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Viridian: Tabletop Roleplaying Game

In a world that is quickly moving into a new era of invention and exploration, where magic meets technology, Viridian-Fantasy is a custom-made system built to provide a deep roleplaying experience with open-ended character progression, integration with tabletop RPG software Maptool, for achieving fast results to complex math and game-mechanic resolutions using it's scripting features and overall great tabletop management tools. Minimize the inconveniences of traditional TTRPGs and maximize potential in both combat and roleplay. Take control of Adventurers, Explorers, both massive and miniature in this TTRPG Fantasy-punk Adventure!

The Viridian TTRPG system is a homebrew Virtual TableTop Roleplaying Game framework built on Maptool's Javascript client and based on the homebrew setting of the same name. Viridian was created and developed by @AlienOvan for personal / limited use. The Viridian system uses JavaScript macros to create a semi-automated [Commands] using a TTRPG framework which can be used to simplify down many game mechanics into clickable command buttons with at most light data-entry to process; this contrasts with traditional TTRPGs using simplified game mechanics to be able to be performed by humans in a reasonable period of time.

Genre and Setting


High-Fantasy world set in the Industrial Revolution
Viridian is intended to be set in a fantasy world of high-magic in a time that would be closer described as the early industrial revolution, where the warring nations of the past give way to invention, industry and an age better known to the populace as the 'Age of Adventures'. Traditional Bow and Arrow meets the emergence of Firearms, Horseback riding meets the steam boat and train. Both magic and science are used to create inventions to make the lives of those better and easier than before. A fantastic energy source known Metagon (Meh-tah-jon) harvested from saturated crystals and from the surrounding air is collected and used as fuel in order to power such devices and highly coveted by the leading nation of the world, the Cerulean Kingdom.

The base premise of Viridian is upon this 'Age of Adventures' narrative promoted primarily by the Cerulean Adventurers Guild that seeks individuals from all around to form teams to explore the furthest reaches of the lands beyond. In search of treasure, lost artefacts and all-important Metagon deposits that the Guild pays a premium upon successful discoveries and materials brought back to distributors. The idea of a Guild forming adventuring parties with an open-ended goal in mind is ideal for players to get together with minimal pomp and circumstance and can focus on getting on with each other in a new locale to complete their quest objectives. Whether they follow the objective set by the guild or seek out other leads to follow, players will be able to enjoy their time in the world of Viridian.

The main nations of the world is composed of the Cerulean Kingdom, the Vermillion Freeholds and the Saffron Alliance. A fourth and elusive nation, the Viridian Republic exists as its own separate society beyond that of the three and even regarded as a well-kept secret by those in the know. The primary differences between the nations are governed by the Hierarchy of their population's stature. Ceruleans are regarded are the baseline with its Humans, Aemer and Duergar being around the height of 6 feet (when averaged). Whereas, Vermillions are noted for their rather small size, averaging 2'6" amongst the Homans and mere inches for the Gnomes and Dromites. Saffronites on the other hand are composed of many giant races in orders of 15 and 30 feet tall or more. The mysterious existence of Viridian is regarded as the stuff of fairytales, as those from the Republic have been measured at a height of 100 to 130 feet tall!

The history of Viridian began with legends of the Titans who once ruled over the simple people of the land, protecting them and bestowing knowledge, so they may live happily and peacefully. Eventually the Titans disappeared and soon after, mortal races soon began to experience magical gigantism which would eventually form the giants of modern times. In a bid to claim dominance, giants of one faction vied to enslave and subjugate non-giants into submission and began the Great War (of the Giants). It was through the cooperation of non-giants and giant allies that the rogue faction was felled, and a shaky friendship was tempered by the great reform to integrate giant-kind into society proper. The Viridian setting is intended to be some hundred or so years after the Great War where tensions have settled and the innovations of the Great War have now borne fruit for commercial purposes. The Cerulean Adventurers guild are determined to salvage not only from battlegrounds of the Great War but also uncover the secrets that lay hidden from civilizations under the Titans.

Game Features & Roadmap

Character Customisation & Open-Class System
All playable characters are given the freedom to build their characters with an array of options including Attributes, Skills, and multiple types of Perks. Progression Points are a point-buy style system which players can use to upgrade their characters properties, the cost increases the more times a player purchases the same kind of upgrade. P-Points can be obtained through level ups, or at the Game-Master's discretion, the amount of points given or the rate a character levels up can be affected by the character's race or adjustments.

Archetypes function like open-ended classes or starter-kits that give characters a solid set of unique abilities and bonuses to begin their journey as capable individuals even at first level but does not lock them into an itinerary of class features. The ability to purchase Archetype Perks can give players the opportunity to multi-class without feeling they're holding their original Archetype choices back.

Skills and Skill-Focuses reward Skill Ranks, which in turn grant Skill Perks which enhance the ways a character can utilise the skill, just by investing Skill points into them. Archetypes will often grant Skill-focuses which give a character a +20 bonus to the skill and an automatic Rank + Skill-Perk. If a character reaches the 5th and final rank of a Skill (Skill-Rating 100), they unlock the ability to purchase any outstanding Skill perks as if they were a normal type of Perk.
Command-Driven Gameplay + Maptool
Viridian is designed for use with Maptool: the javascript-driven tabletop roleplaying client. Its networking functionality brings tabletop gamers together and allows for powerful scripting capabilities to generate Macro 'buttons' that can be set to Player-Character tokens to quickly and accurately roll for and calculate many routine game mechanics; incredibly useful for both TTRPG veterans and newbies. A fully set-up Player-Token will be able to give a player a wide set of commands they can use to play their character without having to constantly consult character sheets or rulebooks, and also help remind them of what commands and abilities they have access to!

Maptool offers Game masters and players a good amount of tools and features, including Vision-Blocking, to allow walls in maps to properly block the view of player characters within them. Property-blocks to store a huge amount of gameplay stats and information on tokens. Inline-rolls, the ability to write dice rolls and math notations in roleplaying posts, including the power to use them in Macros and reference Token properties to let you use a token's properties in your own scripts and rolls!

When game development moves into translating Wiki data into Maptool macro scripts, resources will come available for players to download those templates for use on their own characters, so they may set up their tokens ready to use in a real campaign.
Playable Giants and Size Mechanics
One of the most experimental elements of the Viridian system is the deeply-expanded Character Size-Mechanics and the ability to play as Giant characters, no house-rulings required. Giants possess great physical power, resilience, and presence at the cost of being more expensive to maintain and impractical in certain environments and situations. Inversely, Small and Tiny-sized races add another perspective to access areas that others cannot and gain increased character progression to keep up with their larger contemporaries. Giants are not artificially watered-down or weakened in order to be balanced against human-sized opponents. This design philosophy has been inspired in part by historical-warfare experts discussing the very concept of how a giant would function in real combat scenarios, and the equipment that would make them most effective.

Above all, while Size mechanics are greatly enhanced compared to other games; other aspects of the Viridian TTRPG, including its story and world-building are designed to be just as fun and fulfilling with or without size elements in play.


As the Viridian Project contains some third-party content properties, the usage of this content is strictly for personal and entertainment purposes only. The author will not intend to monetize or otherwise infringe upon the intellectual property or copyrights of their respective copyright holders. The author owns the rights to the base Viridian world setting, 'Metaforce' concept, and any original creations and assets contained within this wiki.