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Galvans are a Third-Party Race designed for use in the Viridian TTRPG setting and is used for entertainment purposes only. All Rights Reserved.

Physical Description

Tiny, grey frog-like humanoids with large square eyes with horizontal pupils. Possessing hands with four long digits including opposable thumbs. Their feet have three digits on the front and a short heel spur at the back of their ankles. They have gills around their necks or cheeks which aid for breathing in both land and water. Only 5 to 6 inches tall at most, Galvans rely on their supreme intellect and resourcefulness in order to better their own lives and protect themselves against larger threats.

Culture & Social

The Galvan's main city of Galvan Prime is the largest Galvan city, spanning across 50 feet. Though its size is certainly small to most races, it is extremely well protected, due to the advanced technological defences surrounding it. There are many minor Galvan settlements scattered around the continents, but none nearly as impressive as Galvan Prime. The Galvan desire challenges and breaking limits, even those which perhaps should remain unbroken.
The Galvan originally had no autonomy to speak of. Instead, they were first kept as pets by foreign bodies due to their petite size, which some found cute. It is believed this captivity took Galvans from their origin, and they grew to have forgotten it, becoming a roaming species. Their intelligence, however, astounded those who thought them no better than animals. Their small size allowed them to get inside any machine and figure out how it worked. This then led to them being employed, rather than just owned, by other species as industrial technicians, spies, and saboteurs, prized for their convenient size and smarts.

Race Meta

  • Height/Size: 4-6in (Tiny, Size: 0.4)
  • Genus: Xeno
  • Rarity: Uncommon in Vermillion, Rare in Cerulean and Viridian
  • Faction(s): Vermillion Freeholds, Cerulean Kingdom, Viridian Republic
Galvans are one of the handful of third-party races that are playable with the game's setting. An Alien species and transformation option in various Ben 10 shows better known as 'Greymatter'. In this world however, they fulfil the role of the tiny but super-smart race that's adept at working magic and technology together to use metaforce energies and harnessed it. Like all Xeno origin races, they're treated just the same as any other fantasy race and the idea of them travelling to other planets is but a bit of wishful-thinking at best. The world they're on is considered their home.
As one of the very few true Tiny-sized races in the game, they can take advantage of squeezing into small gaps and spaces incredibly easy, even easier than Small-sized races; a vent that a small-sized character could crawl into, a Tiny-sized Galvan can simply run through!


Galvans have higher starting Perception and Agility, enabling them to offset their Tiny size that limits how effective they can be against human-sized opponents. Giants will likely dominate over them if the size difference is great enough, but their increased levelling speed will help them keep up with bigger party members by having a higher level, the only drawback attribute-wise is the loss of Luck. Their +2 bonus to Intelligence gives them a wide range of options in terms of Skill-Focuses, and their archetypes can often fill in key skills before applying Skill-Focuses in everything else they want or need.
The one Archetype Mech-Pilot that gives a Galvan perks related to piloting their own Warforged chassis is the one of the viable options a Galvan has to being a functionally human-sized party member while still retaining their original size. Each time they gain access to a new tier of Perks, they gain a bonus perk related to enhancing their options for their Warforged chassis.

Roleplaying Suggestions

Galvans are a race that often secludes themselves not only from other races but also unto themselves, they still have a complex social dynamic however for academic Galvans, science is the heart of everything. With new advances in the Cerulean Kingdom, Galvans have been creating and invention as much, or even more heavily than their Human, Aemer and Duergar peers. Aside from the Dromites and the occasional Kvar, Galvans feel relatively lonely in a world inhabited by beings dozens of times larger than they are, it's safer for most Galvan to remain in the cities and shelters. Aside from outside trips to gather information and resources, the secluded nature of Galvans means they had more time to develop their technology, to create solutions to their problems and shortcomings.
Galvan don't usually interact with the bigger races, but they can and do form contracts with them for exchange of goods and services. Galvan dislike having to go to settlements outside their cities and shelters because of the size difference, even a town for small-sized people can feel like how a Homan feels in a human settlement, this is only magnified even further when Galvans explore Ceruelean Kingdom settlements to find themselves no bigger than child's toy, having to use Sticky Grip just to climb a single step of a stairway or just to get to the seat of a chair. If they are in the company of friendly, trustworthy companions, Galvans do find riding in the bags or pockets relaxing enough to sleep or day-dream about scenarios and theories to entertain themselves.

As Adventurers

A Galvan Adventurer is a strange one indeed, it's the kind of individual who finds the outside world so fascinating or an ambition so strong that it can't be contained within the secure settlements of their homelands and sets off, usually on their own, to pursue their goals. A Galvan adventurer is likely to have acquired and obtained all the equipment and supplies they need and a plan of action of where to go and where's safe. A Galvan by themselves is asking to be kidnapped and sold somehow, therefore ideally they will want to scope out potential adventuring parties until they come across one willing to have and protect them from harm, a Galvan relies on their bigger party members for survival. If they can get away with teaming up with small-sized races, they will do so as to bridge a gap between the Ceruleans and other factions.
Galvan adventurers may be wary of giant party members (Large and Larger), as the size difference between them will make communication more difficult and more likely for deadly accidents to occur, specifically for themselves. However if the arrangement is good and the party bonds well, Galvans would have no better protection than a group with it's own giant(s) to deter threats. Galvans adventurers can provide their party a wealth of skills and knowledge, as well as being able to fit in almost anywhere.

Racial Traits


Galvan are extremely intelligent and capable of learning many skills, their tiny brains are highly evolved, resulting in an entire species with above average intellect. However, they are prone to misfortune at inopportune times.

♦ Galvans gain a +2 attribute bonus to Intelligence, Perception and Agility.
♦ Galvan are considered Tiny sized, their size-rating is 0.4.

Passive: Aqualung

Because of their primordial origins as an amphibious species, Galvans can breathe in bodies of clean water as one can breathe air.

♦ Galvans can submerge under bodies of water for unlimited amounts of time, they do not suffocate from being submerged underwater.
♦ Contaminated or polluted bodies of water will have similar effects to toxic air, this can kill them if they stay under too long.
♦ Galvans can still breathe in open air with ease as if they were land-dwellers.

Passive: Sticky Grip

Galvans have microscopic pads on their skin, enabling their hands and feet to grip onto sheer surfaces and walls.

♦ On surfaces that are climbable for other creatures: Galvans can climb at their normal speed.
♦ On surfaces that are sheer, slippery or otherwise lacking grips: Galvans can climb across these surfaces at half their normal speed.

Racial Adjustments & Archetypes

Archetype: Mech-Pilot

Using their vast knowledge of constructs and technology, some Galvan are able to turn an old Warforged chassis into a mobile mech they can use to function more like a larger creature.

♦ This Galvan gains the Warforged Pilot Perk, enabling them to create and own a Pilotable Medium-sized Warforged chassis which they can control from the cockpit set into the head.
(Read the Perk for more details on the Warforged Body)
♦ When this Galvan gains access to Tier 2 perks: They gain a bonus Perk related to their Pilotable Warforged.
♦ When this Galvan gains access to Tier 3 perks: They gain another bonus Perk related to their Pilotable Warforged.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in all Engineering skills.

Archetype: Viridian Project

Some Galvan felt so dedicated to join the intellectual elite of the Viridian Republic that they exposed themselves to metamorphic energies to become Colossal Galvan themselves, the process is irreversible and the transition is long. This is their life now.

(RESTRICTED: This Archetype can only be used with express permission from the GM. If the GM disallows this archetype, the Galvan player cannot use it. The GM can substitute this archetype with the standard Macrogenesis version instead.)
♦ This Galvan's base size category is Medium (1), their average height is 6'0".
♦ At 2nd level, and every level beyond: This Galvan's size-rating increases relative to their character level (2nd level: size 2. 3rd level: size 3...etc). Their average size increases by 6ft.
> This Galvan's size rating and category will continue to increase until they reach Colossal size (16) at 16th level.
> Optionally: The GM may rule to uncap the effect, allowing the Galvan to become size 20 (Colossal+) at 20th level, size 30 at 30th level...etc