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The Acrobatics skill is focused on moving around the environment in an efficient, effective and, in some ways, stylishly way. The skill can be useful in both combat and non-combat scenarios and pairs well with the Athletics skill for navigating difficult or dangerous terrain. Unlike most skill which do not have restrictions, many Acrobatics style perks cannot be used if the Adventurer has a high Load-Point value, as the cumbersome weight will spoil the effectiveness of such movements.

! An Adventurer cannot use Acrobatics Perks if their Load is Heavy or Max. Additionally, Acrobatics perks cost an additional 25 Action-Points if the Adventurer's Load is Light or heavier. There are no penalties if the Adventurer's load is None.

Perk Name Requirements Effect
Upon reaching Rank 1: the following Perk is automatically applied, for free:
Reactive Movement

When the Adventurer successfully dodges or blocks an attack, they can move during the opportunity:

♦ The Adventurer can move a distance of steps equal to their Size-rating (min 1), when an incoming attack misses.
♦ This movement can be in any direction and does not incur reaction opportunities from the attacker, even within their range.
Emergency Dodge

The Adventurer can make an emergency evasive action when avoiding deadly harm:

♦ This Action is considered to be a Full-Round Action, this consumes ALL their available Action-Points. 
♦ The Adventurer is able to automatically avoid an incoming attack that relies on a ToHit/Accuracy check.
♦ Then the Adventurer can move as if they were taking a move action away from the effective range of the attack.

However, in doing so, the Adventurer must roll a d100 with a base target number of 100:

♦ The target number needed is reduced by 10 units for every Acrobatics Skill-Rank the Adventurer owns.
♦ If the Adventurer fails to roll equal or above the target number, the Adventurer will fall prone (knocked down) at the location their movement ends.
(Adventurers can still immediately get back up as a Standard-Action (50 AP), or at the beginning of their next turn for free as normal.)
Each Skill-Rank beyond 1st grants a new Skill-Perk that can be enhanced by the Acrobatics skill.
Improved Emergency Dodge

The Adventurer is able to perform an Emergency Dodge with a little bit more grace:

♦ The reduction bonus to the chance to fall during Emergency Dodge is increased by 5 per Skill-Rank.
♦ Emergency Dodge is now considered to be an Advanced-Action (100 AP) instead of Full-Round.
Stylish Dodge

The Adventure can reactively perform an effective dodge manoeuvre that can greatly increase defence:

♦ This is a Standard-Action (50 AP) that can be performed before an attacker rolls for their ToHit check.
♦ The Adventurer's Defence is doubled (x2) against the next incoming attack.

This Perk's functionality improves when the Adventurer reaches a higher Skill-Rank:

Stylish Dodge triples (3x) the Adventurer's Defence at Acrobatics Rank 5.

The Adventurer can bypass a limited amount of difficult terrain as part of their movement, whenever the Adventurer encounters difficult terrain or must cross a gap no wider than their Size-Rating:

♦ The Adventurer can move through obstacles and leapable gaps without incurring additional Action-Point costs during movement.
♦ The number of obstacles per move action that the Adventurer circumvent is equal to their Acrobatics Skill-Rank.
(Normally: Each time an Adventurer encounters such obstacles, they must expend a Quick-Action (25 AP) in order to continue movement).
Wall Ride Parkour

The Adventurer can use walls as part of their movement:

♦ The Adventurer now treats walls as the ground when making move actions, meaning they do not need floors in order to traverse laterally.
♦ The Adventurer can also move up to half their movement range up the side of walls before being required to climb.

The Adventurer can jump and grab onto a creature that is at least twice as large as themselves and climb them:

♦ The Adventurer can initiate a climb with a Move Action and moving towards the space occupied by the larger creature.

♦ If the creature is friendly/willing, no check is required to grab hold.
♦ If the creature is a hostile, a successful ToHit check will be required to make the initial anchoring.

While holding on:

♦ The Adventurer must expend a Quick-Action (25 AP) each turn-start phase to maintain their hold, else they will fall/jump off.
♦ If a hostile/unwilling creature attempts to shake off the Adventurer, the Adventurer will not be able to recover Action-Points next phase.

♦ To climb to the top of a creature, the Adventurer must expend 25 AP as a Quick-Action to ascend one story.
♦ The number of stories a creature has is equal to their Size-Rating.
> Superior Ride-On Ride-On
♦ The action required to maintain a hold is now considered to be a Quick-Action (25 AP) instead of Standard.
♦ The Adventurer can ascend two stories per move action when climbing on a larger creature instead of one.
Heavy-weight Gymnastics 5+ Strength

The Adventurer finds a way to perform Acrobatics feats even while wearing heavy armour and items:

♦ The Adventurer can now perform Acrobatics-based Perk action even while under the effects of Heavy Load.
♦ They can now also perform such actions when under the effects of Light Load without incurring penalties.

(The Adventurer is still unable to perform these actions under the effects of Max Load)