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Physical Description

Tetramands are a large-bodied humanoid species noted for their bifurcated anatomy, including an additional pair of arms and eyes. Most Tetramands are red, but some blue and brown skinned Tetramand exist. Tetramands have spikes on their arms. They have two claw-shaped toes on each foot. Tetramands appear to have an additional set of smaller pectoral muscles below their primary set to help move their second set of arms. Each one of their four hands has three fingers and a thumb.

Tetramands have hair that turns gray as they get older, but most of them lack hair.

Tetramands have an average height of 10 feet and can grow to be as tall as 15 feet high.

Culture and Social

Tetramands are a warrior race. They are fairly aggressive and favor violence. By nature, Tetramands are emotional creatures, just like Humans. If a male Tetramand manages to defeat a female Tetramand in combat, the male becomes the female's chosen husband. Tetramands live in very close knit family tribes and defend their kin to the death.

Tetramands are not very amicable towards outsiders. Tetramands are very strict in the upholding of their laws; an offender whose crime was merely jumping the turnstiles at an auto show was buried up to his neck in sand. Tetramands are not big on exceptions. Tetramands have a unique way to ultimately decide court cases; fight. Tetramands get to fight with their accusers in a battle arena and the winner of the Tetramand Trial of Combat wins the case.

Race Meta

  • Tetramands exist between Medium (Size 1) and Large size (Size 2)
  • Genus: Xeno
  • Faction(s): Vermillion Freehold (Rare), Cerulean Kingdom (Uncommon), Viridian Republic (Uncommon)



Tetramand Monk

Roleplaying Suggestions

Tetramand Adventurers


Tetramands are physically strong and tough.

* Tetramands gain a +2 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance.



Tetramands are powerful and resilient, it’s rare to find individuals who haven’t at least lifted something multiple times their own weight over their head.

* Tetramands are treated as being one lower for the purposes of carry capacity and encumbrance. (Light Load becomes No Load, Heavy becomes Light. Max is still Max)
* Tetramands gain an additional +1 to Strength every 5th level.

Passive: Four-Armed

Tetramand are born with an additional set of arms, eyes and other anatomical features. Tetramands gain an extra pair of arms, functionally identical to their main pair.

* Tetramands may hold up to four items (one per hand) and can wield as many weapons as they do hands (4 one-handed pieces of equipment, or 2 two-handed pieces of equipment).
* When wielding multiple pieces of equipment, both A Strength attribute of +1 is needed to wield a two-handed weapon properly, and +2 to wield both two-handed weapons simultaneously.

Passive: Four-Eyed

Tetramands have four eyes that can see with greater clarity than binocular vision.

* (Vision bonus)

Passive: Tough Hide

Tetramands have thick, red, tough skin that resists physical attacks reliably.

* Tetramands gains 1 point of Damage-Resistance vs Physical per Size-Rating.