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Cerulean Sols and Plates

In the world of Viridian, the primary currency used by settlements across the Cerulean Kingdom and affiliated lands use Sol Coins to trade for good and services. Approximately an inch in diameter and features a Moon for the Silver coins, a Sun for Gold coins and a Four-pointed Star for the Platinum coins.

Silver coins are worth 1, 10 for Gold, and 100 for Platinum.

Most mundane transactions would use Silver coins, while pricier purchases would require Gold and Platinum coins. As Viridian's population has a sizable number of giants, the solution to managing coins of relatively small size was to put them inside Plates which are easier to carry around by giants than individual coins.

Sol Plates contain 10 coins of the same type and are treated as the same value per box.

Sol Plates are oversized coin-shaped templates approximately 12 inches in diameter and designed to hold 10 Sol coins on full display. Coins slotted in the Plate can remain slotted even when exposed to impact but can be removed to extract the value from the plate. Giants find carrying and spending Sol Plates much easier than coins, and its value more closely represents the value of goods and services they require.

Currency Rules

Change Simplification
• A Player-Character is always considered to have the correct change when spending their currencies and do not need to count the number of Silver, Gold and Platinum pieces they have when spending it.
• When a Player-Character acquires currency from any source, the use of Silver/Gold/Platinum may be condensed into its total value as to make the above rule valid.
Strongbox Rules
• Strongboxes found by the party will count as a One-slot item for each box, regardless of quality. Except when the Player-Character is a giant of Size 2 or larger, in which the Strongbox can be added to the character's Wallet instead.

• Strongboxes can be opened to extract the Sol Coins inside, however they cannot be refilled and sealed by party members without a special skill or returning empty cases to a Bank authorized to reseal Strongboxes. Avoid opening Strongboxes if you have giant allies present, as they can carry strongboxes freely in their Wallet.

Optional Rules

Party Funds
• The party must decide who will be the treasurer of the group. Ideally, someone reliable and trustworthy or the leader.
• Currency acquired during the journey may be deposited into a fund that the treasurer or leader can choose how the money is used or spent. This rule may be used to make it easier to track valuables and treasures for the whole group to benefit, or to assess the needs of party members who may need financial investment for the betterment of the team.

Average Value and Worth of items in Cerulean (in Sol Coins)

This is a rough list of the worth of items and equipment in the setting by the value of coins, as well as modifiers based on wearer-size. (Things made for giants are typically more expensive for that of a Native).

Cerulean Prices
1 Silver: A single apple from a fruit stall.
2-5 Silver: A cheap meal from a market stall or menu. A cheap article of clothing for a native.
3 Silver: A pint of decent alcohol.
4-8 Silver: Service price for a task, repair to clothing or cheap equipment.
1 Gold: A fine meal for one, or perhaps a meal for two.
1 Gold & 5 Silver: Example repair cost to a weapon or armour from a smithy.
4-12 Gold: Price to purchase a decent/mastercraft weapon or armour from a smithy or armourer.