapons, armour and tools to more talent-based actions like Diplomacy, Acrobatics and Spell-casting. They are also important for allowing characters to overcome obstacles such as terrain, barriers, or to influence other non-playable characters. Other skills deal with the Metaforce, allowing characters to use fantastic abilities such as magic, psionics or Ki.

List of Skills

Use the above link to view a list of skill groups and skills.

Skill Mechanics & Glossary

Skill Points

Skill Points are used to increase the Skill-Potential of a character's skills. Skill points are reward at each level-up and can be distributed freely.

♦ A character gains 15 skill points every level, including 1st level during character creation.
♦ A character cannot add skill points to a Skill if its Skill-Potential would exceed the Skill-Potential cap for their level.

Skill Focus

Skill-Focus is a Skill-Potential bonus to a single or group of Skills to make it easier to get a start with the skill and master such skills. These are granted by Archetypes and Racial Trait(s) and positive Intelligence modifiers.

♦ Skill-Focuses can be acquired by Racial Traits, Archetypes and during character creation.
♦ Intelligence can also grant additional Skill-Focuses.

♦ A Skill-Focus grants a +20 bonus to the specified Skill's Skill-Potential.
♦ Skills affected by Skill-Focus gain an extra +5 Skill-Potential per point of Intelligence.

♦ A Skill may only have one Skill-Focus at a time, when additional Focuses stack; they grant a flat +10 bonus to Skill-Potential instead.
♦ Skill-Focuses and Skill-Points are both affected by the Skill-Potential cap.


Skill-Rating is the sum of an Adventurer's Skill-Potential plus any external modifiers caused by equipment and effects.

Skill Ranks

Skill Ranks refer to the milestones that all Skills possess, Skills with no Skill-Potential start at Rank 0, but the Adventurer can invest in their skill to gain new ranks every 20 Skill-Potential, up to the Skill-Potential cap. Some parts of the game will use Ranks as ways to influence actions and abilities.

The first five ranks are Novice (20), Competent (40), Adept (60), Expert (80) and Master (100). The number in parentheses references the required Skill-Rating required to acquire that rank.

♦ Skill Ranks are only obtained when Skill-Potential meets or exceeds the rank requirement, temporary bonuses do not count!

Skill Perks

Skill Perks are rewarded when a character reaches a new rank in a skill, but unlike Universal Perks, an Adventurer can only pick a Skill Perk as listed on the Skill itself. Some Races have traits and abilities that are enhanced when the Adventurer invests enough to gain Skill Perks in their racial skill.

♦ When a Skill reaches max rank, Master (100), the Player can use Perk Points in order to obtain any missing skill perks the Adventurer can't obtain due to maxing out their skill ranks.

Skill Bonus

Skill Bonus is a scaling benefit that benefits an Adventurer when their Skill's Skill-Rating is 21 or higher. The benefit given is scaled by each Skill-Rating point, this bonus can affect how powerful or effective the character's actions or commands are when used in game.

♦ The Maximum Skill Bonus is defined at 100 Skill-Rating, whereas Skill-Ratings from 21 to 80 are treated as a fraction of that total bonus. Ratings 20 or lower provide no bonus whatsoever.
♦ Skill Bonus applies to Skill-Rating, not just Skill-Potential, meaning bonuses from other sources count for the purposes of Skill bonuses.

Game Rules

Skill-Point cap

To prevent characters from mastering skills too quickly for their level, there is a Skill-Point Cap determined by the character's level. At regular intervals, the skill cap will be increased to allow them to access higher ranks. Adventurers cannot invest more than the amount of Skill-points shown in the chart below.

The +20 bonus from Skill-Focuses can still stack, allowing one to achieve a Skill-Rating and Skill-Rank higher than using Skill-Points alone. Skill-Focuses are required in order to allow an Adventurer to achieve Skill-Rating 100 (Rank 5: Master).

Max Skill-Point Investment Cap
♦ 1st level: 20 Skill-Points max
♦ 4th level: 40 Skill-Points max
♦ 7th level: 60 Skill-Points max
♦ 10th level: 80 Skill-Points max