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Fabrication is a crafting-oriented skill that governs the creation, modification and repair of Equipment, which includes worn armours and outfits, wielded weapons and other manufactured tools. In many cases, the Adventurer will need a Crafting Station available in order to have all the tools, processes and materials ready to create, repair or modify compatible items.

Creating equipment often has a steeper material or Coinage cost, but allows the Adventurer to construct all new pieces of equipment to their specifications. They can also try creating Mods that can be combined to weapons and outfits to enhance their effects after the fact. Equipment Repairs require either a piece of material matching the equipment, or a cost measured in Coins to fully repair any damage it may have received. Equipment may be damaged if it receives direct force from hostile forces or hazards. It is the easiest action to perform on an item.

Perk Name Requirements Effect
The following traits are obtained upon reaching 1st rank:
Fabricator -

The Adventurer can create, modify or repair any item within their skill-level:

♦ The Adventurer is able to create Equipment up to a tier equal to their Fabrication Skill-Rank.

(The Adventurer will not be able to create items of a tier higher than they are trained in)
Masterwork Mastery -

The more skilled an Adventurer is in the Fabrication skill, the more likely they can make Masterworks. A Masterwork roll is determined by the amount of Skill-Rating higher than the minimum SR required to create a piece of equipment subtracted from 100:

♦ If the Adventurer rolls equal or higher than the sum shown above, the Fabrication check will gain a 'Masterwork bonus'.
(If the Adventurer has 50 SR and the equipment being checked requires at least 30. Then the roll needed to get a Masterwork bonus becomes 80.)

The Masterwork bonus has different effects based on the type of check being made:

Created items are granted a +1 higher bonus than originally intended.
♦ Repaired items now gain a property to resist the effects of item-breaking effects.
At 2nd rank onwards, the following traits can be obtained:
Specialisation -

The Adventurer can gain additional bonuses to creating specific types of equipment:

♦ The Adventurer can select a number of choices equal to their Fabrication Skill-Rank.
♦ Each type of equipment selected gains a +10 Skill-Rating bonus to any Fabrication checks involving it.
♦ This Perk is repeatable, the Adventurer can select the same type of equipment and its bonus will stack.

The following types of equipment can be selected by this perk:

Warfare-based Weaponry and Shields,
♦ Firearms-based Weaponry and Ammunition,
♦ Armours and other Outfits.
♦ Weapon and Outfit Mods
♦ Tools
Superior Masterwork Mastery -

If the Adventurer is significantly more skilled than the project they're working on, they may be able to make Masterworks effortlessly:

♦ If the Adventurer's Fabrication Skill-Rating is 50 points higher than the minimum required for the project, the item automatically receives a Masterwork bonus, no roll required.
Construct Construct
  • 50 Skill-Rating


  • Adventurer is a Construct

The Adventurer can begin creating, repairing and modifying Constructs:

♦ The Adventurer can now apply their Fabrication Skill-Rating and Ranks to Constructs and other animate machines instead of just Equipment.

♦ If the Adventurer is a Construct: they gain a +25 bonus to Fabrication checks related to Construct projects.
♦ If the Adventurer is not a Construct: The above bonus is only obtained after creating or modifying on their first Construct.