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The Pages listed below are intellectual properties originally created from Third-Party sources, adapted for the Viridian TTRPG system for recreational purposes. No harm is intended upon the rights holders, all rights reserved. This section covers content that is not free to use in the Public Domain, nor protected by licenses like Creative Commons (CC) and Open-Gaming Licenses (OGL).

  • Legally speaking: The following pages are NOT canon to the Viridian setting and world-building.
  • The Rarity of Third-Party races is always considered Rare; meaning they can be only found as Player-Characters/Adventurers or mentioned specifically by the Game-Master, not as random NPCs.
  • Third-Party Races often have a Canon Counterpart, meaning in the case of substitutions, one Third-Party race will have a Canonical Race to replace them when Vanilla-only content rules are in effect.

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