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Skills represent the Adventurer's proficiencies in various sets of talents and abilities, allowing extra options for Adventurers in and out of combat, and travelling the world.

Investing in Skills is key to increase their Skill-Rating, gain Skill-Ranks that in turn unlocks new Skill-Perks.

Skills can affect things such as the effectiveness of equipment; such as weapons, armour and tools to more talent-based actions like Diplomacy, Acrobatics and Spell-casting.

They are also important for allowing characters to overcome obstacles such as terrain, barriers, or to influence other non-playable characters.

Other skills deal with the Metaforce, allowing characters to use fantastic abilities such as magic, psionics or Ki.

Skill List

Skill Mechanics & Glossary

Skill Points

Skill Points are used to increase the Skill-Rating of a character's skills.

♦ A character gains Skill Points only when they purchase them with Progression Points, 25 points at once.
♦ All Skill points must be assigned upon redemption, Skill points cannot be held indefinitely like Progression points can.
♦ A character cannot more Skill points to a Skill than is allowed by their current Skill-point cap.

Skill Focus

Skill-Focus is a Skill-Rating bonus to a single skill that stacks with Skill Points and usually lets the Adventurer reach 1st rank immediately.

♦ Skill-Focuses can be acquired by Archetypes, Intelligence attribute bonuses and the Adventurer's Race.

♦ A Skill-Focus grants a +20 Skill-Rating bonus to one Skill and the 1st rank and Skill-Perk(s) it grants.

♦ A Skill may only have up to two Skill-Focuses maximum. The second Focus only grants a +10 bonus, the third Focus onwards grants nothing.


Skill-Rating is the granular measure of an Adventurer's experience, knowledge and mastery of a particular set of skills and talents. It is needed to determine whether the Adventurer can reach new Skill-Ranks often used by Perks and traits, and obtain Skill-Perks related to those skills.

Permanent Skill-Rating gained through Skill-Focuses and Skill-Points can unlock Skill-Ranks, reward Skill-Perks and also improve features that use Skill Points as a means to scale their power.

♦ Temporary Skill-Rating gained through special effects and equipment can only improve the bonuses provided by Skills, they do not count for Skill Ranks or reward the Adventurer with Skill perks.

Skill Ranks

Skill Ranks refer to the milestones that all Skills possess, Skills with 19 or less Skill-Rating start at Rank 0. At 20 Skill-Rating, and every 20 SR beyond (up to 100), counts as a new Rank.

The five ranks are:
♦ Rank 1: Novice (20),
♦ Rank 2: Competent (40),
♦ Rank 3: Adept (60),
♦ Rank 4: Expert (80), 
♦ Rank 5: Master (100).
♦ After reaching Rank 5: the Adventurer cannot acquire more ranks in that skill, even if they have 120 SR or higher.

Skill Perks

Skill Perks are rewarded when a character reaches a new rank in a skill, but unlike Universal Perks, an Adventurer can only pick a Skill Perk as listed on the Skill itself.

♦ When an Adventurer reaches Rank 5 in a skill: any unobtained Skill-Perks can be purchased with Progression-Points as if it were a Universal Perk.

Game Rules

Skill-Point cap

To prevent characters from mastering skills too quickly for their level, there is a Skill-Point Cap determined by the character's level.

♦ The Skill-Point Cap for each Skill is equal to the Adventurer's Character-Level * 10.
♦ The Adventurer cannot add more than 100 Skill-points into a skill, meaning they can max out a Skill as early as 10th level.