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Dromites resemble anthropomorphic ants of compact size. While many live in close-knit communities, their individual strength can be an asset to any sort of group that will take them in. As Dromites are one of the smallest sentient beings in the world, they had to evolve to adapt to their oversized environment and think two steps ahead of their towering neighbours.

Race Meta

  • Height: 5" to 8" / 6" (Tiny, 0.4)
  • Genus: Fauna
  • Rarity: Common
  • Faction(s): Vermillion Freeholds



♦ The base P-Point cost to increasing Strength and Intelligence attribute scores is reduced by 2 points.
♦ The base P-Point cost to increasing Endurance, Perception and Agility attribute scores is reduced by 1 point.


♦ Dromites gain a Skill-Focus in the Acrobatics, Athletics, and Tactics skills.

Racial Traits

When a Dromite invests in the Potential skill, they can unlock new ranks and related to their Racial Traits and Perks.

Name Requirements Effect
Myrmidon Traits
Smallfolk Evasion -

Dromites are used to dealing with oversized individuals due to their Tiny size, this experience helps out in a number of other interactions as well:

♦ The Dromite gains +5 Defense for each Potential Skill-Rank they own against any attacker with a Size-Rating larger than themselves.
♦ They also gain +1 Damage-Reduction for every Potential Skill-Rank owned when attacked with crushing force or attacked with a Stomp, Trample or Pin attack.
Ant Haul -

Dromites are amazingly strong when it comes to lifting and carrying great weight on their shoulders, worn equipment and weapons equally feel light to them:

♦ The Dromite's Load-Point thresholds are doubled.
♦ Dromites, at Tiny size, can wield Small-sized melee weapons without penalty and can use Small-sized firearms at an additional 25 Action-Point cost.
♦ If a Dromite is larger than Tiny size, assume they can use any of the above up to double their Size-Rating.
Sticky Grip -

Dromites have microscopic pads on their skin, enabling their hands and feet to grip onto sheer surfaces and walls:

♦ On surfaces that are climbable for other creatures: Dromites can climb at their normal movement speed and do not require Athletics checks.
♦ On surfaces that are sheer, slippery or otherwise lacking grips: Dromites can climb across these surfaces at half their normal speed and gain a +40 bonus to Athletics checks for climbing.
Myrmidion Venom -

The Dromite are capable of naturally producing a type of paralytic venom to subdue larger targets:

♦ Drawing up Venom for use requires a Standard Action (50 AP) and costs 1 Meta-point.
♦ Applying the Venom to a weapon or other attack is a Quick-Action (25 AP).
♦ The Dromite can inflict Myrmidion Venom onto a target with any piercing or slashing physical attack.
♦ Myrmidion Venom causes the target a -100% Action-Point Recovery penalty on a failed physiological resist check.
♦ This penalty is reduced by 20% if the target is double the Size-Rating to the Dromite, and repeats for every doubling in size to a minimum of 0% penalty.


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