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A Token is a representation of a creature, character or any other entity that exists in the game world and used as a graphical element for players to interact with the environment and setting. As far as a Player is concerned, the token refers to their Character/Adventurer and the other characters they would likely be interacting with. Tokens are used in Maptool in the same way figurines are used in traditional TTRPGs; they can be moved around the map/environment and are capable of containing important data such as its stats and properties that the virtual tabletop client can use to execute game mechanics.

Player Token Data

A Player character's token is designed to contain a LOT of different stats and values known as Properties. Players are usually able to edit these values in order to set up their Token for play, however some properties are used by gameplay Macros to provide useful outputs and can usually be generated using certain Macro scripts. If you have any doubts on what you should change, ask your GM. Your GM can also set up your token themselves if they are provided the correct information.

Resource points

The first set of properties a character token will contain are their Resource Points. Resource points include Health which determines how alive or unalive they are in combat, as well as several other resources types needed to cast spells or use abilities. Resource points differ from most stats is that they have a Current and Maximum value. The Maximum value is usually kept static most of the time, whereas interactions in the game may frequently change the Current value due to in-game events. The most basic event being a character taking damage to their health will lower their Current Health value. Usually, Resources can be lowered below 0 and into the negatives, but not higher than the character's Maximum values.

In Maptool, certain graphical UI elements can be displayed, and these Resource properties can be used to give players an accurate representation of their current resources, when used with certain Macro scripts. For example: A HP bar can be displayed over a token and a script can be used to compare the current and maximum health values of a character to proportion the bar for easy status recognition.

Stats include:
* HP (Current health points)
* MaxHP (Maximum health points)
* SP (Current Spell points)
* MaxSP (Maximum Spell points)
* Ki (Current Ki points)
* MaxKi (Maximum Ki points)
* PP (Current Power points)
* MaxPP (Maximum Power points)
* THP (Current Temporary health points)
* MaxTHP (Maximum Tempoary health points)
* AP (Current Action Points)
* MaxAP (Maximum Action Points)


The Attributes properties are used as described in the wiki article, and players are encouraged to enter the appropiate values into their token to begin setting their character's token up for play. The short name for Attributes are what are used in Macro scripts to make script-writing easier, the full name is displayed for the Player's benefit.

Stats include:
* str (Strength)
* per (Perception)
* end (Endurance)
* cha (Charisma)
* int (Intelligence)
* agl (Agility)
* lck (Luck)

Size / SizeDiff

A token has the properties Size and SizeDiff which are needed for scripts to properly calculate stats and actions according to a character's Size-Rating. Players can enter a value for the Size property, but SizeDiff should be left alone for a script to write and read.

For more information, read the Size article.

Stats include:
* size (Size-Rating)
* sizediff (Size-Difference to current target)