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Perks refer to special bonuses and upgrades an Adventurer can acquire as they move through character progression. They can provide an edge in both combat and utility in out-of-combat scenarios. Perks are separated into two types: Universal Perks that can be obtained provided the Adventurer meets the prerequisites, and Skill Perks which are unlocked and obtained acquired by ranking up specific skills.

For a list of available Universal Perks, please read the Perks List article.

For Skill perks, check Skill List instead.

Universal Perks

Universal Perks, or 'Perks', are acquired by spending Progression Points, which are gained through levelling up. Universal Perks may often have requirements that must be met before taking them, most commonly, Perks in a series will often require the previous perk in order to obtain the next. Perks will often have requirements ranging from Level, to Attributes to Skill Rank and more.

Skill Perks

Skill Perks are named as such, because they are unlocked by reaching certain Skill Ranks, through the use of Skill-Points and Skill-Focuses. Skill-Perks cannot be obtained through Progression-Points until the Adventurer has reached maximum rank (Rank 5, Master, 100 Skill-Rating) for a specific skill. When a Skill is at Max Rank and there are still Skill Perks to be obtained, they can then be purchased as if they were Universal Perks.

  • Adventurers usually gain Skill Perks after reaching a new Skill Rank, after investing 20 permanent Skill rating points per skill.
  • Read specific Skill entries to know whether you can pick a Skill Perk or if it is granted automatically per skill rank.

Pathfinder / DnD 3.5 compatibility

Pathfinder / Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e Feats can be used in exchange for Universal and Skill Perks. Feats used for Skill-Perks must be functionally and conceptually relevant to the Skill in question.

It is recommended to check out the Pathfinder Wiki for looking up Feats unavailable in Viridian. As always, consult your GM before committing to feat choices.

The Tabletop System Conversion article provides other information about converting or understanding the difference between Viridian and PF/DnD.