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Physical Description

The nagaji are a race of ophidian humanoids with scaled skin that mimics the dramatic appearance of true nagas. Like serpents, they have forked tongues and lidless eyes, giving them an unblinking gaze that most other races find unnerving. Their physical forms are otherwise human-like, raising wary speculation about their origins. Nagaji often inspire awe and fear among other humanoids, as much for their mysterious ancestry as for their talent for both swords and sorcery. The nagaji have long since developed into a vibrant and proud race.
The reptilian nagaji have scaly flesh; these scales are typically green, gray, or brown in hue, with colourful ridges of red, blue, or orange on their skulls or backs. Their ears and noses are flat, almost to the point of being non-existent, while their eyes are those of serpents, ranging widely in colour but tending toward golds, reds, yellows, and other warm hues. Nagaji grow to a height of 12 to 16 feet tall.

Race Meta

  • Height: 12 to 16ft / 14ft (Size: 2, Large)
  • Genus: Reptilian / Humanoid
  • Rarity: Common in Saffron, Uncommon in Cerulean.
  • Faction(s): Saffron Alliance, Cerulean Kingdom
Nagaji serve as a snake-race option for players. Possessing decent natural resistances to physical and poison while being able to produce poison themselves. They have a smooth spread of attributes that work well for fast melee-types and even have a natural ability to become elongated serpents with greater reach and the ability to coil themselves around an enemy to bind them while being able to act. As a mid-sized giant race, they're focused more on being faster attackers in combat but have surprisingly good navigation ability even in tight spaces.
Nagaji are good giant-sized close-range fighters who can use and resist poison and can constrict foes with their Serpentine body ability.


Nagaji get an even spread of Strength, Perception, Agility and Charisma, this gives them a light bump in attack and evasion while being strangely forceful with their personality. Other archetypes normally enhance strength and another attribute so that the Nagaji adventurer can deal decent damage at close range as well as improve their ability to coil around their foe to restrict their movement. As they are Large-sized, melee combat is even stronger and the Nagaji will have an advantage in reach. With Secrete Venom they can produce doses of venom that they can spit or apply to weapons to inflict Poison on foes, their accompanying ability Poison-Resistance makes them immune to their own poisons and be able to resist 50% of the effects of other poisons.
Their Serpentine Body ability can be used to great effect, not just to use their Coil-Grab command to entrap foes of their size or smaller but also to increase their natural reach and move through tight spaces they would ordinarily have to squeeze to get past. Additional ranks in the Potential skill can allow the Nagaji to stretch even further and expand their frame to negate penalties associated with their form and reach even farther.

Roleplaying Suggestions

The Nagaji are considered to be nomadic, kind of like the Shradi, preferring warmer climates but can live comfortably in more temperate climes as well. Though they can also build settlements on their own, the most likely time people will encounter Nagaji are as individuals or smaller groups hunting for resources and occasionally ambushing travellers. Because of this, Nagaji tend to get a bad reputation as a lawless race even though there are just as many Nagaji who try to better themselves by contributing to the wider society and become merchants, crafters and protectors. The Nagaji originate from the lands where the Jin and aforementioned Shradi reside.
As the Nagaji are a mid-sized giant, settlements for smaller races tend to be awkward mainly for the inhabitants, as the Nagaji can use their serpentine body to slide and contort through narrow hall and doorways more easily than most giants, but in a way that appears unsettling for those who are unused to the ability in action. Most Nagaji are tolerant of smaller environments but prefer open spaces, they are usually fearless against bigger giants though they are smart enough to avoid an unwinnable fight.

As Adventurers

Nagaji adventurers are fairly common across the board, those that don't settle down into their camps and towns will often be trekking across the lands looking for resources, a contract for bounties or to find another place they can do jobs for easy money. Nagaji are adept fighters so the adventurer's lifestyle of fighting off monsters and villains is something that can be agreeable to most Nagaji.


Nagaji are strong and have forceful personalities, but tend to ignore logic and mock scholastic pursuits.

♦ Nagaji gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength, Perception, Agility and Charisma.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in all Survival skills.

Nagaji Archetypes

Archetype: Striker

Nagaji warriors like to strike hard and strike quickly, by giving the enemy the least amount of time to fight back means they usually gain an advantage during a fight.

♦ These Nagaji gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength and Agility.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in one [Combat]-oriented skill group and all Defence skills.
♦ Nagaji Strikers are also treated as 2 Agility higher for the purposes of determining Initiative.

Archetype: Tall-grass

Nagaji are particularly adept at moving around quietly and slipping in between gaps in security, they can deliver deadly strikes before their victim knows it.

♦ These Nagaji gain a +1 attribute bonus to Strength and Perception.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in one [Combat]-related skill and all Larceny skills.

Archetype: Psychotropic

Nagaji are not usually associated with academic feats, but some gain the mental acuity to develop advanced metaforce powers and add an interesting effect to their venom.

♦ These Nagaji gain a +1 attribute bonus to Perception and Intelligence.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in one [Metaforce]-related skill group.
♦ Doses of the Nagaji's Secrete Venom trait now causes victims to become Stunned/Dazed.

Archetype: Highly-Boopable

While most Nagaji are not known for their cuteness, some Nagaji can appear docile, unassuming and speak in an endearing way to others. Whether it's to trap them or to be likes by others.

♦ These Nagaji gain a +1 attribute bonus to Endurance and Charisma.
♦ They also gain a skill-focus in all Social and Analysis skills.

Archetype: Anaconda-Style

As the Nagaji can stretch their bodies, some take this natural ability as a fine art and use it in many of their combat strategies.

♦ This Nagaji gains a +1 attribute bonus to Strength and Endurance.
♦ They also gain a Skill-Focus in all CQC and Defence skills.
♦ When this Nagaji uses Serpentine Form, they can move as if they were one size category larger than normal and attack at increased reach with no strength penalties.
♦ When this Nagaji uses Coil-Grab, the strength multiplier for the victim to break out is doubled.

Archetype: Leviathan

Some Nagaji are said to be descended from the great Leviathan, as they tend to grow large enough to become giant among the giants. The biggest Nagaji are welcomed within the ranks of the Viridian Republic

♦ This Nagaji gains the Big perk: their base size category is now Large+ (Size: 3). Their average height is now 25ft.
♦ When this Nagaji unlocks Tier 2 perks, they can obtain the Huge perk immediately (or choose a free perk), their size category becomes Huge (Size: 4)
♦ When this Nagaji unlocks Tier 3 perks, they can obtain the Gigantic perk immediately (or choose a free perk), their size category becomes Gargantuan (Size: 8).


Passive: Armoured Scales

Nagaji have scaly flesh that is resistant to damage and dull to pain. With proper training, this can be enhanced further.

♦ Nagaji resist Physical: Blunt, Cut and Pierce damage by 20% at Novice rank.
♦ Nagaji gain a natural armour rating of 1, plus 1 for each rank beyond Novice. This scales with size. (Being Large-sized, their natural AR is 2).
♦ This trait is affected by the Potential skill.

Passive: Poison-Resistance

Nagaji are naturally resistant to Poison and psychological ailments.

♦ Nagaji are immune to their own poison.
♦ When a Nagaji is exposed to a different type of poison, they suffer the normal effects for the first time, then develop a 50% resistance for any other exposures as long as they are healed afterwards.

Ability: Secrete Venom

Nagaji have the capability to produce a powerful poison that they can spit from a gland in their throat.

♦ A Nagaji can produce enough venom to create a number of doses equal to 1 + number of ranks in their Potential skill.
♦ A dose of Nagaji poison has a Poison magnitude of 5.

Ability: Serpentine Body

The Nagaji, being descended from snakes and serpents, are capable of stretching their limbs and torso to lengths that better allow them to take advantage of their primal abilities.

♦ As a standard action (50AP), a Nagaji can elongate their arms, legs and torso. While in this shape, their body becomes flexible and can bend in ways their normal body can't.
♦ While elongated, a Nagaji's natural reach is doubled. The stride of their legs is also doubled but the unwieldy shape of their transformation doesn't increase their speed.
♦ While elongated, the Nagaji's body can become narrower, enabling them to slip through gaps half their natural space without issues and also squeeze into spaces 1/4th their space as if squeezing.
♦ Action: While elongated, a Nagaji can lunge towards a target equal to, or smaller than, themselves to perform a Coil-Grab. This is a standard action (50AP).
♦ Coil-Grab: The Nagaji coils around their victim, restricting their movement and can leave them helpless. The Nagaji's arms and upper body are usually free, so they can use unarmed strikes or weapon attacks against the victim's head. The Nagaji can also perform a bite attack from this position.
♠ The victim can make a Strength check to escape the Nagaji's Coil-Grab. The Nagaji's Coil-Grab magnitude is [10 + ((the Nagaji's Strength score * 4) * sizediff)].
The victim's escape roll is [d20 + their Strength score]. When the victim fails to roll a result that meets or exceeds the magnitude, the victim remains trapped but can add previous results to their next rolls until they escape. (i.e. Victim rolls a 12, but the Nagaji's magnitude is 36. The victim is trapped for one more round but rolls a 15, they can add 12 to that roll to make it 27. Another roll of 14 adds 12 and 15 to make 41, on that roll, the victim escapes.

Skill Perks

The Nagaji can select a new skill perk with each rank of Potential

Stretch: While in Serpentine Body form: The Nagaji's natural reach is increased by a factor of 4 instead of 2.
Expand: While in Serpentine Body form: The Nagaji's limbs and body expand to twice their girth; the Nagaji can now move as if they were one size category larger and negate strength penalties for attacking with their increased reach.
Constrict: While in Serpentine Body form, and successfully captured a target in a Coil-Grab, the Nagaji's strength bonus for Coil-Grab magnitude is doubled (to 8).
Rapid: The Nagaji can change to and from Serpentine form as a free actions, costing 0 AP. They cannot however, expand and then contract forms during the same turn.
Grow (Ability): The Nagaji can grow one size category larger while in their base form and use Serpentine Body separately. The Nagaji's size and size-rating are increased as if they were one size larger. They can return to their smaller base size as a standard action. If the Nagaji has the Rapid skill perk, they can grow and shrink at zero AP cost as if they were shifting between Serpentine Body and Normal Body.
> Pre-Req: This perk requires Stretch and Expand skill perks as a pre-requisite.

Passive: Low-Light Vision

Nagaji have low-light vision allowing them to see twice as far in conditions of dim light.

♦ The Nagaji’s vision type is: Low-Light Vision. Personal and external light sources illuminate twice as far to them.