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Physical Description

Significantly taller than most humans by a couple of feet, elves possess a graceful, slender physique that is accentuated by their long, pointed ears. Their eyes are wide and almond-shaped, and filled with large, vibrantly coloured irises. The colouration of elves as a whole varies wildly, and is much more diverse than that of human populations. However, as their colouration often matches their surroundings, the elves of a single community may appear quite similar. Forest-dwelling elves often have variations of green, brown, and tan in their hair, eye, and even skin tones.

Culture & Social

While Aemerian clothing often plays off the beauty of the natural world, those Aemers who live in cities tend to bedeck themselves in the latest fashions. Where city-dwelling Aemers encounter other urbanites, the Aemers are often fashion trendsetters.


Aemer are the type of race that excels being precise with their attacks and quick about it too. Because of their base +2 Perception and Agility, they start off with a bit more AP and movement speed than most and decent amount of accuracy as well. Every Aemer has Athletics skills as a focus, so they're able to traverse difficult terrain even easier at earlier levels. With the trait Second-Wind, Aemer magic/metaforce users can regain more resource points when they run out, and with High-Elf, they have superior movement speed for a medium-sized race and the ability to attack at greater range with a minor ToHit penalty. The Gem in the Aemer's crown is their Saving Grace ability which allows them to effectively turn a failed roll into a successful one, for a number of times of day relative to their Charisma score, it doesn't automatically succeed ALL checks however, it must be realistically successful with a maximum roll result.

Roleplaying Suggestions

The Aemer are often referred to in slang as 'High Elves', considering their peoples' penchant for being regal and proper, since they're so tall some Aemer literally look down at other people with a sense of superiority or insincere pity. The fact that they're so keenly talented and gifted can often rub people the wrong way, however in reality Aemer are just as prone to making mistakes and blunders like the rest of the world, they're just masters at hiding it. The skill, talent and knowledge they use was often practised over and over again in private with excruciating standards to attain. More often than not, stress and living up to the expectations of society is far deadlier than any bandit with blade or firearm, the happiest Aemer in the world found a way to live on their own terms or simply let their standards fall and join a community that doesn't expect anything from them.
While Aemer are not classed as giants, it's no trivial detail that Aemer are very tall by human standards. Aemer buildings and facilities often have high doors and vaulted-ceilings to accentuate the grandeur of their society. However, when they roam around other settlements they can often run into issues with being too tall for doorways and even some interiors, having to stoop over in a small room can feel a bit embarrassing for an Aemer. Sitting on chairs can often emphasize the length of their legs, especially if the chair is short, and legroom can be an issue with being too long for beds or under tables. But what inconveniences they endure in ill-fitting establishments they made up in ease of mobility over low obstacles.

Race Meta

  • Better known as: Elves
  • Height: 7'6 to 8'6" / 8'0~ (Size: 1, Medium)
  • Genus: Humanoid
  • Rarity: Common in Cerulean, Rare elsewhere.
  • Faction(s): Cerulean Kingdom
The Aemer are basically the Elves of the setting, very tall, very pretty, great at magic and being graceful too. With the occasional snob aside, their perfect prettiness is more likely to be the stigma that draws the ire of these people rather than anything that may have said or done to anyone else, but fortunately they don't have to explain themselves because they can back up their looks with style and execution. Aemer are purposefully much taller than the average human by a couple of feet in height to counterbalance the way Duergar are around a foot shorter and focus on power and toughness whereas Aemer are focused in precision and speed. It takes 'High Elf' to a whole new level.

As Adventurers

Aemer Adventurers are likely to venture out for a number of reasons, from mundane things as boredom to more noble justifications such as proving their worth in the 'real world'. A lone Aemer has as much to gain as any other when seeking out fame and fortune, most of all their reputation which the average Aemer lacks, to be accepted by another community would amount almost more than anything material they could earn.

Racial Adjustments & Archetypes


The Aemer are very quick and light, giving them the opportunity to show off and style upon their opponents.

♦ Aemer gain a +2 attribute bonus to Perception and Agility.
♦ All Aemer gain a Skill-Focus in all Athletics skills.
♦ Aemer are considered Medium size and have a size-rating of 1.


Passive: High-Elf

Aemer are noticeably taller than most Humans and Duergars, this does give them a small physical advantage in close-quarters combat and reach.

♦ Aemers have a base movement speed of 7 steps.
  (Normally: 6 steps.)
♦ Aemers can perform reach attacks with no penalty to ToHit.
  (Normally: A character can perform a reach attack at -25 ToHit penalty).

Ability: Saving Grace

Mistakes, embarrassments and other forms of failure is something an Aemer aims to avoid at all costs, so much so that they've developed a knack to turning failures into successes.

Use Limit
♦ (1 + Charisma score) times a day after rest.

♦ The Aemer can reroll Social or other non-combat skill check where the attempt had failed. The rerolled result will be based on the maximum possible result the roll would be possible to achieve. (It is possible to still fail if the maximum result does not result in a success).

Passive: Second Wind

Aemer are capable of containing a lot of magical energy, when it seems they've run dry, they find it within themselves to spark just a small amount more to keep them going.

♦ When an Aemer's resource points are too low to activate any spell or power.
♦ Only once per rest.

♦ The Aemer regains 10% of their maximum resource pool; this recovery occurs only once per rest.