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When creating a character, you must select a Character Race to serve as the base physical form taken to appear within the game setting. As a rule, players may only choose a race that appears on this page; if their preferred race does not appear, they cannot play as that race. Choices may appear and disappear at any time for any reason.

The letter contained within [] denotes base size category (Tiny (6in), Small (2.5ft), Medium (6ft), Large (16ft), Huge (30ft), Gargantuan (60ft) and Colossal (120ft).


The four main factions of the Viridian world setting are the Cerulean Kingdom, the Vermillion Freeholds, the Saffron Alliance and the elusive Viridian Republic. While the core population of a given race originates from one of these four nations, the player character is not expected to hold any alligence to any of these factions during play.

Cerulean Kingdom

The Cerulean Kingdom is predominantly inhabited by mostly Medium-sized races, with some large and small. The Cerulean Kingdom has seen the most progress in technology in the past century and is popular in trade and cooperation with the Vermillion and Saffron guilds. The Cerulean Adventurers Guild is dedicated to sending the best and brightest to far away locations to map out the greater world and uncover its treasures and secrets.

  • The Cerulean Kingdom has a strong relationship with the Vermillion Freehold.
  • They have a good relationship with the Saffron Alliance, although some groups may differ.
  • They have a little ties to the Viridian Republic, whose people have not made formal contact as of yet.
The three core races that make up the majority of the Cerulean Kingdom are:
* Human [M]: A diverse and ambitious race with the potential to break the boundaries of their fate. The ruling family of the Cerulean Kingdom are Humans.
* Aemer [M]: A race of tall and graceful Elves with an air of superiority masking hidden struggles of being held to impossible standards.
* Duergar [M]: A race of Stout-powerful Dwarves with dense bodies, a fascination for mechanics and the ability to turn invisible and become giants.

Other Races linked to the Cerulean Kingdom include:
* Artek [T~H]: Humanoid constructs given artificial intelligence and sentience, originally created to combat giants in an old war, they now have new goals.
* Kobrave [L] Large-sized anthropomorphic dragons with a deep history and strong sense of pride.
* Orc [L]: Brutish humanoids bearing tusks and large frames, a proud people who live in wilds and cities alike.

Vermillion Freeholds

The Vermillion Freeholds are home to Small and Tiny-sized races. Though the Freeholds are primarily secluded away from the other kingdoms, they have a strong internal economy and produce intelligent and resourceful adventurers capable of surviving out in the big world outside their lands. Vermillions formed an alliance with the Cerulean Kingdom due to the cooperative nature of the two factions and are more likely to interact with them than other bigger factions. They are generally fearful of the massive people of Saffron and, with a few exceptions, most find the vast size difference between Viridians and Vermillions makes interactions with them alien and stressful.

  • Vermillions have the most stable relationship with the Cerulean kingdom, trusting them more not to abuse the physical disadvantage they have as a nation compared to other factions.
  • Vermillions are often fearful of working with Saffronites due to the huge size disadvantage they have against them, many would be reluctant to take on a Saffonite even with recommendation of their Cerulean allies.
  • Vermillions have very little interaction only heard of vague accounts of giants larger than the Saffonites and if they were to meet such a being, the means of communication would be alien and stressful at best.
* Homan [S]: A diminutive race of human-like Halflings that use their wits and wiles to navigate a seemingly giant world. They feel kinship towards Humans the best despite the difference in size.
* Goblin [S]: Small green humanoids with exaggerated facial features and keen senses of the world around them as well as how to manipulate it. 
* Gnome [T]: Small-sized humanoids whose lineage was touched by the Fey, their mysterious ways are matched by their quirkiness. They have kinship towards Aemer and Tieflings due to the aura surrounding them.
* Kobold [S]: Small-sized reptilians, the smaller cousins of the Kobrave. Exceptionally fearless, their kind revere Kobraves and Dragonkind in the hopes of becoming like them.
* Dromite [T]: Anthropomorphic Formicidae (Ants) that possesses significant physical strength and durability for their size. 
* Grippli [S]: Anthropomorphic Frogs that evolved to use their powerful legs and elastic tongue to hunt their prey.

Saffron Alliance

The Saffron Alliance is composed of many groups of Large and Huge-sized races. Saffronites are mostly splintered across a vast area of lands inhabited by a diverse set of people adapted to their environments. Their main export includes the raw resources and medicines that nations like the Cerulean Kingdom values greatly.

  • Saffronites interact and trade with the Cerulean Kingdom to find work or obtain manufactured items not readily available at home. Though they find the Cerulean a little slow or resilient to providing proper accomodation for their size.
  • Saffronites don't have good relations with Vermillions for the most part, as the stark size difference puts Vermillions on the defensive, and some Saffronites will take advantage of their size to worsen relations further.
  • Saffronites are the faction closest to the Viridian Republic. With the least difference in size as well as proximity to the areas Viridians would use to travel to the lands of the other three nations.
The list of races are known as formal allies of the Cerulean Kingdom and its affilates, including direct trade agreements and passage into each others' domains:
* Golian [H]: A race of giant humans with exaggerated proportions varying from the tall and agile Longstriders, to the massive and hulking Broadbacks. Golians are the people who are friendliest towards the Cerulean Kingdom and Vermillions.
* Shradi [H]: A race of humanoid nomads that originated from the harsh deserts but developed a knack for navigating terrain and trades with other nations. They share a bond with the Golians.

Below are the Saffronites that do not have formal agreements with the Cerulean Kingdom but do lean towards friendship and cooperation, for the most part:
* Troll [H]: Burly beast-like humanoids with large horns and cobblestone callouses. They're familiar with and bond with Orcs the best.
* Loxodon [H]: Anthropomorphic Elephants with powerful bodies and a prehensile trunk they can use as a third arm, they're loud and proud.
* Tortle [L~H]: A race of Anthropomorphic Turtles who use their tough hide and shield-strong shells to repel blows from enemy attackers.
* Saurian [H]: Anthropomorphic Dinosaurs that are seasoned hunters and deep philosophers, Saurian variants can affect their abilities.
* Minotaur [L~H]: Anthropomorphic bull-headed humanoids who use their goring horns and tough hooved feet to trample their foes.

The races listed below are ambivilent or unaligned towards the Cerulean Kingdom:
* Nagaji [L]: A race of Anthropomorphic Snakes that utilize their powerful venom and serpentine anatomy to lock down their foes. They sometimes clash with the Shradi but it varies from tribe to tribe.
* Oni [L]: A race of pure-blooded Demons with ties to the underworld, they frequently call upon their ogre-like cousins, the Yokaijin, in times of need. They also revere the Yamanokyojin.
* Yokaijin [H]:A race of towering, three-eyed Demon-ogres that possess keen, lethal skill beneath their fearsome visage. They see kinship with those known as the Oni and revere the Yamanokyojin.
* Jin [T~M~H]: Magical Outsiders with immense powers that rely on anchoring themselves to something material to resist banishment. Based upon the Janni, the neutrally-elemental kind of Genie. They are mischievious towards the Shradi.
* Ursus [L]: (Bugbear)

Viridian Republic

The Viridian Republic is a disconnected nation home to a democratic union of states run by Colossal races. The Viridian Republic has the highest average technology level of all the four nations, years ahead of Cerulean in terms of magical and mechanical prowess. Viridians are also quite powerful and their great numbers make them the most powerful nation on the planet. The location of their lands is often a well-kept secret and rarely leave except out of sheer curiosity or specific intent.

  • Most Viridians don't involve themselves much in the affairs of the Cerulean Kingdom or Vermillion Freeholds, though certain adventurers and individuals might travel far to see them for themselves.
  • They have some connections with the Saffron Alliance, due to their size and proximity to the Republic..
  • Most Viridians don't even realize many of the Vermillions and Cerulean races exist because of distance between them, both geographically and physically.
The three mains races that rule and govern the Viridian Republic include:
* Athenean [C]: Astral Giants of immense intellect and innovative thinking, well versed in the metaforce and serves as the architects of the Viridian Republic.
* Chronean [C]: Great and Powerful bronzed mythic Titans that embrace competition and physical feats of its members, they serve as the champions of the Viridian Republic.
* Yamanokyojin [C]: Rune Giants with a deep and complex history and culture, trained to become pinnacles of giantkind, they serve as the tacticians of the Viridian Republic.
* Atlantean [C]: Anthropomorphic aquatic mammals that remain unrivalled movement in bodies of water, Atlantean variants can affect the abilities they possess.

Other representive races of the Viridian Republic include:
* Gaosi [H]: Mountainous Stone Giants that dutifully and patiently protect the Viridian lands with stone-like stoicism, they serve as the guardians of the Viridian Republic.
* Dweman [H]: Stout-Powerful Dwarves with blazing passion and fiery ambitions, their mechanical prowess allows them to serve as the builders, mechanics and arms-manufacturer of the Viridian Republic.
* Nord [H]: Robust men and women of the Frost and masters of the winter wastelands, their survival training and grit enables them to serve as the Rangers of the Viridian Republic.
* Firbolg [H]: Forest Giants with a knack for nature and nurturing, while still having the strength to protect. They serve as the agriculturists of the Viridian Republic.


For legal reasons, these Races do not officially exist in the Viridian world setting, but have been included as options for players along with their respective Home factions. Races protected by the Open-Gaming Licence (OGL), and Free-Domain exceptions will not appear on this list. In campaigns and scenarios that feature player characters belonging to a race, or when included as part of a Game Master's campaign from the list below, that campaign/scenario will be portrayed as the appropiate races being a part of the Viridian world setting to maintain narrative integrity.

The Races shown in (parentheses) refers to their canonical 'Twin', each Race has their own unique qualities but fulfil similar roles to one another. Chances are, if you enjoy playing as one race, you might enjoy their twin as well.

Vermillion Freeholds

* Galvan (Gnome) [T]: Tiny Frog-like Xenos with advanced intelligence and innovation with regard to technology.

Saffron Alliance

* Gorn (Kobrave) [L~H]: A race of reptilians with tough hides and powerful jaws resembling crocodiles and alligators.
* Tetramand: A race of Xenos divergent between castes of mind and body, sharing their trait of being four-armed humanoids between them.
* Rito [M~L]: A race of Anthropomorphic avians with colourful feathers that possess the ability to fly when guided by strong winds.
* Xamoan (Loxodon) [H]: A whale-like Xeno with a powerful body and innate knack for analysing and adapting to their prey and terrain. The Xamoans and Loxodon have strong bonds with one another.
* Namekian [C] Green-skinned Xenos of incredible power and flexibility over their own anatomy.

Viridian Republic

* Ravenni (Orc) [H+]: Titanic Orcs from another plane that took refuge in the Viridian republic after leaving a dying world behind, they roam Viridian's wilds as one of its residents. They feel kinship towards their smaller Orc cousins.