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Metaforce is a skill relating to the ability to store and utilise magical energies granted by the Metaforce Phenomena.

Since Meta-points (MP) are important for fuelling many abilities, all characters have a base Meta-point capacity equal to their Character-Level, meaning at level one, every Adventurer has at least 1 MP.

Perk Name Requirements Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk(s) are obtained, automatically:

The Adventurer gains additional Meta-points at a faster rate the more they develop their Metaforce skill:

♦ The Adventurer's Meta-point capacity is increased by 1% for every Skill-Rating in the Metaforce Skill.
♦ This percentage multiplier initially applies only to the Adventurer's Character-Level, other Perks may apply if specifically mentioned.

The Adventurer gains Meta-points relative to their Intelligence, Perception or Charisma attribute scores:

♦ The Adventurer gains a number of Meta-Points equal to the highest attribute score of the attributes shown above.
♦ The number of Meta-points gained is affected by the Meta-Multiplier perk.
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Metaforce skill.
Restful Recovery

When the Adventurer rests:

♦ Every period of Rest, the Adventurer recovers 1 MP per Metaforce Skill-Rank they own.
(Rest is a period of relaxation for at least four hours, which can be sedentary activity or sleep.)
(An Adventurer can only perform two rest periods a day, any more rest periods will not restore any MP (or HP).
Energy Siphon

The Adventurer gains the ability to absorb the Metaforce energy from various objects or environments to regain their own stores:

♦ The Adventurer can now use Energy Siphon as an Advanced-Action (100 AP).
♦ This can only be used on unattended objects charged with Metaforce energy.

♦ For Magical items, the Adventurer can now Siphon off a number of Meta-point equal to its enhancement bonus.
(After this is done, the item's magical abilities are suppressed for up to 20 hours, and cannot be siphoned off again)

♦ For objects and environmental features, the Adventurer can Siphon an amount of MP as decided by the Game-Master.