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Chronean (Titanean)

Resembling massive humanoids of bronzed complexion, pinnacles of the humanoid form. Striving to be stronger in body and mind, these Titans possess great power and a sense of heroism. Chroneans are brought up to value fairness, sportsmanship and order. They are physical powerhouses that serve well in roles of combat.

Game Meta

  • Height: 115ft to 155ft / 135ft (Size: 16, Colossal)
  • Genus: True-Giant, Titanean
  • Faction(s): Viridian Republic
Chroneans are based upon the Greek/Roman mythological Titans and some of the more contemporary interpretations of them, like Storm Giants. Much like their Athenean counterparts, they are now one of the biggest playable races one can legally play in the Viridian-Fantasy setting. Whereas the Atheneans are the 'Magic', the Chroneans represent the 'Might' of the Viridian Republic, the pinnacle of strength and physicality.

Chroneans make up one of the 'big three' of the Viridian Republic, serving as the Might of the Court. Atheneans serve as the Wisdom and Yamanokyojin serve as the Ambition. Chroneans are the front-line when it comes to homeland defence and should it ever arise, they will take to the battlefield as its army.

Racial Traits & Skills


♦ Chroneans gain a -2 Progression-point discount to increasing their Strength, Endurance and Charisma.
♦ They also gain a -1 Progression-point discount to increasing their Intelligence, Perception and Agility.
♦ They also gain a +5 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance scores.


♦ Chroneans all gain a Skill-Focus in the Warfare and Athletics skills.


When a Chronean invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Chronean Might -

Chroneans can regain Action-Points by executing actions in combat to attack and defend:

♦ Chroneans regain 25 AP each time they use an action.
♦ Every subsequent use of this trait decreases the Action-Point recovery by 5, to a minimum of 0 AP gained per action.

♦ This Trait resets at the beginning of the Chronean's next turn.

♦ The base Action-Point recovery bonus granted by this trait is increased by 5 for every Skill-Rank beyond 1st. (Max. +20)
Battle Conduit -

All Chroneans have the ability to partially resist negative effects resulting from physical combat:

♦ Chroneans gain a special 20% resistance to all non-magical/Metaforce attacks, this applies before Damage-Reduction during calculation.
♦ When an Athenean is struck with a Metaforce-related attack or ability: They regain 1 HP, or if their HP is full: 1 MP.
Regeneration -

This trait grants the Chronean health regeneration:

♦ The Chronean regenerates 1 HP per round per Endurance attribute point owned.
♦ This trait also doubles the effect of any source that allows the Chronean to recover health points..

This Trait is enhanced when the Chroneans has a Skill-Rating of 50 and 100 respectively:

SR 60: Passive regeneration increases to 2 HP, and health recovery effects are tripled (x3) instead of doubled.
♦ SR 120: Passive regeneration increases to 3 HP, and health recovery effects are quadrupled (x4) instead of tripled.
Steel-Skin -

Chroneans are incredibly durable and pain-resistant, even without armour physical harm:

♦ The Athenean gains a Damage-Reduction bonus against Physical and Metaforce attacks.
♦ This bonus increases by +1 for every Skill-Rank in the Potential skill.

When the Chronean's Skill-Rating reaches 80, they gain a new function to this trait:

♦ Each time they are hit with an attack that deals damage: Their Damage-Reduction is increased by 1.
♦ This Damage-Reduction applies during damage calculation, temporary DR is lost at the beginning of the Chronean's next turn.