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They resemble tiny human adults with squarish ears and egg-shaped heads. Their lightweight and agile frames allow them to be elusive, their lack of physical stature encourages more tactical manoeuvring of their environment. Though Homan communities tend to be situated far away from larger settlements, the Homan are open to communication and cooperation with other races they feel will not take advantage of their lack of stature.

Halflings prefer simple and modest clothing. Though willing and able to dress up if the situation demands it, their racial urge to remain quietly in the background makes them rather conservative dressers in most situations. Halfling entertainers, on the other hand, make their livings by drawing attention, and tend to go overboard with gaudy and flashy costumes.

Halflings rely on customs and traditions to maintain their own culture. They have an extensive oral history filled with important stories about folk heroes who exemplify particular halfling virtues, but otherwise see little purpose in studying history in and of itself. Given a choice between a pointless truth and a useful fable, halflings almost always opt for the fable. This tendency helps to explain at least something of the famous halfling adaptability. Halflings look to the future and find it very easy to cast off the weight of ancient grudges or obligations that drag down so many other races.

Rather than place their faith in empires or great causes, many halflings prefer to focus on the simpler and humbler virtues of their families and local communities. Halflings claim no cultural homeland and control no settlements larger than rural assemblies of free towns. Most often, they dwell at the knees of their human cousins in human cities, eking out livings as they can from the scraps of larger societies. Many halflings lead perfectly fulfilling lives in the shadow of their larger neighbours, while some prefer more nomadic lives, travelling the world and experiencing all it has to offer.

Race Meta

  • Height: 2'6" (0.7, Small)
  • Genus: Humanoid
  • Faction(s): Vermillion Freeholds, Cerulean Kingdom
Homans are ideal all-rounders to get into the game as a Small-sized race in general.


Homans tend to lean towards the extrovert side of the personality spectrum, as if they're performing for others. This doesn't mean they're not capable of being stern, quiet or reserved, it tends to be more of a way to endear others to them, especially the bigger races who they're better off befriending than making an enemy out of them. Homan adventurers look and actually are like small human adults but their quirks, interests and mannerisms can sometimes give the impression of childishness, this childishness can on occasion make them more difficult to work with and sometimes entreating them like a child can placate or remind them that they should be acting like an adult. This is something even the most serious Homan has to contend with, even if it happens less often and less obviously than the Happy-Go-Lucky type.

As a Small race, Homans are only on average 2'6" tall, that's about mid-thigh to a six-foot tall human adult, and they can only scrape a few inches taller if they're lucky. In the Vermillion Freeholds where small size is the norm, they have no problems navigating the environment and using the facilities. It's only when they start venturing around outside their lands that they realize just how small they really are. Some Homan may think it's all very new and exciting, however many underestimate how limited or how much more effort it takes to do simple things like climb stairs, open doors or carry objects designed for non-small creatures. They'll soon encounter bigger races who treat them either with great interest (good or bad) or with cold indifference; this unnatural, bipolar treatment can make some Homan a bit paranoid, making it harder to trust those who seem nice since they might have ulterior motives.

Racial Adjustments & Archetypes



♦ The base Progression-Point cost for a Homan to increase their Perception and Agility attribute scores is reduced by 2 points.
♦ The base P-point cost for them to increase their Charisma is also reduced by 1 point.


♦ Homans gain a Skill-Focus in the Aegis, Acrobatics, Stealth, Tactics and Determination skills.


♦ ????

Potential Skill

The following Racial Perks must be unlocked via the Potential skill via Skill-Ranks. As all character gain a Skill-Focus in Potential. they are able to pick one Racial Perk at creation.

Name Requirements Effect
The following Traits are automatically obtained at 1st rank:
Luck of the Homan -

Homans are able to avoid the consequences of danger from a seemingly mysterious force:

♦ The Homan may use this ability a number of times equal to their Potential Skill-Rank per day.
♦ Whenever the Homan is subject to an attack or check that can cause them harm, this trait can be used to treat the attack or check as a failure.
♦ This trait can be called upon even after knowing the result of a roll, in order to reverse it.

♦ This trait cannot be used when the resulting source has no chance to fail, due to a lack of random chance or if the check is too difficult to ever fail.
♦ This trait can only be used to prevent material and serious harm to the Homan, this does not allow them to avoid the consequence of
At 2nd Skill-Rank and beyond, the following traits are obtainable:
Lucky Charm -

The Homan can extend their Luck to allow their allies to benefit from this effect as well:

♦ When the Homan uses their Luck of the Homan ability, they may expend a charge of this ability to grant another target to do so for another individual as well.
♦ Both the Homan and another individual can benefit from the effect with one charge, if both are targeted for a harmful effect.
Bounce Back -

When the Homan is knocked down:

♦ A Homan is able to use a Get-up action outside their turn, as a Quick-Action (25 AP).
(Normally: Getting up from a knocked position outside a turn is a Standard Action.)

When the Homan falls from a great height and are able to land in some safe manner:

♦ The distance they can fall before taking damage is doubled, and any damage taken from a fall is halved.
Elusive -

Homan are usually skittish around those larger than themselves:

♦ The Homan gain an additional +15 Defence when using defensive or evasive actions against attackers larger than they are. 
♦ If the Homan has no more charges of Luck of the Homan, this Defence bonus is increases to +25 instead.
Positive Attitude -

The Homan are able to recover from negative effects more easily:

♦ The Homan gain an additional +15 bonus to Determination checks to resist or recover from negative physiological and psychological effects.
♦ If the Homan has no more charges of Luck of the Homan, this bonus increases to +25 instead.
Sweet-Talker -

Homans learn how to sweet-talk their larger contemporaries to stay on their good side, or get an advantage:

♦ The Homan gains a Skill-Focus in the Persuade and Deception skills.

(If the Homan already has a skill-focus any of the above skills, they gain a +10 Skill-Rating bonus instead.)